Dollar Generalfilthy store.


I am writing to inform you of the constant horrible condition of your store # [protected] Mogadore Rd. In Akron, OH. I have held off writing you because I spent many years in retail and I know how difficult it is at times. I also spent several years as a vendor in your stores in the Canton OH area and your District Manager there always made sure that the store managers kept their stores spotless.

Every time I am in this particular store it is a pig sty. Shelves are often empty but carts full of product are all over the place with no one really working them. There is always trash on the floor. There is product strewn all over the floor. I have seen things dumped on the floor near the under register battery display that has literally sat there for months. And it does not matter the time of the day, I have been there ten minutes after the store opened and it looked this way. I have pictures but I can't attach them.

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