Dollar Generalthe whole store

B Sep 12, 2018 Review updated:

I am a regular customer in this store. I buy my food there, I buy clothes on discount to donate, I overall do a lot of business here. I was shopping the other day, and noticed quite a few things that just weren't up to par. The A/C leaks and wets the ceiling tile to the point that it bows and it could, at any moment fall on someones head. The store smells so badly and is terribly dirty. The employees try so hard to keep up with it but the new manager just doesn't seem completely with the program. And, last but not least, to my actual disgust, I saw a damn sewer rat running across the floor. That explains why the loaf of bread i got there had a hole in it. They also recently decided to.stop selling dry animal food. People are buying food that rats are potentially walking on, eating out of, and urinating on. Hello health inspector???!!! Do these people really think we are that stupid??!!!

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