Dollar Generalmanagement (I am a sales associate)

M Sep 09, 2018

I am a currently employee for Dollar General. I work at the store in Bunkie, La & I would really like to stay anonymous. I really enjoyed working there because it was close to home and I was really good at what I did & the customers love me because I show great customer service. On my last day that I worked I came in for my 7-3 shift & immediately asked my Store Manager (R.O.) what do I need to do during customers because I am always on register. He proceeds to tell me what to do.. so after I thought he was finished I begin to start working on my task.. he then stops & says "HEY BIG MARLEE... I MEAN MARLEE!" & starts laughing about it! There were two other associates that were there, one was an manager.. I was so embarrassed & my feelings were so hurt, but I brushed it off because I've been called worse before. But I don't think I can continue to work somewhere where my boss makes fun of me & talks about me behind my back because that was obviously not the first time he's said it because of how comfortable he felt saying it. I will not be returning to work & I hate to leave without putting in my 2 weeks notice, but I'm sorry I just can't face him at work. I'm too embarrassed & ashamed. I know I'm a big girl, but I still have feelings. I am a good worker & all of my co workers will vouch for me. I'm sorry, but that you for the chance & opportunity... I hope this doesn't happen to another great employee just because they're over weight.

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