Dollar Generala employee


october 29 2017 at11;55 store # 08434 employee named john

this is the second time i have gone there and he has said very rudely that they dont like to take printed out coupons although i got them on dg web site. the first time he wasnt going to take it then another employee stepped in and said we do take them today someone else was ringing me up today and i wouldnt take one of them and she called him over he put i t in then said to her dont ever mess with their money its ok for them to steal from us with their fake coupons but we cant say anything about it. i know you will do anything to him but he is arude little smart butt i will never shop at another dg as long as i live i use to enjoy shopping npw because of people like him i do most online
but it wont be with dg

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