Dollar Generalrude and abusive behavior witnessed being done a customer

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Yesterday I witnessed the worst abusive/rude behavior to a customer at a Dollar General located on 60 Johnson Road London, KY 40741. Young lady entered the store and within 5 minutes a cashier whom was stocking literally accused her of shop lifting. I was in the same isle as the young lady and I never witnessed any shoplifting. We both where in the $1.00 isle and young lady was on her cell phone talking when this cashier literally pushed me aside, stood directly in her face demanding she get off the phone. The young lady did as she asked and proceeded to ask what was the issue. This cashier yelled out for the entire store to hear "you are a shoplifter" and demanded that she hand over her handbag. The young lady looked confused and politely asked what exactly did she shoplift, the cashier conveniently picked up an empty package from the dollar isle shelf. The young lady offered to let the cashier look in her handbag but this cashier demanded she hand over her handbag directly to her. Cashier started screaming "call the cops, we got a shoplifter". She threaten this young lady until she finally handed over handbag. The cashier went completely through her handbag...she got more verbally abuse when she didn't find anything. She proceeded to search this young ladies pockets...she was furious when she found nothing. So she continued to harass and verbally abuse this young lady whom she would not allow to purchase her items and was told she was to never return to the store. Never in my years of shopping at any retail store have I witnessed such verbal abuse as well as almost damaging the expensive handbag the young lady was carrying. I videoed the entire event, I left the store and informed this young lady I had video if she seeks legal action. This cashier must have not read the memo you cannot approach anyone whom you are suspicious of shoplifting until they are leaving the store with the item in hand, which shows intent of shoplifting. I will never shop this store again, the abuse/agressive behavior from this cashier was alarming. I will testify upon the behalf of this customer along with other whom where shopping there as well. I honestly think she targeted this young lady for a distraction, I did catch on video a suspicious male walking out of the store with items. Once the male left the store the cashier stopped her abusive behavior but as the young lady left out of the door she was screaming "there goes a shoplifter". So from my view this cashier appeared to let this male shoplift. I'm not sure if the young lady filed a complaint but it was so abusive I decided to do so myself. Dollar General you really need to screen your applicants for mental illness. I was advised to not release video until this young lady seeks legal action.


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    9wood Aug 11, 2018

    first issue I don't believe its legal for them ( the employee) to be searching anyone
    would question that legality
    second issue is this false accusation which could of been a diversion for the male shop lifter
    hope she takes action

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    Tracey Palmetto Aug 11, 2018

    I experienced a similar experience last Saturday at the Dollar General in Indianapolis at the store located on 2131 Central avenue. The manager Jeff was berating a woman and yelling at her in front of about 7 customers. The woman had her receipt and the manager was upset because she was returning a non working product, apparently for the second time. The manager yelled that he would not do anymore returns, even if she had a receipt.. And that is Not the store policy. The woman stood her ground about a possible return and with a God like complex - the manager as though he was doing her a favor said he would do 1 more return. Shaking my head... The crap you have to deal with as a paying customer. I decided after that display, I would go to Walmart or any other store that did not treat its customers so disrespectfully.

    Honestly, I was horrified at the manner of the manager aggressiveness and less customer courtesy for all of us in the store at that time. Absolutely disgusting and totally not managerial.

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    CaringNurse2 Aug 12, 2018

    Regardless, there isn't any excuse to be rude to customers. These customers are what keep the stores open and provide jobs and pay these rude employees. Dollar General seriously needs to train these employees in customer service. I'm a Registered Nurse and how would they feel if they came into the ER and I started yelling and accusing them of being a drug seeker. Regardless the profession I personally strive to treat others as I would want to be treated. If you hate your profession find a new one. There are other ways of handling situations and doing this in front of customers or other employees is the correct way but you have to take in consideration as to what type of ppl whom work there. I can't tell you how many times I've seen employees let family walk out of the store with a buggy of items, after witnessing this I asked why they didn't stop them and I was told it's store policy not to confront or follow anyone whom shoplift. So to the young lady whom was approached by a cashier, illegally searching her and continued to berate her after finding no merchandise in the handbag or her person I would definitely seek legal action. Thank goodness another customer videod the incident rather than stand around as on looker. Dollar General in KY just what are your policies on employees reprimands if your harassing employee doesn't find any stolen merchandise after an illegal search?

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