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I worked for Dollar General for 2 years and 8 months assistant store manager found out that the manager was raw punch editing our hours back by 15 minutes at night to save on whole store hours. One of the cashier said something to her about it when I came into work that evening she had pulled Atlas off of my login so I can no longer view it ...couple weeks later after some bad personal times being late and getting wrote up.on my last day my cat got hit by a car took him to the vet had to have them a call from my daughter that was that her dad's and CPS was taking them into State custody call my manager yes it wasn't an hour before I was supposed to be there about 10 minutes 15 minutes before told her what was going on she said I need to get my butt to work, got there got a drawer counted it rang up a couple customers she said come in office and turn in my keys. Terminated for being late which if I did not that I can get my butt into work could have saved my kids from CPS getting them from my ex-husband..then ask about my 32 hours of vacation time left she said she would put it on my check which she never did see me after I messaged her again about it and then she also accused me of stealing merchandise and said loss prevention was going to be there to investigate, and she is telling all the employees this which are telling all the customers which I know outside of the store.. in my time there I left my cell phone at the store would she looked through and read everything in it along with her husband in the office took it home with her lied to me when I asked her about it and didn't want to bring it back to me okay roll punch editing art I'm cutting back or hours that we worked would call me into work for her so she could go get her Suboxone at the Suboxone Clinic while I was off the clock because we didn't have the hours Said she would be Gone 15 minutes and an hour later or maybe two, she would get back and then say well if you could have came in earlier, it wouldn't have took me so long as I'm working off the clock..she didn't want to do the paperwork match up any of the store reports two invoices so I had to take them home and spend hours doing them off the clock just to get caught up, which she expected all the time after that.. sad that we had to be clocked in 5 minutes before each shift or we were late and we would get wrote up for it, can you put a family emergency come up for her and all I better be ready to come right to work for her because she has a family emergency or turns out to be her teenage son didn't come straight home from school and was sitting talking to a girl in the cemetery beside the school that was her family emergency that took 2 days off work, but let something happen to me or another employee in particular that she picked on and it didn't matter it wasn't important we got wrote up didn't mean we should be late, not a good excuse... Now what should I do with this information


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    Fed up with entitled people Nov 08, 2018

    Once you quit or are terminated you are not entitled to vacation pay, it's in the employee handbook. Vacation pay can only be used while you are employed. They don't do payouts. The rest seems like payback because your mad that you were fired. Sorry!!!

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