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Hey my name is Ashley Marioth, I went to the Ashville Ohio dollar general last night on 8/1/18. During the evenings I don't have a car because my husband works 2nd shift so he has the car with him to get to work an back. I had realize at 9:45 pm that I was down to 1 diaper for my son. So I hurry up an I literally ran all the way down to the dollar store. When I get there I notice a bunch of people walking up to the store an then turning around and walking back to there cars. When I got to the door this girl was literally standing in front of the door refusing to let people in. Mind you it wasn't 10 yet. I got there at 9:59. Now I know it was 1 min before closing but I begged her explaining to her that I ran all the way from Powell St to the dollar store an told her that I promised I just needed to get one thing an I would be very quick. She looks an me with this smirk on her face like she thought the situation was funny. Her an the girl at the cash register was smirking about the whole thing like they thought my situation was funny or something to them. She then looks at me an tells me no sorry. I then was like REALLY! I said come on it's not like I'm going to go full blown grocery shopping I just need to get one thing an I ran all the way here. She then pulls out her phone an looks at the time an of course yeah at that point it was 10 because I had been sitting there arguing with her for a good min or 2. I felt it was very rude an unprofessional, not very good customer service when technically when I got there it wasn't 10 yet. I don't feel she should be standing at the door at anytime before 10 keeping people from walking in an refusing service to them. That's making the company loose money. All she was caring about was herself, all she cared about was getting her shift over with. Didn't care at all about the fact that I don't have a car to drive down to Circleville to get diapers an that I ran all the way from my house to get there before they closed. When I could have simply got the diapers from the dollar store if she would have let me in. I wish I got her name but I didn't but I'm sure someone can find out who was closing that store on that date. Anyways I hope this message gets to the right person, I would greatly appreciate it because I think the company needs to know when that girl is closing what she is doing to customers. If I was the company I wouldn't want someone like that closing my store because she has no good customer service skills. I just don't feel it's right to stand at the door a min or 2
min before closing! There was still people in line too that they were servicing so what would it have hurt to let me get what I needed real quick? When there was people in the store still? My email is [protected] if anyone needs anymore information regarding the situation that's how you can contact me. Thank you


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      Aug 03, 2018

    That 1 diaper could've lasted til the next morning. JS.

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