Dollar Generalcleanliness of store


I went to Anna Illinois dollar General store #01068 today & could not believe how disgusting it was. I regularly shop at this store because it is just down the street from my home & it usually is messy but today was horrible. The floors look like they haven't been swept or mopped in days. Two aisles had sticky substance on floor that had been there for days cause it was black. Most of the shelves looked like a tornado had hit them with products being all thrown together & some products placed in with wrong products, ie: food products with soap products. Also only one employee that I saw on duty & she was on register with quite a few customers in store! It was 13:40 when I was @ store today 10/13/17 & wished I had my phone with me so I could have taken pictures to send. I won't be going back to shop at Anna store after today, but will shop @ the Dollar General located in Jonesboro, Illinois even thou I have to travel further. Thank you for taking time to read this.

Lynn Heisner

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