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S Sep 11, 2018 Review updated:

I am a cashier for this store and I have two jobs. I have a set schedule at my other job and I'm off by 5. My general manager has a problem with working around my schedule. When we were short handed she had no problem scheduling me for nine days straight around my schedule but now she has only scheduled me for one day for last two weeks. I have talked to her about the issue and she will not help me. What can I do about my situation


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      Sep 11, 2018

    seems rather strange the sudden change
    the schedualling issues aren't your issue if the store is short staffed
    personally I would look for another place to work to cover those hours

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      Sep 12, 2018

    @9wood Got a life now. Up to 10 now if you're counting lol

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      Sep 12, 2018

    Couldn't your mgr schedule you on the days you're off at the other job at whatever time she needed you plus maybe after 5 on 1 or 2 of the other days and schedule the other employees accordingly?

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