Dollar Generalemployees

E Nov 22, 2018

Im visiting in Hildebrand North Carolina my name is Jennefer Davis im currently writing this because I myself and my grandmother where in the store on November 21 2018 around 2:30 or 3 o'clock p.m. and where getting our last few items for thanksgiving dinner and we needed a oven bag for our turkey we looked for awhile and could not find it and was going to ask the cashier Jules, however she was very busy with checking everyone out before us so we decided to wait in line when we approched the counter she was very professional and well mannered she asked how we where and even doubled bagged our heaviest items for us i proceeded to ask if they had any oven bags for turkeys and she replied they where currently out at the moment which was very understandable, however when i asked her was she the only employee in the store working today she replied no that her crew was throughout the store somewhere that she could get someone for us to help us if we wanted she had already answered our question so we told her it was fine that she didnt have to reach out to the other employees. After we paid and the very bright young lady said goodbye to us and welcomed us back to the store we where over ecstatic and very satisfied with shopping there. Then we got ready to leave in our vehicle and seen 5 of the employees that Jules said was in the store out back smoking and goofing off while she handled a line full of customers all on her own in a fast paced and very polite manner and never got overwhelmed or rude. Im not sure if Jules is a leader or any kind of management but however someone needs to look into what i seen yesterday and give this young lady recognition for the very hard work she is doing for this dollar general because the other employees in there didnt care to come help they where outside smoking and playing games between themselves and one boy had a nasty orange sweat shirt on that didnt look appropriate and had shorts on as well. Jules made our shopping experience wonderful but after everything i dont think we will be going back there anymore.

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