Dollar Generalpoor management, district manager bee branch damascus and quitman arkansas

G Sep 10, 2018

I have a complaint about 1 District Manager of yours, His district includes, Bee Branch, Damascus, and Quitman Arkansas. His First name is Ed, Now I happen to know that Dollar General as a company is an equal opportunity employer which does include people who have a disability be it physical or mental (slow learner, mildly autistic).
Do you know that he ordered a store manager to in Quitman Arkansas to cut the hour of 1 of these people (Mildly Autistic). until she quit his reasoning was she is not productive enough. He wanted the Manager to outright fire the girl. I do believe he used the same tactics on a Mentally deficient employee that the Damascus store used to clean up and do some stocking.
Now the girl in Quitman store does well at check out which helps free a more seasoned employee do other tasks.
I do know that Ed rides the store manager at Quitman hard, now the store is one of you older one and the building is run down having many problems, one of AC units is offline the, the Bathroom has faulty pluming, the bathroom door cannot close properly, numerous leaks in the roof, among other things and the store is too small for the volume of merchandise passing thru. The Staff is always stocking because you can't get 20 cube in a 1 cube space.
The store Manager is doing the best that she can with what is available to her.
I happen to know that he threaten to fire and or demote her recently, I also know that all her customers love her and many customer come a long way to shop at that store.
I know everyone makes mistakes but constant negative feedback on his part does little to improve moral in that particular store.
Someone needs to look into this.

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