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I am writing about Dollar General, in the 62895 area code. Wayne City, Illinois. I have been a customer for year's. In the last year or so, the people that work there, district manager, Barb, sales, Cheri, have turned into obnoxious, rude, uncaring people. If there is a problem, on my receipt, I show them, I am never right ( which I know I am ). The last 2 problems, happened in the last week. I was with a friend, we were shopping on Friday, the 14th, of June, for the clearance sale. We got the same cotton dress, in different sizes. The sale tag was on her dress. I got up to counter, showing her there was no tag on mine but, showed her the tag, on my friends. She went ahead, rang mine up for 6.00, instead of 5.00. I told her that she rang it up wrong. She said, that's your whole order, is 6.00. I said ok, thought you rung it up wrong. I get home, look at receipt, she DID ring mine up for 6.oo, also, my other items were on clearance, 2 puzzles, they should of been .50 each, not 1.00 each. They made 2.00 off of me. There is no going back and saying anything anymore, they say the register is right. the other incident was yesterday, Thurs, June 20th. I ran in to buy my diet Pepsi, it went from 3 for 8.00, to 3.85 per unit. I asked Cheri, if this was right, she got very rude, in saying, " we have nothing to do with the prices ". I am tired of being taken for a ride by these people. Although I know, you are going to side with them. I just want you to know, I am DONE shopping in Dollar General period. I added up, how much I have spent, in the last month, it is 169.49. I will take my money elsewhere. Btw, my friends dress was rang up at the 5.00 price, along with her clearance items being added up right. They put things in one isle for other clearance. You can go out on floor, finding the same item, same price ? Therefore, its not really on sale. SOMEBODY, is sure making some extra dollars off people. I live in apt complex. I'm not the only one, saying there are problems. I'm just DONE.

Jun 21, 2019
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