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brian darling

My name is kourtni brown and I was recently fired from dollar general in cedar rapids, IA .My hours were cut down to 11 hours a week before I was fired and my boss acted like he was trying to push me out anyways.He knew what hours I could work and continued to schedule me for hours that I couldnt.He knew I couldnt and thats why he wrote me up.I was working morning from 9:00 to 5:00 during the week and went to 4:00 to 8:30.There are many times that I have worked and not gotten payed for it because he would tell me how he was over in hours and that he would have to cheat again I have expressed myself many times about my hours and time again he said he would look at the schedule and find out, but he always pushed the issue that everything was right.And there was no point in turning it in because he would just adjust the hours like he always does the schedule.NOBODY in the store should have access to anyones hours like that.All he has to do is go into the computer and change the hours so he doesnt get in trouble.He always said the computer was write but how can it be when he can change anything he wants.I cant believe he hasnt been fired yet.I worked there since march of 2008 and he is not fit in anyway to be a manager exspecaily when he is telling his keyholders that they need to be ### to people to be in this kind of work.The girl that put here 2 weeks in around the time that I had started told me he was like this but I guess I and to judge him for myself .But she was wright.

  • Co
    concerned party Jan 23, 2009

    Though unhappy employees quit or lead themselves to termination, they have no right to manipulate incidences in a store to examplify the manager of that specific store in a negative manner. M any of these employees have acted in a way that reflects them personally as irresponsible and have given plenty of reason for the authority in the store to react in the way that they see fit. By being late or choosing to work slower than usual are wonderful examples of this. For an employee to comment negatively on the management of a store publically without taking into consideration their own actions only shows immaturity. One is curious as to how this person will handle a more diffucult job, or how a career will ever be built with this attitude.

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  • Lu
    Lupe Feb 05, 2009

    Let us know what happens. I too go to work on time and don't call in. I work to the best of my abilities. My manager did not give me a lunch break. I worked 8hours and 15 minutes straight, I have my slip to prove it and the manager fixed it on the computer to show that I had clocked out for a lunch. I made a complaint to the number on the slip to only wait and find out they do nothing I have now called another number for help because I now will have problems with management because of my complaints. They also get red cart prices for themselves. Many other things but I hope there will be a stop the this in every store. I am in San Antonio, Texas and starting to feel hopeless the more I read these complaints...("O" and to "concerned party" I bet you don't work at dollar general or if you do you are part of the ones to blame for our issues. Post your comment on another posting, we don't care for your mindless opinions.)

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  • La
    ladykatie57 Mar 01, 2009

    I wish everyone could quit working for Dollar General. My advice is: Don't work there! And even if you don't work for them, DON'T shop there. It is appalling the way they treat their employees. Don't shop there until they start treating their managers right. Any employee who feels they have been treated unfairly by their manager should know it could possibly be from the stress he is under. The ones to blame are Corporate officers. The demands they place on their managers are IMPOSSIBLE to meet. I date a manager and he doesn't sleep at night and is getting an ulcer. The store he took over was a disaster and he cleaned it up and sales have doubled. I should mention that it's a crappy old building the company rents and is way too small for the amount of business it does. Corporate expects to be able to walk in there at any moment and see EVERYTHING pulled forward like no one has shopped it, and no dirt on the floor, ever! The store has no control over customers tracking dirt in after a snow or rain has fallen. They do clean it up as soon as they can. But if the district manager would walk in right after a customer had tracked in the dirt, the manager would be in trouble. They don't have enough help because they aren't allowed any more. They are so busy taking care of inconsiderate customers they can't be two places at once. My boyfriend works 60 to 70 hours a week and is on salary. That figures out to be about $5.90 an hour he's making. I wish everyone would write the company and tell them they are not shopping there anymore until they start treating their managers right. God I wish we could get the word out to everyone about this. If everyone knew how this company operated, and how terrible they are to their managers, I do believe people would boycott it.

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  • Pe
    Peter McGuire Jul 07, 2015

    It should be paid, not payed, and right or correct not write.

    "keyholders" are assistant managers-this is just GD speak

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Amout in sealed can

I bought a 13 ounce can of Clover Valley Ground Roast Coffee today for$2.50, it was sealed, but only 1/3...


in july 2008 dollar general offered a rebate for certain products and customer had to mail in by july 21 2008. as of today 1 2 2009 i have not recieved 2.00 rebate and so i called the number on the rebate form [protected]) and it is no longer in service and so i went to web site ([protected] this goes nowhere either so thought someone should know that as a consumer i think this is bogus and wrong to intice a person to buy and then do not follow through.

rudeness and lack of respect

Hello, I was an employee at one of your stores in VA. BCH. VA. I worked for your company 3 different time...

downsizing product / same price

I shop consistantly at Dollar General in Maumelle Arkansas. Was extrememly dissappointed to see the change in...

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return refused for faulty items

I bought 3 Playstation 2 games (for $10 each) at my local Dollar General store. None of the games would play...

cheating hours

My Fiance has come home complaining about her manager just about everyday about her changing the work schedule, texting her at times telling her she is supposed to be in working and that she is late. Lyn (my fiance) writes down her schedule when she gets it. Her hours are scratched out and new ones on top

she was told when hired thats he should throw out the receipts she gets when she clocks in and out. She noticed her hours are short so she started saving her receipts. Now she notices that her start time has been changing when she clocks out. She mentioned it to her assisted manager and the assisted manager went to the back and fixed it. How can that happen unless someone did it. we still have not checked previous days, but will tonight when she gets home

  • Aj
    aj sweney Nov 29, 2008


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  • ANGRY AL Jul 02, 2009

    First of all, it's "Assistant, " not "assisted." (Where you came up with that gem, God only knows) Secondly, places like "Dollar General" frequently make adjustments on the fly out of necessity...that's why it's Lyn's JOB to check her schedule for the next shift as she clocks out each time. Third, there's no union, so they can do whatever they want.

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  • De
    DEBRA IN OKLAHOMA Feb 20, 2010


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mis priced item/refusal to refund

On Wednesday Nov.26, 2008 I purchased several items at Dollar General Store on E Highland Blvd. in Inverne...

whee do I post #s?

I need the exact addy where I go to post my numbers to see if I have won anything in the Millionaire Sweepstakes, please. There are so many at the dollar general site, I'm completely lost.
Sincerely, smom

poor service/cart useage

11/12/08 around 10:50am I shop a lot Dollar General store. The cashiers take thier time in checking you out...


i work at dollar general my boss acts like she is 2 if everything is not about her she goes off and she i...


I was on my internet trying to enter a sweep stakes contest; my complaint is why do the dollar general store...

customers/former employees

Not that I don't agree with some of you, but alot of you are complaining about things that are your fault, like handing a cashier your key, you should know not to do that, it's just common sense, they don't have a key for a reason. Or putting a check for over 300 dollars in as cash. And customers complaining about being told the stopre closes in 3's your fault for waiting until 8:57 to go the store. And by the way, someone posted a complaint that a girl was using your number for price scans and you're short when you work with her...she shouldn't know your number, and it's not her fault that your drawer is short because price scans do nothing to the balance in your drawer, if your drawer is short, either it's your fault, or when your were on your break, she ran on your drawer, which shouldn't be permitted by management, so she be getting in trouble for this, not you.

  • So
    sorrytohave Apr 16, 2009

    What if the manager is the one running on your number? They know all of the cashiers numbers and can do whatever they want when you're not there. I know they're not supposed to do that but they do it anyway because they are too lazy to count an extra drawer.

    As for the customers I do agree with that.
    Dear people please don't come into the store 3 minutes before close wanting to do your shopping for a week. After we finally lock the store doors there is still a lot that needs to be done.
    Dollar General customers did you know that if we clock out at 9:37pm we only get paid until 9:30pm? Only seven minutes you say? True but multiply those seven minutes by 2, 3, 4 times a week and after a couple of month it's quite a lot. And if we do stay long enough to get our minutes round up to 9:45pm we get in trouble with the bosses. The more they keep our pay down the more their bonus checks grow and that starts with the store manager on up.

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  • Mo
    mommy202009 Jun 01, 2009

    Hi I just quit dollar general today actually. I agree with everything that was said. My manager is horrible. I worked at the dollar general on lakeshore in Euclid Ohio. I was coughing a lot at work and when I finally got a day off to go to the doctors (she wouldn't let me take off) They told me that I had strep throat and bronchitis. They gave me a note that said that I must be off for at least two days because I would still be contagious. My manager flipped out and was very disrespectful to me. She is one of those managers that are paid on salary so she doesn't come into work often. She throws all of her work onto us and the assistant manager who by the way is 8 months pregnant and was just hospitalized for being overworked and had to come back to work before the doctor said it was okay.
    The only time Yvette (the store manager) ever pulls long hours is when the main manager is coming in for a visit. Four employees quit on her in the same week and she got 12 customer complaints on her in the month of may alone, those don't even include complaints made on the store or other employees those are just the complaints on her. She should be fired!!! Once you treat your employees like crap for so long, eventually they will all quit on you.

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1 week ago I wen't to the dollaer general store in regency walk #16. I sat outside in the car and my son went in to purchase something to drink, with a ebt card he was told that he couldn't buy anything without the parent, my wife is sick and she could not come to the store. My son goes to the store at least 2 or 3 times a week, we really need to go to that store, because it's the only store thats near by. The employee name is darell. It's make it inconvinent for our famly to go elsewhere. Guy
Jacksonville, fl

  • Is an EBT card like a debit/credit card. If he was using that I can undersand why they would not let him use the purchase. Like Jason said, how are they to know the card is not stolen. If they refused to sell him something with cash I could understand your complaint. He goes to the store two or three times a week, but with cash. Just because someone goes to a shop often does not mean they are honest.

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  • ANGRY AL Jul 02, 2009

    Guy Jackson - Did you happen to notice this..."Please check text spelling before submitting"...before posting? It's so people like myself don't vomit all over their keyboards from having to endure such atrocious illiteracy!!!

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  • Mb
    MBrown1980 Jan 31, 2011

    In Ohio an EBT card is issued by the state to help parents to by groceries/food items. The parents name is on the card as a child cannot get one, Therefore the parent must be present to use it in all actuality a child is not even allowed to put in the pin only the person whose name is on the card can. However sorry for any inconvienence this may have caused you, but the cashier was in the right not allowed a child to use an EBT card.

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ive got one for ya

I've got one for you. I work at a Dollar General where there is no organization. Being the third key and someone who cares about the store, I work hard. The district manager is sleeping with my manager, and the asst. manager uses this info to benefit herself. The assistant manager has missplaced her keys on three occasions that I know of, and no disciplinary action has been taken. Both managers leave the backroom and the sales floor in disorder. They will leave boxes and other items piled up instead of putting them where they belong. I feel that I have been used and I'm a big sucker for thinking that if you work hard and keep our nose clean, you can move up in the company. This is especially clear when your managers are unorganized and are basically there for a paycheck. They are both consistently late for work and often complete no work on their shift.They are constantly on their cell phones which is against company policy. They also wear blue jeans and are rarely in proper uniform. Dollar General tends to promote the worst people, and let the hard workers get frustrated and quit. I have recently told the manager to cut my hours back because I am completely disgusted with how things are done there. What they don't know is I'm cutting back on how hard I work also. I plan to go in and do my share, and watch the store go back to being as dirty and disorganized as it was before I started.

  • Ch
    Chretien Nov 29, 2008

    I agree with what you are saying because it is true, i also work at dollar general and for my time there have witnessed on many accounts dishonesty and unfair treatment. I go in do my job and go home but the way i look at it is that if that is what they do and you see there is a problem and there is no one around to help you it's up to you to help yourself and the other people that may also see a problem but don't say anything.

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  • Ex
    ex dollar general employee Jun 13, 2009

    If you want to advance in a career, forget Dollar General. I worked for a store for 5 years and was eventually made manager. I brought the store up to a very productive store and one day the district manager decided to fire me for something very stupid. You will be much happier to be out of there as soon as possible. Hard work for this company only leads to abuse and being dismissed.

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bad management

I have a complaint about Store # 10452 from 09/04/2008. I went in the store around 6:45pm and I purchased three items. When I went to the counter to purchase my items, there were 12 people in one line and no one was in the store. The manager was missing and 1 girl helped bag the items, which had her name tag on backwards. The cashier didn't have a name tag on and would not open up another line. I was displeased because I had to wait about an half-hour just to reach the front counter to purchase three little items. I hope that the organization and speed of service would be more efficient the next time I visit this store. If problem persists, I will send another complaint to Corporate Office. Thanks for your time in this matter and I hope things get straighten out!

  • Sa
    sandy minister Oct 15, 2008

    Always at any dollar general store i shop at they are slow and most of the time there is a very long line, not enough people to check customers out and they cashiers seem to take their time, like the customers have all day to wait for them. Someone needs to put some fire behind the employees and get them to move faster, or more employees & hire people who can work more quickly! There isn't enough help and the help that is there is too slow!

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  • Le
    leta_carr Aug 11, 2009

    I would like to know if the Dollar General has a rule about taking ppets into their stores. Recently, I carried my 12 week old puppy (in my arm, never touching a cart, floor, etc.) into a Dollar General Store and was told by the manager that pets are not allowed. I DO NOT see a sign on the door stating no pets allowed! Is there a policy for the Dollar General Stores?

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  • Jo
    josie403 Aug 24, 2009

    Yes there is. It is on the front door of the store as you come in. On the sign that states " Shirt and shoes required" No pets aloud. Only service dogs.
    No disrespect intended, but that is common sense, not to bring animals into a store or resturant unless it is a service animal.

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  • Sy
    sylvia hernandez Aug 10, 2010

    i went into the store right now and brought up about 15 bulbs to plant they were 90 percent off of the price of 3.95 so i would have gotten them very cheap anyway i am ready to pay for them the cashier rings them up and they come out to 1 penny so she sais well thats not right so i cant sell them to you so i tell her get a calculater and do the math she refused so i said iguess she is just to lazy to do her job or wanted the bulbs for herself and my daughter also found some planting vases for next year at a fair price and she said i cant sell them to you because they dont have a price so i said well isnt it your job to have prices marked on what your selling in the store i was very upset over this situation and i thought id let the public know that when you find a good deal the cashiers probably wont sell it because they want the last left for themselves o well that was my experience at the dollar general today and i rate it a big f for thei grade

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bad service

This afternoon, I stopped into dollar general in sun prairie, wisconsin to pick up a few items. Myself and several other friends walked in, and could not have been in the store for more than 2 minutes, when an employee, kelly, stepped out, and very rudely said, "only two in the store!" I looked at her, not sure what she meant, and she again, repeated herself, very rudely, "only two in the store! You all need to leave!"

Sensing that she was certainly beyond listening to a reasonable explanation based upon the attitude she exhibited, we promptly left the store, and went across to walgreens to spend our money.

Later that night, I called dollar general to speak to manager regarding this employee, and was connected to, no other than kelly, the same employee that removed us from the store. I explained the situation to her and she said that she would "talk to her" and hung up.

As a person who has worked in retail, I know that this is absolutely no way to treat your customers. Had she addressed the issue with more respect and tact, I would have understood and left the store. However, she immediately addressed me in a very rude and disrespectful tone, and took no time to listen to what I had to say.

It was only when I called back, and she outright lied to me about 'speaking with that employee' (Mind you, she was 'that' employee) that I actually got something that would even remotely resemble manners from this employee.

Dollar general lost four customers tonight, and it's not likely they will be getting them back anytime soon.

  • Su
    Surprised May 16, 2009

    I too have some times been treated in a strange fashion. Also saw others simularly treated.

    The day I came:
    They did get rid of many people that came into the store.
    I had got there just prior to many coming in. Their (the staff)behavior is not of a good customer relations, even with only a few are IN the store.

    I saw one of their people take a roll of toliet paper out of a big bag of
    t. paper that was on the shelv for people to buy, and hurried back to a back room. I only assume the obivious that they ran out of t.p. for their own office bathroom.

    Later, I heard two different staff people talk about that a bag of t.p. ----a roll was missing from the shelf, & from a bag. They, being employed there, should have known why that roll of t.p. was missing. They looked at me and asked if I knew. I told them what I say and they eyes grew not too friendly.

    The staff lady who took the toilet paper, later looked like the same one who left. The buzzer went off while she hurried to the door. On way out she "look" nervious and some what up set. She never stopped even after the buzzer went off AND, no other staff person came up to see what was happening.

    On a different note:

    To find a staff person for product help is a desire to wish for--their not well???? the best? No.

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discrimination by dm

Yes i was employed by DG for 1 year . During that year i gave it my everything. We experienced the pleasure of receiving a new DM. ON my first day meeting her she incinuted that I was lying to her by jobs that I had done around the store. I stayed employed for 6 months taking the constant complaints of me not doing my job well enough to suit her. I was 3rd key holder and went above and beyond my duties but when I was refused the job of Asst. Mgr. because she "did not like me" and I had to train the new Asst. Mgr. to be, plus the new trainee was going to receive more per hour than I ...that was the last straw...It was not a work related decesion to hold my promotion back but a personal one and I feel that someone in the DM position should have more self control than to let personal feeling of dislike overide a manager decision

store 10178

  • Lo
    LorRae Thigpen Aug 30, 2008

    Yes i was employed by DG for 1 year . During that year i gave it my everything. We experienced the pleasure of receiving a new DM. ON my first day meeting her she incinuted that I was lying to her by jobs that I had done around the store. I stayed employed for 6 months taking the constant complaints of me not doing my job well enough to suit her. I was 3rd key holder and went above and beyond my duties but when I was refused the job of Asst. Mgr. because she "did not like me" and I had to train the new Asst. Mgr. to be, plus the new trainee was going to receive more per hour than I ...that was the last straw...It was not a work related decesion to hold my promotion back but a personal one and I feel that someone in the DM position should have more self control than to let personal feeling of dislike overide a manager decision

    store 10178

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  • Zs
    ZSM Sep 24, 2008

    OK, you said you refused the job? Are you just confused or are you telling a lie??? Just wondering.

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  • ANGRY AL Jul 02, 2009

    LorRae - And you did NOTHING to inspire this dislike? I find that more than a little difficult to believe.

    You stated, "...someone in the DM position should have more self control than to let personal feeling of dislike overide a manager decision." REALLY??? What world do YOU live in??? People are governed by their emotions all the time, no matter what position they hold. Maybe they SHOULD be dispassionate, but they're not. They can manufacture and corporate policy reason they want to get rid of you, although underneath it all, they are driven by their emotions.

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  • Ls
    lsneon Oct 26, 2009

    Wow, I also worked hard for a year with Dollar General at store 3728 in Orlando, FL. We had a store manager run away with ten grand of the companies money. Then an employee came in one evening and held the store up with customers in it. I was amazed. The employ was suspected of theft with evidence against him. You would have thought that loss prevention would have been on top of him but nope, they kept him on the schedule for another week and he robbed the store. AND THEN, the district manager Doug Benjamin goes and says to me that he believes I discriminately caused the store to get robbed when customers asked what happened to the employee. I said, "he got fired" Are you kidding, those are definately words to grant a robbery. I was terminated three days after I disputed what the DM said to me. Anyway after working so dilligently and most of all honestly for dollar general I was appalled by their actions and am currently trying to boycott their stores here in Orlando, Florida.


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  • Na
    nannytazz Oct 29, 2009

    I wish that there was some where a customer could go to complaine about the abuses toward the employees at the Dollar General stores by the company it's self and the District Managers.
    I've been going to the Dollar General in Liberty, N.C. for 14 years.
    In so many years, you see a lot of employees come and go, then you grow used to the ones who have been there any where from 4 years to a little over 11 years.
    These same people are the ones that you actually drive on past Family Dollar or the Food Lion to do your shopping to see because there's something in their personality or just the way they have with their customers.
    For several months now, I've watched managers move in and out of this store.
    We've watched the store be turned up-side down and inside out.
    One new manager in the beginning of the summer, for some reason, began gunning for one of the key holders, using a young, troubled boy to get rid of her.
    The problem with that plan was that most of Liberty has known this boy since early elementary school and has dealt with him on one level or another, and the ones of us he talked to were listening to what he was saying. He's very impressionable, and had bragged about being in love with the new manager, and had told of going out to eat with this particular person, The new manager told him that with his help(in getting rid of this one employee), they would clean out the old employee's and bring in the one's that could be trusted and that he would be made a key holder.
    The boy also bragged about them talking on the phone when they weren't in the store together or out doing things. He bragged about having the home & cell phone numbers of this individual. We didn't believe him ao he gladly showed us. At this point, we started listening and watching.
    Through all of this, the hours got crazier & crazier, this 1st new manager started pulling things off the shelves, pulling everything out of the stock room, and went on a hiring spree. He seemed to be targeting a couple of the employees and really picking on the one that the young boy was telling all of us was soon to be history and giving all of the 3 longest employeed there impossible demands and tasks to meet. come truck day, they didn't have any where to put anything.
    Sure enough, before long, $50 some dollars came up missing out of the 1 said persons' till.
    They called her in to fire her claiming to have watched the survellance tapes and asked for her keys.
    She refused to take it with out first seeing the tapes her self. Upon watching the one for the day in Question ( with the manager who claimed he & the DM had already viewed it!) the play back clearly showed her and another employee go back into the store and put up stock while the boy who kept bragging that they (he & the manager) were about to make their move, went over to her register, picked up a phone card and ring it up on her til. They didn't fire her or the others yet. When she asked the DM about this, he told her to leave this person alone or else (the manager) she would be leaving.
    Later, for some reason, the new manager bonded with one of the employees who had been on the hit list, so she at least had it a little easier for a short while.
    He told her one night that if anything came up, he would deny everything!
    He soon quit. Then all kinds of craziness started getting crazier. Not to mention that the one they were after to start with thought that she had hung the phone up after giving her nightly report to the DM, and was sort of joking and saying " no, I don't hope you have a great night! an I wish he would stop asking about that literacy fund box, what am I supposed to do? hold the customers up to put money into it? I already bought candy out of my own pocket to put next to it so if people took candy, they had to put money into the box. It don't say where the money's used, it's not like you see signs up in any of the public buildings saying reading classes at the elementary school partially funded by your local Dollar General! Then she made a joke about maybe it's actually their retirement fund. That's what I've heard some of the customers say!
    Not only did she not hang the phone up, but thae entire incidence was being recorded!
    Just bad luck for her all the way around!! A few weeks later, after all the cashiers started really pressing the customers to contribute to the fund, some one asked out right, "where does the money really go?' They kept looking and googled it.
    It doesn't go back into the community, it's sent to Syracuse N.Y.
    This particular DM (and I will call him by name) took an instant dislike to her and one other employee because of their looks and clothes and the company wanted to get rid of a 3rd one because of her age(3rd one has been there for 11 years and is like 62) all three of them were about to start costing them money for vacations or retirement or profit sharing. As far as looks, one had to wear slacks cut off below the knees is a 2+ or 3+, is the only one working for now due to back surgery and what at first they thought was cancer(her husband) and they have a minor child. The othe is the hardest working person you would ever meet and looking at her, you can tell that she's had a hard life.(Not drugs or anything) Just a hard worker who works as long as it takes, is under weight from stress and from helping 2 family members meet Dr.s appt.s and deal with Hospice, on top of losing her step-daughter and dealing with the emotional blow to all involved and her own feelings, as she had had the girl since she was about 6. The 3rd, I guess just her age.
    She's not slow, she's a pretty sharp dresser, quite lovely, it's just, our guess, she's about to start costing the company money.
    The manager finally quit and went back as a regular clerk at a different store making the statement to the one he bonded with, "If I go down, I'm taking plenty with me!"
    So something had been going on and it wasn't over. Here come thhis girl from another store with the gleam of manager position on the near horizon in her eye. Again, things pulled from shelves lined up throughout the store like a childs boxes lined up playing cho-cho, and all the stock in the stock room needing to be put up. Again, here comes the truck but no room in the stock room for new stock! Instead of having them front and put up stock, they're having to re-shelve and move existing stock, sweep and mop and mark all kinds of stuff down. I was in there and 2 of them were working their hind ends off and one made the remark, " come on, we better clock back in!" The new people (2 women), were doing something, but you still couldn't find what you came in for and had to go to another store, and the tension in the store was so thick that you could cut it with a knife.
    The employees weren't the same friendley people and you could read stress all over all of them. someone started taking tapes home watching them for any little thing.
    A frien of mine called me on Sunday and said that she asked where everyone was and that an employee told her that they had been layed off for using coupons to steal from the store. I called one of the women and she said that a couple of them used coupons and like at the grocery store, where a coupon will say Red Baron singles pizzas so much off, but you buy the large instead, it goes ahead and takes the coupon, , they had done that with some P&G goupons and an air freshner product. She said that the computer scanned it and took it with out any problem so they didn't know that they would get into any trouble for it. Then she said that because I'm in there so much that they asked her about me and what I did with the stuff that I get? She told them that I make baskets and donate things to send in for the shoe boxes that my church sends. The coupons that I used were all buy one get one or buy two get one. I want them to ask me, because all of my purchases were by the specifications on the coupons. I'll also tell them and I have proof, that my ride would drop me off to do my shopping while they ran their errands, and that I would walk around the store and front and pick up trash so that the ones working could do some of the other stuff on their lists. I even told the woman who thought that she was going to be the manager of that store that I sometimes did this. She told me to help my self! I hope that these ladies don't take this laying down because the last I heard, what this district manager, (He really did have a vendetta on these women, especially the one) the manager and the other two women were doing is called discrimination, harrassment and slander! I truely hope that they all 3 get an attorney. I know a really good one. I've known him simce I was 16, he's been a friend of mine for over 30 years and he is now pretty famous thanks to the Greensboro, Clan Nazi Ralleys!
    If they so much as utter my name( the one's running their mouthes at the store) I'll hit them with a slander suit so fast they won't know what hit them.
    If their's a thief, it would be management at Dollar General. While they were scanning those tapes looking for something to get these women on, they would surely have seen all the employee's working with out breaks and have noticed 2 of the women working off the clock through their luncjes. Two employees had alreadt quit because they weren't allowed to take a break or lunch. This was after 4-9 hour shifts!

    A fed up, disgusted customer
    Who spent several hundred dollars per month
    in Dollar General, who refuses to ever step foot
    in another Dollar General, much less spend another red cent in any of them!
    Who would like to see more boycott Dollar General for abuse and unfair treatment of loyal employees.
    All of this little vendetta at a time when a job is the hardest thing to come by.

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wrongful termination

Hello, my name is rashekia cross and I am a former employee of the dollar general store #1350 in fla. I wa...

wrongful termination

Hello my name is rashekia cross. I am a former dollar general employee @ store #1350 in fla. I strongly...

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