[Resolved] Dollar General -Pinetops NCcashier named mikyla

S Aug 04, 2018 Review updated:

Sorriest employee I've ever seen in there. So lazy she wouldn't even put my bleach in a bag. Last time it was a complete put out for her to walk 6 feet and get cigarettes out of the storage container and heaven forbid you ask her to check the top of it for your brand Incase they're out on the storage containers shelf. Yesterday it was her being mad bc she had to check people out. Why in the hell are you working there if you get mad you have to check people out????? Customer service from her is awful. Find a new replacement before you lose your customers to Family Dollar across the street.

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      Sep 11, 2018

    As a dollar general employee were trained not to bag bulk items or items with handles. You seem to be the lazy one if you cant even use the handle on the bleach which is better than the bag since they often break. And losing a customer like you seems better for her since you sound like you act like this often to people.

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