Dollar Generalwatertown, ny dm is beyond unprofessional


As a customer for 7 years plus to dollar general I will say, I will never step foot into Dollar general again.
I was accused by the district manager of the Watertown NY area of making counterfeit dollar general Surveys. Which in fact were all printed from me doing surveys online.
I have never met such an unprofessional person in my life. Not only is it clear that she makes the work environment for the workers & managers VERY hostile and VERY uneasy, but it is as if she is against couponers.
She has told her employees to not accept coupons, even if they scan.
The reason why people coupon, is to be able to afford the basic necessities for their family.
I am very upset at the way she acts towards her employees and the environment she has created. I will not be going back. I am sure if someone above her position, took the time to ask employees & customers themselves you would hear and see the same response and complaints I am stating here now.
It is unfortunate, but I foresee this area DG’s losing a lot of money.

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