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ldw scam

I was quoted about $400 for a two week rental. After verbally denying insurance 3 or 4 times, I was asked to...

steals money

Dollar Rent A Car (complaint) – Daylight Robbery

Just to make it clear, we made our car rental reservation through a third party company called Booking Group (known as or When troubles started Dollar blamed everything on the third party company. I'm not buying it…

Dollar robbed us 3 times:
1. According to the voucher we were holding the balance was EUR 127: "€ 127.03 is payable to Dollar on your arrival".
(Approximately $190 at that time)
Dollar charged us $250. After an 11 hours flight it was not easy to argue...what could we do?

Dollar response: "Our records indicate your reservation was booked as $250 in our system for the rental charges, which is what you were charged. Since the Euro amount was quoted to you by the third party company, and they booked the reservation in our system as $250, we must ask you pursue this matter further with the third party."

2. According to the voucher the drop-off location was Manhattan (no fee mentioned):
"Drop-off location: USA New York, Manhattan, Manhattan Downtown"
Dollar charged us with an extra $50, which was a Drop-off fee for returning the car to a different location than the original.

Dollar response: "Since our records indicate this vehicle was reserved with Dollar to return to JFK, we must conclude the third party booked with us incorrectly"

3. Dollar did not explain that the prepaid fuel plan is just an option; we understood that we have to take it.

Dollar response: "It appears you accepted prepaid fuel upon pickup. This was $34.29."

My recommendation: Don't book Dollar Rent-A-Car; Don't do business with Booking Group.

Shahar Galili (on behalf of my wife and sister-in-law)

Bookinggroup ref [protected] / Dollar ref S3869742 / Dollar Case ID 1337704

  • Ta
    Tango Mar 09, 2010

    I rented a van from LAX and verbally declined the additional insurance 3 times. My husband also declined the coverage verbally. When the paperwork was put in front of us I was told to initial beside the D to decline the additional insurance coverage. When I got home I realized I was charged for the coverage. When I complained they said I didn't initial beside the tiny decline, so the charge stands. I thought that initialling beside the D and verbally saying decline 4 times meant decline. You would think when I said the the agent that I did not want the coverage and I initialled stating I did not want the coverage that it meant I did not want the coverage. I am a auto insurance broker and I know I have the coverage on my auto insurance so there is no way I would have accepted the additional coverage. I will not stop until I get my money back. I am so tired of big companies taking advantage of the public. If they rip us all off for $300 each, I know why there is so little money with the common people.

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  • Er
    Erik Meyer Mar 23, 2012

    A word of caution to everyone, who intends to rent Dollar/Thrifty cars in Germany. Dollar/Thrifty uses a licensee in Germany with very dubious, misleading, deceptive and fraudulent business practices. When you order the car on the Dollar or Thrifty website, you will receive the usual confirmation, which breaks down the rental cost in its subcomponents such as airport fees, VAT, road tax etc. Nothing was mentioned of a mandatory insurance premium of €20 ($28) per day. For every car I ever rented anywhere in the world, the credit card always covered the insurance premium. The AMEX Gold card specifically mentioned this coverage. It was the counter agent at the airport, who insisted on another €400.- ($560.-) insurance premium. It is highly immoral to spring this surprise on customers who just arrived on a sleepless trans-Atlantic overnight flight. This made the car the most expensive car I ever rented.
    In addition, the car had no air conditioning and when I started phoning the agency on the 0700 number supplied on the rental agreement, I was constantly put on hold and transferred to other agents and found out later, why. The 0700 is not toll free number, but costs appr €1.- ($1.35) per minute, an attractive side income for the agency. Should you be in the unfortunate position to have to call the agency for help, use their German direct dial number 0203-348-5422. It will still be a long-distance call, but infinitely cheaper than the 0700 number. I spent an additional $50 in calling the agency for help, which I never got. I drove around in an oven for 3 weeks with temperatures of over 30C (85F). It later turned out that the connecting hoses for the A/C on this brand-new car were missing.

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  • Sa
    santosh23 Apr 27, 2018

    I rented a car from dollar from their SF airport location and drove to my friends place who lives in a private community. I parked my car at the visitor's parking spot. But for some reason the car got towed. I informed dollar immediately about it. Next morning I went to the impound location to get the car back, the officers were nice enough to say that if dollar provided them with the necessary information, they would release the car immediately, but of course dollar refused to do so.
    Something that could have done immediately took dollar 6 days to get the car back from the impound and they charged me with a bill of $1800.
    I tried calling them and explain my situation and also offered to pay one night impound fees with I agree is reasonable. They talked over me and kept on saying we can't do anything about it.
    I am going to dispute all the charges and fight until I can. There is no way I am paying a penny to them.
    Seriously dollar, because of your lack of efficiency and lack of professionalism you will charge your customers. Any way dollar does not have a good reputation. I don't know how this company still exists!!!

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tricked into extra charges

When I arrived at the Dollar desk to collect the car I was in a hurry as my wife had been taken ill on the...

hostile employees

Avoid Dollar Rental Car at Phoenix Skyharbor airport. If you like long lines and employees who are hostile to customers, this is your company. I tried this location several times in February and each time, the employees hid in a back room when customer lines formed, leaving a relatively new employee.

When one of the Dollar employees made a woman customer cry, I wrote a letter to the Dollar corporate office. The letter was answered with a form letter and nonsense discount coupons. If you fly into Phoenix Skyharbor, use one of the other companies, it may cost a little more, but its worth it to avoid the Dollar employees.

  • Sh
    shahar galili Jun 04, 2010
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    "Shahar Galili: Don't book with Dollar Rent A Car. Ask me why. [email protected]"

    See also my review:

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  • Gl
    Glance2009 Aug 27, 2015

    I had a horrible experience at the Las Vegas airport Dollar Rental and wished I had read these reviews and those on YELP before I went. I was never treated so badly in my life!!

    0 Votes

what was supposed to be a weekend getaway turned into a stressful nightmare

I reserved a rental car online for my vacation using my debit/check card, thoroughly reading the terms and conditions before hand and understood the hold that would be placed on my card. When I arrived at Dollar Rent A Car in Las Vegas (from Seattle) I was told that they could not accept my debit/check card because it had already been run through them and denied once earlier that day, even though I had just arrived and had not used my card. After a long wait they finally manually put me into their system since they could not accept me electronically. When I arrived to return the car, on time, I was told that I had not rented a car from them and they could not find me in their system (probably because I was manually entered). After some hassle I was finally given a slip to take to the front counter. On the slip the wrong return time had been written down. They showed the time that it now was, not the time I arrived, making me a half hour late on my rental. When I addressed this at the counter (15 minutes later) I was told not to worry about it and that there would be no additional charges. Because I was manually entered they could not give me an electronic receipt and had to manually make a receipt. They obviously did not know how to do this, as I watched 4 men wander aimlessly around their "office" for 15 minutes trying to find the paperwork to do this, and whisper to each other (obviously in confusion), as I missed check-in time for my flight. I made sure they took my card and ran the charge through to release my funds, per the terms and conditions I agreed to online at reservation. By the time they processed everything and were ready to send me on my way, it was too late to make my flight. When I complained about the amount of time this had just taken, and that I had missed my flight and inquired about when the hold on my funds would be released since they now have the car back, so that I could make arrangements to take the next flight back home, the gentleman was very polite and said that typically the hold is released at midnight, but he would try to expedite the hold for me so that I could make my arrangements and get to work the next morning. When I went to purchase another ticket for my flight out, the funds were still on hold. The funds were still on hold the following day and when I called customer service they explained to me that they could not release the funds. In addition they still showed my account still open and the car not having been returned yet. After explaining to 3 different associates that I no longer was in LasVegas any longer, but calling from my work in Seattle and that I in fact did return the car, payment should have been processed the night before and that I was assured that my funds would be released by midnight at the latest, if not sooner - they finally were able to close my account. I was over charged for the rental for an additional day because of their mistakes, missed a flight and to top it all of, over the next 4 to 5 business days my funds were STILL on hold. My account is now overdrawn because of the many charges I received by these mistakes. What was supposed to be a weekend getaway turned into a stressful nightmare of financial issues due to their mistake of holding my funds for a total of 7 days, instead of 3 as agreed to. I want my money back. And my dignity.

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adding charges

I chose to reserve a rental with Dollar to save money and time as I was told the service would be great and the price I was quoted when I made the reservation was well within my budget. I arrived in Las Vegas at the rental terminal about 7:15 pm on Tuesday, October 13th. After waiting in line for over 45 minutes, I was greeted by a representative.

After answering all the questions and providing the necessary information (Drivers Licence and Credit Card) I told her specifically that I did not want any additional insurance as I am fully covered by my personal insurance company. I even declined the gas fee as I would return the vehicle with a full tank. (I was not planning on putting many miles on the car and as it turned out, I put about 35 miles on it total for the 4 day rental.)

I was asked to sign the automated kiosk for the contract. I specifically asked that no additional insurance be added and was assured that it wasn't. By this time, an hour had transpired and I was ready to move on to my hotel. I thanked the rep for her service, signed the agreement and got my car.

When I returned the car on Saturday, October 17th at 7:15 am, I was shocked to see that an additional charge of $87.96 for insurance was added to my bill. I verbally declined this several times with the rep when I rented the car as again, I wasn't planing on using the car during my trip with the exception of going to my hotel and back to the airport. Somehow she added it to the agreement when I signed it electronically. Had I known this, I would've taken a taxi and saved myself about $220.00!

This is deplorable business practice and, after doing some research regarding complaints about Dollar, this seems to be general practice for them. When I brought this to the attention of the rep that I checked out with, she basically said I was out of luck since I signed the agreement electronically. I was paying cash for the vehicle and now I am out the extra $87.96. I asked for the manager and she said no one here could help me.

Good for Dollar, they made an additional $87 dollars on me. But the bad thing is that they lost a customer for life. I go to Las Vegas several times a year and am an Emerald Card holder for National. I thought I would give Dollar a chance but they really blew it. I hope the $87 dollars comes in handy as opposed to the almost $600 they could have made annually from me in the future.

  • Ki
    King1970 Apr 01, 2010

    So u spend $6000 on rental car a year...know what u want but never read the contract...until u return the car..complain about waiting in line like ur the only travler to vegas...ant to top it u drove 35 miles in 4 days ??? All this to get $87.00...let's see which rental car company fits ur kind...None take a yellow cab next time..35 miles in 4 day !!!

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  • Ra
    Ran R Apr 06, 2010

    So I guess you settle for poor service in your life. That must really suck. The issue is with the service and the fact that the vendor (Dollar) did not listen to the customer. I wonder how many people this has happened to. You are right, $87 dollars is not much but it adds up for their bottom line. And there are people out there that are not as fortunate as you and I that can miss the $87.00 with no issues.

    Also, please read a little closer. I said $600 and not $6000 per year. Again, not a lot but it adds up. And I never complained about the wait in line as you put it. I just stated a fact. I expect to wait in line in Vegas. It’s par for the course. But I also expect good service when I do get to the front of the line and that didn’t happen here.

    My point about the low mileage was this – I would have gladly taken the insurance with all the bells and whistles if I planned to actually drive the car all over town for sightseeing. I didn’t plan that and therefore didn’t want to pay for the extras. That was my plan going in. I am not really a taxi person, so forgive me if that offends you.

    A final thought… Learn to type, learn to spell, learn to read, quit abbreviating everything like you are a twelve year old texting your “BFF” and speak up for yourself when you get bad service. You may be surprised at what you get out of it. Dollar generously reimbursed me with a major apology. I am happy now. But if I took your advice, I’d be out $87 dollars and they would have lost a customer.

    Have a nice day.

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dodgy charging

Reserved car online with Dollar Rent a Car, Added all relevant information and ticked all boxes. Quoted $ 416...

bait and switch fraud

Beware! Never, ever book your car rental with Dollar Car Rental!! They scammed me into paying more for my rental by telling me the vehicle I reserve was NOT available (as we were driving out of the lot, we saw a few vehicles that we originally reserved!) and offered us another - The agent claimed that the daily rate on the alternate vehicle was a lot cheaper than what we originally reserved, and said I would be getting a very good deal. So we took it. However, they didn't make it verbally clear that the cheaper rate was actually a daily upgrade fee IN ADDITION to what I already had paid in advance.

When I returned the vehicle 5 days later, I ended up paying an additional $$$$ more than I should have!! For an error on their part for not giving me what I reserved in the first place!!! DOLLAR SUCKS!! I'm never doing business with them again and you shouldn't either if you don't want to incur any unnecessary add'l charges!!!

  • Dt
    dtaginformant Mar 11, 2011

    Yeah never do business with them again. I used to work for them and the problem is that everyone is so confident that you will rent from them again. Even the managers have told me ' They will be back, we always have the cheapest rates, Trust Me" and sure enough some customers actually came back... You Get what you Pay for.

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switch & bait?

Beware! Never, ever book your car rental with “Dollar Car Rental”!! They scammed me into paying more for my rental by telling me the vehicle I reserved was not available (as we were driving out of the lot, we saw a few cars that we originally reserved on the lot!) and offered us another vehicle – claiming it was cheaper per day than what we reserved. HOWEVER, they neglected to inform us that the cheaper rate was "IN ADDITION TO" what I had already paid in advance through a package deal.

I ended up paying an additional $$$ more than I should have, and Dollar claimed it was a daily "upgrade fee" for my rental. For an inferior car? for a vehicle that I didn't want? Called customer service and explained the situation and they didn't hear anything I said...just kept drowning me with "it might have been a misunderstanding of the charges on both parties", and didn't try to compensate me for anything!!! DOLLAR SUCKS!!! I’m never doing business with them again and you shouldn’t either!!!

  • Dt
    dtaginformant Mar 11, 2011

    As a Ex-DTAG employee I agree, they will try to charge you everything. One of the most common scams is when at the Rental Process they say they will charge if you return it 24 hr earlier or later, that is wrong. If you return it One Minute after the time and date when you are planning to return it they will charge money. Thats how the company made over $100 million dollars in profit in 2010

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charged credit card without notification

do not do business with this rental car company 7 months after returning a car to this company my credit card was charged 116.50 without any notification by them for bogus toll road violations when i didnt even go through toll roads!!!

  • Tc
    tcaam Aug 07, 2009

    I WORKED FOR DOLLAR RENT A CAR FOR 29 YEARS . This complaint is true customer would call all the time then corp would research and find out it was the wrong customer.But they do hit your credit card without your permision they would said it's in the small print on the contract .Dollar is a bad company to rent from managers are unprofessional i don't know how i lasted for 29 years to tell you the truth.

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  • An
    anonyMiss Aug 30, 2009
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    WOW tcaam. Way to support. Actually, it doesn't need to be in the fine print. It's the law. It's in the law. It's written in vehicle code.

    If you did not get the ticket (from the price, it sounds like 1 ticket, harsh I know) all you need to do is contact them, ask for a copy of your contract/final bill and if the car that got the ticket is the same one that you were in on those days then you got the ticket.

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undue &damage& charge

It is unlikely that I will rent from Dollar Rent A Car again. First the rental was a bit more than I had anticipated after getting a quote online the clincher though was when they charged me for a tire that went flat and turned out to be unrepairable.

Their position was that since I had not purchased their insurance that I was liable. My position was that since the "damage" was through no fault of my own, but due to a road hazard, that a company the size of Dollar would allow for such incidents just for GOOD WILL. They didn't/don't agree so they have lost my good will and I offer my experience to anyone else considering a car rental.

towing service did not pay bill

Dollar Rent a Car called Ponderosa Tow to tow a vehicle for there location at Oxnard airport. Ponderosa Tow performed the service on 12-28-08. The bill $350.00 to take 60 miles from Mariposa CA to Fresno Nisson Dealer. Matt Popai manager will not even speak to our company. We have called many, many times. When we call he is Never in!! We have mailed them bills at 2889 W 5th Street #113, Oxnard CA 93030. Customer Robert Holcombe, contract # 3386995. Vehicle was a 2008 Nisson Versal, Red Lic # 6BNX581 towed on a rollback tow carrier. Picked up vehicle at 3087 Triangle Rd Mariposa, CA

horrible customer treatment

I rented a car in Costa Rica for 11 days from Dec 25, 2007 to Jan 05, 2008. When I returned the car to the San Jose airport location, the Dollar representative coerced me into paying $20 for cleaning of the car (which was only a little dusty), and tried to overcharge me by $200. His behavior was appalling. Since I was so angered by his attempts at cheating me, he ended up overcharging me by only $80, which I have submitted to Dollar for a refund. This is a horrible way to treat Dollar's customers, and leaves a very bad feeling upon leaving Costa Rica after a vacation.

  • Ri
    Richard Knudson Jul 23, 2008
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    Although it seems to vary with the counter person, my frustration is that the price on the internet, and the price they want to charge is entirely differently... then they add an Airport fee even if you do not have airport service.

    Every time I have rented from Dollar it has been a hassle. I will pay more, and rent from National or other companies... in the future.

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  • Su
    susgent Aug 03, 2009

    i rented a vehicle from dollar from May 20-27, 2009. The air did not work on the car, the GPS broke and i was told when i called the location a couple of months before hand that they would let me use my CDW insurance thru my credit card if i could show proof. which i did but they refused to look at it and made me sign up for at their location. THey would not take me back to the airport, i was 10 miles from no where. THis is one of the worst car rental companies in the entire country. When i called to complain back in the US to the corporate office of Dollar, i talked with a very rude man, who could care less. I told them i agreed i owed some money for the car, but not the $432 they were charging me. So far i am into my third month complaining and no one will listen to me. DOLLAR RENTAL CAR COASTA RICA IS A RIP OFF!

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  • Sy
    syed.ahmed1009 Aug 28, 2018
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    I hired a car with Agreement No. DA3S84059 Location Dubai Airport Terminal 3 on the name of Nawaf Saleh M Al Marbae and made payment for Security deposit on 16/01/2018, Still the amount had not yet returned to my credit card. Kindly refund as soon as possible.

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  • Je
    jeddah Sep 05, 2018

    I rent a car and after retuned the charge me $300.00 the say for smoking I am not smoke when I spoke with costumer service very bad and not respect you I asked for supervisor she told me no supervisor in this company

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don't rent from!

I booked a minivan from Dollar on Travelocity. It was supposed to cost about $70/night. When I arrived at Newark airport to pick it up, the desk agent told me they would charge $55/day extra because I live in Brooklyn. I refused to pay it, telling her that I had booked it for much less.

She said I had no choice in the matter, and I couldn't get the van without the extra fee.

I left to try to find another alternative, but no other agencies had vans, and I needed to leave for my wedding that night, so I sucked it up and rented the van.

Before I rented, I called Travelocity customer service dept and spent at least 30 minutes on the phone with a woman who, once she finally understood the problem (she didn't speak English well), called Dollar, then got on the phone with me to say that the reason for the fee was that I arrived late. I wasn't late when I arrived for the van, and the desk agent specifically told me it was because I live in Brooklyn. The Travelocity lady then told me to email customer service when I had a chance.
So, basically, this is a complaint against both Dollar and Travelocity.
Don't rent from Dollar!!!

  • Updated by Joseph lafleur · May 02, 2019

    Dollar general store ripped me off

  • An
    anonyMiss Aug 30, 2009
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    Actually, I know this doesn't help, but it sounds like the fee was for being a local renter who was planning on a trip that would put a lot of miles on the car. So in essence, the extra fee was to give you unlimited miles. But if it's any consilation, if everyone else was out of cars, it sounds like you got a good deal anyway. Sometimes the vans can go for $500 a day.

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  • Jo
    Joseph lafleur May 08, 2019
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    I bought five 100.00 dollar cards and the money never got put on the cards

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