Dollar Generalsexual harassment by employee to a customer.


The employee Mike had been flirting with my wife regularly when she came in. Seeing as I have mental health disorders I don't go shopping myself often so she tended to go alone. After getting uncomfortable with it I went in with my wife as to identify her as taken to help my wife feel more comfortable shopping there as the location is two blocks from our home. After we shopped together and clearly identified ourselves to him in casual conversation that we were married to him, we continued with our usual habits of her shopping alone. At this point his advances became more blantant as he openly discussed his jealousy. My wife then felt uncomfortable going at all. At this point I went in and talked to his manager. At this point the manager was very polite, helpful, and apologetic. He spoke with the employee and offered for me and my wife to come back in and they would apologize to her personally. After informing my wife of this she slowly started going back, together at first and more recently alone. That is until today when after going back alone she was confronted once again by his advances while stating his still persistent jealously. Now knowing that his store manager already spoke to him about this, and that it has continued I see fit for nothing short of termination. I do not want this to tarnish my impression of the Dollar General company that I have grown affectionate of over the years, however if I return to see that this employee is still employed that will change.
Thank you for your time.
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Jeffrey Fenton

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