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poor customer care

I'm writing to clearly express my total dissatisfactin with the customer service experience that I have recieved with dish network. I have been with dish for over 15 years. Never missed a payment, and on 2 seperate occasions I have scheduled a technical visit for upgrades and no one showed up!!! Even after my recent experience and talking with alex operator id kkw who is supposed to be a supervisor and another manager there answer was simply that there was nothing they could do. Even after explaining how I had taken the day off work and loss wages waiting around for an installer. I wish there was a way I could sue dish for loss of fact when I threatned to leave dish alex was eager to accept my offcer to cancel my service. I can't wait until my obligation is over with dish I will be leaving and going to at&t u verse. Hopefully they will value me as a customer because clearly dish does not!

  • Da
    david radnot May 12, 2011

    Blame it on the installer, Not the company. You should call customer service and explain the situation and im sure they can send out another installer who will show up on time and do the job right.

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crappy service

It started with customer service out and out lying to us about what channels we would receive if we signed...

incompetent customer service

I recently called Dish Network for my parents and what a HASSLE! Not one customer service rep speaks proper english there. I notice on commercials and even the website everyone speaks English, but when you call they don't understand what your talking about. I was being apologized to for trying to explain what we wanted. HELLO!! On top of it she was interrupting what I was trying to say. Saying sorry. What were they trained to only say certain words.
The second part of my complaint is my parents had dish network years ago and fulfilled their FULL commitment. Paid on time every month and at the end called to cancel. My mother was asked what they could do to keep her business. They offered her a free month to try it out one more month. She was asked to keep service for at least one more month. So my mother said ok...sure. Well, after the month she decided not to keep service and cancelled. So here it is 2 years later and my mother wants some sort of cable. I had to hang up with one woman I was talking to, because I couldn't understand her. I thought maybe I was talking to a robot. Anyway, come to find out that because 2 years ago my mom had that extra month she was supposed to be on a contract and because she didn't fulfill it would have to pay hundreds of dollars for all the equipment to get it hooked up. I now have her signed up for Direct far so good. Everyone speaks english, way better customer service and very friendly. We shall see if anything changes over time. I suggest Dish Network hires only workers who speak english(for the US anyway) and know what they are doing. I can without a doubt say even if it wasn't for the contract problem, I would not of had my parents get DN for the customer service alone. IDIOTS!!!

audio sound comes & goes

I purchased dish tv in january this year and I request every one not to buy this product for your homes. From the day one I purchased I am facing very poor service, frequent tariff changes, channel changes, etc. But now from the last 4 months I am facing serious problem that audio signal of dish tv goes off and comes on after 10 or 15 minutes and it repeats again after 5 minutes. Inspite of I gave complaint to the company customer care, there is no solution. I feel that I have been cheated by buying dish tv connection for my home. I am available on mobile no. [protected]. I request respective company should take immediate action to correct my problem.
- g n bhaskar

  • Am
    Amar Oct 15, 2009

    I will give you the email id of Dishtv Customer care, Just mail your concern their for quick resolution of your complaint along with your complete details like VC No, address and contact number.

    Email id: [email protected]

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  • Te
    terry bowman Jan 02, 2018

    i have audio problems too! if you think that customer service will resolve your problems WRONG they tell me to live with it!I feel if pay for move stations you should get it in 5.1 doby ditial not 2channel pcm.Which is low end audio.They want your hard earn money but they cant fix anything!I find it funny that all sations are 5, 1 ecept expic!And another time it was the history channel when they switch my package to FLEX for a year it was in 2channel pcm!I called them 4 times for it with no results.Thats when they told me to live with it!Ithats what happens when you sign a 2 year contract!

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premier choice rewards

i ordered dish network in july and i ad to pay processing fee of $59.99 and was told once that was paid i would get a certificate from premier choice for my rewards. the processing fee was paid in august and i called dish several times in august, september and october regarding my certificate that was suppose to come in the mail. each time i spoke to different represetnatative and was informed the information was put in the mail. however when i called premier choice they have not information on my order. i would like someone to respond to my inquiry and i would like the certificate tha i was promised.

  • Di
    DishClassAction Oct 20, 2009

    Hey Teresa, I was also ripped off by Infinity Dish / Premier Choice Rewards a few months back. I paid my processing fee, and was supposed to get a $300 GasPass card.

    If you're interested in getting these your money back and nailing these theives - email me at:

    [email protected]

    There is a class action being compiled, and you should join.

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  • Ri
    Riffed off Mar 06, 2011

    Hey Terras, I was also ripped off for $ 25.00. I never get my gift card for $ 25.00 since last year (August) I had been calling hundred times.

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pathetic service

I have been a dish tv subscriber since the last 5 years. I have 2 connections-parent and child. While I have not had a sinle proble to date with the parent connection, there always seem to be some or the other problem with the child connection.
I have the child connection since the past 1.5 yrs. The current problem is, I am not getting dish tv signals since the past 1.5 months. A technician came and checked everything, took rs.170 as service charges. This technician was from av solutions, bangalore, a dealer of dish tv supposedly. I watched tv for a day and again the same problem with the message"contact dish tv". I contacted the dealer again, av solutions a number of times, even personally went to their office to sort out my problem. Till today, no technician has turned up and my connection is lying waste since 1.5 months. I have even contacted your call centre but to no avail. I am put on hold for long hours with no solution.
I am terribly exhausted and frustrated with my experience. Pls give me a solution to my problem. I want to lodge a complaint against the dealer av solutions.
Earlier (Last year) the recharge amount taken from me was not paid by them to dish tv. I started getting reminders from dish tv for non payment. Finally when I contacted the dealer, he said he would pay online immediately. I even registered a complaint against them with your call centre but was of no use. Av solutions is tarnishing the image of dish tv.
Vc num-[protected]

  • La
    Lakshmi Simha Feb 21, 2008


    VC Number - 01505368481
    STB No - 07B9ABF42DS56428

    We brought dishtv on 26th January 2008 from Ezone, Jayanagar, Bangalore. They installed it on the 30th of Jan. It stopped working on 6th February. I made a complaint on 7th Feb. And that day onwards I have been calling every day. They keep promising that some one will show up in 24 hours. Till date nobody has. I have spoken Supervisor - Amit Bhat, Saurav, Mahesh, etc, etc.. Every day when you call up magically the supervisor whom I would have spoken to on the previous day will not be there. Also there are no managers ever on the floor. Everyone gives the same speech day in day out. Please give me some time. I will look into the matter. I will speak to the prior mentioned supervisors. I am a different person within 24 hours your complaint will be fixed. This is the last time you will have problems from dishtv. But nothing ever happens. I am starting to wonder if you really have a customer service or it is just a front, so that you can rip off money. Must be feeling great to make money without ever providing any sort of service. You people have found a good con business.

    I wonder why Shah Rukh Khan promotes a product like yours. I am thinking of personally contacting him and telling to stop promoting a product where no one in the company has an iota of integrity.

    To top all this a customer service representative called to ask how our service experience was and if the problem was fixed. The moment we told that our problem is still not fixed, she said too bad and hanged up the phone. Speaks volumes for your customer service representatives.

    I hope at least after seeing this some one good soul in your company would have enough shame left in them to look into the complaint.

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  • Am
    Amar Oct 09, 2009

    I will give you the email id of dishtv customer care just mail your concern their for quick resolution of your complaint along with your complete details like VC No, address and contact number.

    Email id: [email protected]

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  • Ji
    Jitender S Jul 12, 2011

    I have logged a complaint regarding the installation of dish TV on sunday at 9:13 am (Complaint Number - 63535558). They told me that a your problem will solve within 24 hours. But no one has actually came to install the dish tv as 35 hours has already passed, since i logged the complaint regarding the same. More over i received a call from pune regarding the installing but yesterday i have already given my new address of Noida. I made so many calls to the customer care at 1-860-180-3474, but they are not providing the solution. The customer care support is pathetic. They have already wasted my several hours over the phone, i made several call to them, but again they are waste.

    This kind of work attitude will leads to customer dissatisfaction and you will loose potential customers. Really PATHETIC SERVICE.
    I strongly recommend you, Please do not but DISH TV.

    My VC Number is 015 0613 7775
    Mob No. - 9999666811


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Identity Fraud, false claims

A debt collection agency calling from [protected] has been calling my parents house asking for me. I have not used this phone number at my parent's house in 10 years. I finally called them back and they told me that I owed an amount of $1, 157.90 for an unpaid Dish Network service from March of 2007 to June of 2008. They told me that the account was under a different person's name but it was my SS. The also gave me an address of service which I googled. This address is actually a local coffee stand, not a residence. I told them I believed this to be identity theft because I have never had Dish Network. They were very rude about it and suggested that I pay by credit card over the phone. They also had the nerve to suggest that I had an ex boyfriend or an old friend that I must have set up service for and then forgot about. I have contacted my local police and also put a fraud alert on my credit. I also checked my credit report and it is fine. Is there anything else that anyone out there would suggest?

  • Sp
    sparx1_1 Sep 25, 2009

    Keep following up with the police and ask for a written copy of the fraud/identity theft claim. Contact DISH directly and advise them that you have contacted the police and that this is fraud. Sometimes it's as simple as someone entered a typo and got your SS on this account so keep that in mind when calling. This is a contract service so a signed contract must be on file - ask to see a copy of that with signature - be willing to provide a copy of your signature (if asked) so they can compare it at their end.

    DO NOT work through the collection agency on this, you already have all the info you need from them. 90% of deadbeats either claim that the debt was fraud or that they already paid it. Since the collectors hear that line of BS all day long from deadbeats they are not going to believe it from you. Their job is ONLY to collect the debt, not resolve fraud and identity theft issues.

    Be aware - a large percentage of "fraud" turns out to be friends and relatives using your information without your permission. In those cases the police will rarely, if ever, intervene as it becomes a domestic rather than a criminal issue. In the cases where charges are laid they are almost always withdrawn - could you send your kid to jail over a phone bill? You will still owe the debt unless you can convince the person to clear up the mess and have the debt transferred to their name. If they don't, then your ONLY choice is to pay the debt and recover the money by suing the person. I spoke to people every day who were stuck with their kids (or parents) debts after they stole their credit cards or contracted for services using their information.

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scam charges

I ordered Dish Network and it was installed about 2 weeks later, which was about what I had expected and the system worked OK for about 30 days or so. Shortly after that I began to have problems with The caller ID and didn't think too much about it until I started having additional problems with the signal being lost for no reason. I called dish network to complain and they informed me they would send a rep. to take care of the problem which they did. The problem is that I was never informed that I would be charged $29.00 for keeping their equipment functioning. after calling to complain about the charge I was bascially told they would not adjust the charge.

  • T1
    T1naq Aug 29, 2009

    When I signed up for Dish Network service a month ago, I also signed up for 18-month service. If you do this, they promise to void $49.99 "installation" fee. This is heavily advertised. This was the only reason I subscribed for 18 month.

    I was very surprised to find soon that instead of "installation" fee they charged me "activation" fee of the same $49.99. The brochure they sent to me after I signed says that if I sign up for 18 month, they charge "activation" fee INSTEAD OF "installation" fee. I was not notified about this in advance. I was very primitively fooled. Now I cannot quit, because in order to quit I have to pay at least $240. By the way, I found channels they are selling to be not interesting. Apparently they are selling all the cheaper ones.

    * BEWARE! * BEWARE! * BEWARE! * THIS IS CRAP!!! DO NOT give them your money!

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  • Cu
    CustomerServiceDept Aug 29, 2009

    I am sorry. For your troubles, I would like to offer you both a Carnival Cruise on us.

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  • Fe
    Feeling taken Nov 04, 2011

    They started charging me 5.00 dollars extra a month in case I need someone to come out and work on their equipment, then they came up with I need an update, so I am suppose to pay 75.00 dollars for them up upgrade my equipment. So far I have refused, but I'm afraid they will go ahead and charge me anyway.

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These people are complete rip offs. They claim everything is free the representative told me there was going to be a flash charge to my credit card of about 79.99 which would fall off in a couple of days just to make sure my credit card was active so dish network could charge my card every month. Well it never dropped off and when i disputed it they claimed that it was suppose to stay on and that I knew it even though I stressed on the phone with them to make sure it would not be there. They also did the same thing to my father around the same time. They are a complete rip off and Dish Network knows it and refuses to do anything about it.

  • Justin B Oct 02, 2009

    I see Dish network has nothing to do with this, all godish is a sub-sub contractor, where they take orders, fill them, and is like a huge A/R dept. So I found a mistake on my account, ill be damned me in for 50 buck. I do not agree that I had been informed regarding this, nor do I have paper work regarding this. I am taking this to my local police dept, it's called identity theft, my lawyer is also working on the case! hah im also suing the credit berous for another issue! life sux, but the return will be great, please contact me if you want my lawyer to look into this for you. my e-mail is [email protected] please serious people only. its my university email okay. Justin B.

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  • Pl
    plaintiffforall Jun 02, 2010

    June 2, 2010, Napa, CA - Sounds all too familiar. I recently established Dish satellite service through over the telephone. The phone order processing time with was approximately twenty-five minutes. A good portion of the time was attributed from the representative describing disclosures - about ten all together - each of which were lengthy in detail, spoken fast and considerably convoluted. At one point I requested the representative to stop and repeat a portion of one of the sections - she insisted to allow her to finish with all of the disclosures and we could revisit the question later. I would bet somewhere among the fast talk there was mention of a "fee" but the approach by is a very well planned and deliberate strategy - inundate the consumer with a barrage of information so that it would be humanly impossible to comprehend the little things they want to slip by the consumer.

    Early into the phone order, all relevant information was requested and collected by This included my social security number for a credit check - to establish an account with Dish satellite - as well a credit card. The representative explained that a credit card was needed to establish verification of my identity - another step to establish my account with Dish satellite. At this time there was no mention of any fees or amounts to be charged to the card, simply for identification purposes as Dish would be providing all equipment and installation at their cost. It made sense at the time- if I should default on the account, Dish would have recourse to collect for their equipment and installation costs. Again, no mention of any fees or charges by The order was completed and we had an installation date scheduled. So far so good.

    A few days had passed from the date we had established the account when I discovered the charge on my credit card activity online. I routinely audit my credit card accounts, debit card accounts and bank accounts. Usually every two or three days. I have outstanding credit and want to keep it that way. I was completely surprised to find a charge for $49.99. I immediately brought my discovery to my husband's attention as he participated in the ordering process with over a speaker phone. Just like myself, he couldn't recall any reference from the representative of any charges. He was just as surprised as I was. He concurred with me that the only reason we needed to provide my credit card was to verify my identity as part of establishing the account with Dish satellite. Without any time wasted, we contacted to explain that we were charged. They claim we were well informed and that it was clearly disclosed during the phone order. They claim to have the "recorded" conversation which includes me agreeing to paying the fee. Neither my husband nor myself were told they would be charging me a $49.99 processing fee. We both are very diligent and thorough when making purchases - especially those involving contractual agreements for payments over a period of time. We argued with the representative that we simply would have not completed the order if we were aware of the fee, as we would have shopped around more to see if this was a standard practice of other Dish retailers or if it were negotiable.

    I am a licensed professional in the medical field, earn a six figure salary, have excellent credit with absolutely no debt. I have better things to do with my time than to contest and pursue collecting back my $49.99 that was taken from me without my authorization. I searched online for others that my have experienced this with It wasn't a surprise to me that I easily discovered countless complaints from other individuals against for the very same thing.

    What next? I will provide a thorough explanation of my experience with My complaint with supporting evidence of other individuals complaints to the following parties:

    Texas Attorney General's Office
    County Sheriff's Office
    City Police Department
    Local Better Business Bureau
    Local Chamber of Commerce
    City Mayor's Office
    Postmaster General
    Commissioner's Office of The FCC


    comments are welcome: [email protected]

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  • Ed
    Ed Orum Nov 28, 2010

    I share those experiences with you. I placed an order with and charges were applied to my debit card the same day. I became concerned and attempted to speak with somone to cancel my order with no avail. I will be speaking with the state Attorney General to file a complaint

    Edward Orum.

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  • Nc
    NC taken for a ride Feb 12, 2011

    They do speak to fast and didn't honor the referal from my brother in law. They took my money before the dish even arrived then they drilled holes into my house!!! I am not happy I am locked into this stress for 2 yrs.
    I am disabled, on a fixed income they don't care as they get payed to lie.
    NC taken for a ride

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  • Mi
    Mike in Pahrump Dec 24, 2015

    BEWARE! - Go Dish is a complete FRAUD!
    I have filed complaints with both the FCC and the USPS for fraudulent advertising. I have yet to receive the $100 Visa gift card for signing up with this company. Now they no longer acknowledge my request to receive the $100 Visa card.
    Do not sign up with Dish or any of their sub contractors.

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activation problem

My name is Swamy from Dubai and my dish tv id no. is 015 [protected]-4 I've made a payment over the 1 week had past away but still my dish tv is not activated if u have received the payment then y dish tv is not activating i want to know the problem please mail me asap my mail id is "[protected]

  • Am
    Amar Sep 17, 2009

    I will give you the email id of Dishtv customer care, just mail your concern their for quick resolution of your complaint along with your complete details like VC No, address and contact number.

    Email id: [email protected]

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unable to cancel service for deceased parents

On August 21, 2009 we attempted to close out the Dish service for my deceased mother and father-in-law. We called and talked to Lauren ZHT who gave us a FAx number for sending a death certificate. We tried the number and could not successfully fax the document as their number was not receiving, so we called back and were told to mail it, which we did. They also sent us one pre-paid shipping box for two of their four satellite receivers. We called on approx. Sept 4th to request a second prepaid box for the other two receivers and were told they did not close our account as they had no record of a death certificate on file.

At this point my wife chose to challenge "the system" as we had sent one, and noted that no other utility required a death certificate. She was passed around to three other "customer service reps" all chanting "send a death certificate". We then faxed a copy on September 4th, and were successful, and have a receipt that it was received at dish. I then sent an e-mail to the customer assistance available through their website and asked for confirmation they had received it and asked for a second pre-paid shipping box so we could return the receivers. the following is a copy-and paste of the exact communications:

Sent by me: Friday, September 04, 2009 4:17 PM: "I previously attempted to fax and subsequently mailed a notice to inform you of the death of my father-in-law -----and my mother-in-law ----, who have an account with Dish Network. I
previously sent a copy of Both [their] Death certificates. We received one box for returning boxes/and remotes which is insufficient as there are 4 boxes and 4 remotes. My wife called Dish on September 4, 2009 to request an additional box and the (very unhelpful) person demanded another copy of the death certificates. ... Your staff was very insensitive as this involves the death of our parents. We only want to return the equipment! She was passed around to three people who all said the same thing. Not helpful. My wife was in tears and had to hang up. AGAIN Please close out the following account...

Response from Dish: Friday, September 04, 2009 11:14 PM. Dear -----, Thank you for your email. We understand your concern. Please try to use another fax machine to fax the death certificate. Vanessa S. G5W

Sent by me: Tuesday, September 08, 2009 12:16 PM. It turns out that the problem was with your fax machine. I was able to get one through last week, with a copy of the death certificate attached. Please do not ask for a third copy. Please close account ------- and send me another pre-paid box for the other two boxes and remotes.

From Dish: Friday, September 04, 2009 11:14 PM. Dear ----, Thank you for your email. We do apologize for any inconvenience. Our records show that we have not received the death certificate yet. Vanessa S. G5W

From me: Thank you for your help, Attached to this e-mail is a 3rd copy of the death certificate. One was mailed on [protected] following our initial phone call on August 24th, one was successfully faxed to you on 9-4-2009, and now this one. Please close account # ------ effective August 24, the date of our first request.

From Dish: Dear ----, Thank you for your email. Please fax the death certificate to the fax number that was given to you. We do not have the access to forward this document to the other department. Vanessa S. G5W

My e-mail: Sunday, September 13, 2009 10:55 PM: Why do you exist if you cannot help solve this problem? Tomorrow I will send a FOURTH copy of my parents death certificate to you. I have previously faxed it. Please help me. You are now in possession of the copy I attached to my email. Please simply call your counterparts and tell them you have it.

From Dish: Dear Mr. Pike, Thank you for your email. We understand your frustration and we do apologize for any inconvenience. You will need to send the death certificate to the correct department.

I then faxed a fourth copy of the death certificates to the "correct department" and again received a proof of receipt of my fax. I the phone customer service to verify they received it. They could not do that as the fax number is in a facility far from customer support. This time I was able to discuss the situation at length as I finally found someone willing to take ownership of the problem. She had knowledge that the legal department was backed up 30 days in recording death certificates and powers of attorney, etc. She assured me that if I successfully faxed the documents it would be resolved within a couple more weeks. She then assured me that our initial call of August 21 had been recorded in their records and the estate would receive no more charges.

This was after three weeks of very stressful and inarguably disrespectful communications to a family still in mourning, that simply wanted to close out an account. This should never happen.

I have requested several times acknowledgement of receipt of the death certificates and have received none-to-date. The battle continues. If I can believe the one knowledgeable rep. it will self resolve after a few weeks, but I will believe it when I see it.

rip off!!!

When I originally placed my order through Dish Network I was under the impression that Dish was who I placed my order through. I called 888/825-2557 to place my order. It was not disclosed to me that I was also signing a 3rd party contract. When the installation took place, the technician affixed the Dish to the exterior of the building. The association sent me a notice saying that the Dish was not allowed to be affixed to the building and that it had to be removed. The HOA charged me for the repair and for taking the Dish down. They also charged for the technician drilling through the wall of the building into the unit to get a cable through. They left me without T.V and the equipment on my patio for several days. I contacted Dish directly and they sent a rep to my unit. Again I was not aware of I Satellite at this time either. The technician tried to install the Dish on a pole on my balcony but unfortunately there are trees that are blocking the signal. He also indicated that is was not correct for the technician to drill through the walls into the unit and that he should have used the areas already constructed for cable installation . As a result I am not able to have Dish or any other satellite service installed at my residence. Up until this problem here I was receiving satisfactory service from Dish and I would still have an account with Dish if I was able.

I understand that the charge now damaging my credit in the amount of $500.00 is resulting from the installation that took place in December 2008. I have spoken with several people in the corporate office of Dish who unfortunately have turned out to not only be unable to assist me, but frankly don’t seem to care about the third party contractors they are using either. Each person I speak to is rude and hangs up the phone on me and just wants nothing to do with helping a customer in this situation. However, I did learn that their policy is this: If a customer lands in the hands of a third party then they say the customer is responsible but if you call Dish directly and they hire a sub contractor themselves then the customer is not liable to pay this installation. I learned that my call was routed to ISattelite because of the time of day in which I called . I find this to be deceiving to the customer as well as to the independent contractor like I satellite. I understand that work was performed and I agree that I Satellite deserves payment for their work. However, they are still paid by Dish for installation and if the work is done, then Dish should be held liable for sending payment to I Satellite. The customer should not held liable. It is not fair that Dish would pay I Satellite if I called them directly but they refuse to pay if somehow I am contracted with I Satellite. I have no document in writing that shows I entered into a contract with ISatellite and if there is one please send me a copy of what I signed. I have been under the impression since I called from a Dish TV commercial that I was contacting Dish. Obviously this was not the case.
I understand a circumstance if I simply did not want to continue my service with Dish. But I did try my best and exhaust my ability to try and keep my account with Dish. Although I prefer to have the service I am not able to. I have even referred 4 clients to Dish Network. I am requesting that you please void this outstanding charge and remove this derogatory account from my credit report.

got fired for performance

I was a supervisor there and was fired because of performance when my team was doing better than allot of...


In my mailbox arrived an ad from DishNetWork that was disgusting and offensive. I would have been embarrassed for my husband to have found this ad in the mailbox!!
A 'peek hole' square on the front showing a lady in her panties with a 'teaser' of pull reveal the lady in a provocative position with her bra showing!! This type of advertising would never suggest a reputable company to a decent consumer!! I don't ever plan on using your services for any of my internet service needs!!

  • Jc
    jcurran Sep 07, 2009

    We received the same advertising mailing here in Western Pennsylvania. I am writing to DISH Network to let them know my disgust and how glad I am NOT to own DISH Network and how I never plan to purchase their service.

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rip off

I can't believe that Dish network is allowed to rip off people on a daily basis and nothing is done about it. I have tried to email Dish Network CEO, but unable to locate his exact email address. I have been a customer of Dish Network for 5 years, I recently wanted to upgrade and was hit with all these upgrade charges. The first time I asked to talk to a supervisor and he was aware of what he could do. I was put off by the fact that as a 5 year customer I had to pay for upgrades.

When Dish is advertising for new customers free, I felt I was being jerked around. I discussed with my wife and realized I was asking for too much. I had to call on my cell phone to get into the Dish Network system. I ended up talking to another supervisor. I realize that the supervisors are allowed so much power to do things, but the 2nd Supervisor reminded me of the old time car salesman. The first supervisor I talked to was understanding, I did not get his name, but had to work by his guidelines and I understand that now. By the way the 2nd supervisor acted, I wonder how long Dish Network will remain number 1 most satisfaction. Most companies today realize that to retain customers you have to have customer satisfaction. Well that is not what I felt. After today, I felt like it was take it or leave it. I guess I will be leaving Dish Network. I feel you should know this and not let new customer numbers deceive you. To stay number 1, Dish network should try and work with the customers that made them number 1.

  • Valerie Jul 25, 2008

    For 12 years we were with DirecTV. Our DirecTV install was originally performed by myself with equipment we purchased. Under the current pricing scheme, we were offered what appeared to be a much better price through bundling our AT&T service with DISH Network. So we went ahead and bundled our services, and then our problem begins.

    On the day of the install, the DISH Network installers arrived about 3:15-3:30pm. They performed a site survey, and asked what rooms in our house was to get what service. We originally ordered DVR service for the living room and 1 bedroom along with standard service for 2 other bedrooms.

    The technicians seemed so confused about the way things should be setup and wired that I finally asked them if it would be easier to just add DVR service to all 4 rooms. They said yes, so I called customer service to have our order changed. The lady at customer service was asked if there would be any additional charges for the change, and she stated that there would be a $5.99 charge each month added to the bill for the DVR service in the 2 rooms that would have been just standard programming under the original order.

    I felt that the cost was reasonable, and she proceeded to remind me that the equipment would all be under the same original 24 month lease agreement. She asked me to ask the technician if he had a spare DVR box with him, and he said yes. So, up to this point I am feeling pretty great with their service.

    Let me also add that I informed them during both calls that we currently had all standard TV sets in the house, but we were buying 2 new LCD TV sets in the near future. So the installers proceed to the install of 4 rooms of DISH DVR service, and I am feeling great. Now comes the first blow... the inform me that the cabling in our house is sub-par for their boxes and the proceed to rip out the old staff and put in new wiring.

    Funny, DirecTV ran on the same wiring for 12 years and lost signal maybe 1 time per year due to flood conditions or heavy snow. But fine... go ahead and waste your company's money if you want to, because it doesn't cost me extra. About 45 minutes into the actual work of the install, two more guys show up to help. The installer that seemed to be the lead on the job tells the other guys what wires to run where, and what connections to hookup to each splitter. He proceeds to go then to start setting up the wiring and boxes inside. Meanwhile his partner is mounting the dish on the pole and aligning it, and the other 2 are doing the cables outside.

    After the cables are installed, the two are told they can go ahead and go back to their hotel because the job should be about done. At this point the one on the ladder has the dish installed and says he has a good signal of about 70. I tried to tell him that 70 would not be sufficient strength, but he disagreed and said that 70 on his meter was well above 100 on the boxes (a totally ignorant lie or mistake... but he did seem to be new to the job). He proceeds into livingroom to hookup the second box.

    Now we finally have both boxes installed, but from the first power-on neither one could find a satellite. So there is about 2 hours spent booting and rebooting, setting and resetting..but no satellite. So the dish man goes out to check his work while the box installer checks over all the inside wiring again.

    The dish man says he has tweaked the dish pointing and got the strength to over 100 on his meter. Once again, the boxes can't find the satellite. So the lead guy goes out and checks the dish and the wiring. During the check he finds that the wiring outside, that was supposedly double-checked, was actually reverse of what it should have been at the splitters.

    Ok, problem solved, satellite found (but the signal was only 66-70). Next they spent a little time setting the boxes up and then it was time for the paperwork. 'Oops, someone left the paperwork outside in the rain, we will have to come back tomorrow!' At this point, it is more than 8 hrs since these guys showed up, my house is in total disarray, and I am really tired. Ok, so we will see ya tomorrow.

    The next morning I get a call from the lead tech and he brings some paperwork by (it looks like the same paperwork from the night before that had been dried out). I sign it, and he loads up the ladder that they forgot the night before. He also asks me if I would like him to take the old dish, the boxes and the old wiring back for recycling. Seems like a nice gesture, and I wasn't going to need the stuff anymore... so sure take it. So far, other than the extremely long and frustrating install and the mess they made of my floors with their boots, I a happy.

    A couple weeks go by, and at each rain shower we lose signal. I log into my AT&T account to get the number to call for assistance, and I notice that the bill has arrived. Wow! why is my bill so high? I start going over the bill and see the charge for the programming (prorated, plus the next month in advance), and I also see a $99 service fee that doesn't look right.

    I call AT&T and find out that it is an equipment upgrade fee for the 2nd DVR box (the one I was told only would cost $5.99/mo extra). 'I wasn't told about any additional fee, that's fraudulent billing, take it all out' was what AT&T heard next. Well the customer service lady at AT&T talked me into keeping it, if they paid half the cost (even though I was still skeptical and not quite sure about the move I made).

    So she gets me over to tech support to get the signal problem and a frequency issue resolved with my remotes. DISH support doesn't even tell me how to set the remote frequency, they just schedule an appointment for a tech to come out and say he will fix it all when he comes in about a week. That brings us up to yesterday.

    I get a call about 10am and it is the tech. He tells me that he is running a little early, and he asks if it is ok to come early. I was happy with that, and I told him to go ahead and come fix the issues. Evidentially this 'kid' is a contractor, because he shows up in a Jeep Cherokee with a 20ft ladder strapped to the rood using bunjie cords.

    I show him the dish (which is mounted to a mast that extends above the roof), and he proceeds to try and stand in one of our lawn chairs to adjust the dish. I tried to tell him he was too short to reach it, but he had to find out himself (kids). So when he couldn't reach it he goes to remove the 18 bunjie cords from the ladder on his jeep.

    I told him we had a ladder that he could use instead under the deck he was standing on, so he proceeded to get our ladder out (I am disabled and have bone and joint issues that limit my arm movement and causes lots of problems in my feet so he had to do the lifting). He climbs up on the ladder stating he thinks it is a bad LNB.

    He removes the dual LNB from our dish and just sticks a single one in its place, doesn't put a screw in it, and just lets it sit there. He hooks up his test meter and says 'Oh yeah, I have great signal there, it's your LNB'. (mind you, he put no screws in it, so the single moved everytime he touched the cable or moved his meter).

    He then puts a new double LNB in place and we proceed inside to the televisions. Inside the signal is now a little lower than it was before and on a partly cloudy day the signal drops to 50 as a single cloud drifts by. Last night we had a really small shower and just like before 'ACQUIRING SIGNAL'.

    After the tech left, we went shopping and I bought the 2 LCD televisions that we had planned on earlier. We get the first one assembled and setup. We turn it on, and the picture is at 4:3 aspect ratio instead of 16:1. For literally hours I look through manuals, settings, try their so called troubleshooter (the most worthless piece of junk ever made... if you are gonna troubleshoot an issue, make sure you put some information and answers in the troubleshooter... 4 questions and 3 answers is not a troubleshooter program) application.

    I even tried resetting the box like the instructions say, hoping that maybe it would auto-detect my new tv. After hours of getting nowhere, I decide to go to bed at 4:45am this morning to get a little sleep. That brings us to today! This morning at 10:00am I call into DISH Network's tech support line. I explain to the girl what is going on, and I ask her to first schedule another technician (this time preferably one with some experience) to come and align my dish. She does so and we are on to the aspect ratio problem.

    I ask her how to change the aspect ratio on my now 1 month old DVR to 16:1 from 4:3, and she puts me on hold for a couple minutes. She comes back and informs me that the DVR equipment I have will not perform that operation and I will have to get 2 more DVR boxes. So here we are with yet another undisclosed item that will result in another large charge for more equipment.

    I am informed that the boxes will cost me another $149 each and I will have to pay at least $10 more each month for HD programming. I really didn't want HD programming, I just want the 16:1 aspect ratio for my widescreen tv. I disagree with the charge, but she tells me she will transfer me to someone that may be able to waive the fees since I am still practically a new customer.

    She puts me on hold and transfers me into a 'cold call' with another woman that informs me that I have actually been transferred to the cancellation dept (only after I have to explain the entire situation to her again). She then transfers me to another woman that says she can waive the first box, but the software won't let her waive the second. She puts me on hold for a supervisor to see if they can waive it.

    The supposed supervisor comes on the line and I have to explain the entire situation to her again. She tells me that she will waive the first box, but the second will cost me not $149 but $549 instead (now the price is almost tripling what it was before I spoke to her). I got upset and told her 'Oh h*ll NO'. she then got really rude and we ended the call.

    At this point I just had to get outside. While exiting the house, I fell down the steps and broke my ankle. So today is really not going well so far. Well after a trip to the doctor for a cast, I thought I would try one more time. This time I called AT&T billing to see if they could do anything. The lady there informs me that they can't do anything about it, but she will transfer me to DISH Network's billing dept (here we go again).

    I go through the entire story once again, and I am confronted by one of the rudest, most ignorant, self righteous personality I have ever seen in customer service. She done nothing but argue that my point was wrong, that she was absolutely right that widescreen was HD (which widescreen could care less about HD... widescreen has been out since the 1920's).

    If she actually had any education about formats at all, she would know that HD uses widescreen natively and the scan rate is more important to HD than aspect ratio. And she would also have enough sense not to claim higher knowledge in tech than a 25yr Sr. Engineer from the IT world. She even had the nerve to raise her voice to a customer. I tell you customer service is definitely not serving the customer anymore. At this point I hangup and called DirecTV.

    After going over the setup with DirecTV and their packages, I decide to think about it for a bit because I will have to pay $240 cancellation fee to DISH, plus since I am not a new customer to DirecTV... I would have to buy part of the equipment and I really don't like their programming package prices.

    After thinking about the situation, I come up with the brilliant idea of having DISH adjust their wiring tp have the HD DVR controlling the 2 LCD televisions and the other standard DVR they put in (that I already paid for mind you) control the 2 standard televisions. So once again I call in to tech support again. This time I actually get someone on the line that understands widescreen, hd, aspect ratios, and scanrates (we are doing good so far). I explain the situation to him, told him about the royal b**** I had before (he agrees that she was way off base and way out of line), and I tell him about the plan I come up with to resolve it.

    He said it sounds good and that they could waive the one box and I wouldn't be charged extra for another box. (Oh, looking so good). He also told me that I would be just as well to take the lowest priced HD package because 1. it's required for the upgrade to be free, and 2. even without HD I would still have to pay $7/mo just for the box (so I may as well spend the 3 extra dollars).

    Then comes the bad news... I asked him to make absolutely sure that I could set both tv sets on that box to 16:1 aspect ratio. After some research, he finds the answer is no...only 1 tv on the box can be set to 16:3 aspect ratio, the other is only 4:3 aspect. And to top it all off, he didn't find it in any of their literature or books, he had to go try it on one of their boxes.

    So now we are right back to square one, I get transferred to yet another supervisor to see if he can do anything (maybe take the $99 charge I paid on the other box off of the $149 fee for the new one). And this one refuses not only to discount the second box in any manner, he tells me I will have to pay $149 for the first box plus $549 for the second box (and that doesn't even include the $99 fee AT&T and I was charged for the first WRONG piece of equipment that was install). So now it would cost me another $700 ($800 counting the first box) just to get 16:1 ratio on my 2 new $2500 worth of LCD televisions.

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  • Mi
    Mike Oct 30, 2008

    Set the aspect ratio with your actual TV or press the format/# button on the bottom left of your DISH Remote.

    A single cloud moving in front of your dish is not going to affect your sat signal ( Unless a tornado is dropping out of it)

    The RG-59 lines they had to replace with RG-6 lines was because of the fact that Dish sends more information down the lines that DirecTV does.

    That "Splitter" that you said was put in incorrectly was more than likely a Diplexer ( they look alike but do different jobs)

    If you press Meun Option6-Option1-Option1 that should take you to the POINT DISH Screen look up SATs 110 & 119 and transponders 14, 15, 16, & 21 on both sats. When the signal level comes up they should all be over 60 (Yes it is high enough because of the modified signal... It shows the signal as 30 points below actual) If any of the signals are below 60 call ASAP and tell them that your signals do not meet threshold. You want an FSM to come out and fix the problem.

    the 16:9 aspect ratio will work on those TVs no matter what kind of signal is coming in you just need the correct settings on the TV. The 722/622 box (HD DVR Dual Tuner) will only give HD on TV1 to get HD on TV2 you would need an additional box. The reason is that the HD Signal can not be backfed through the box to TV2.

    As far as the phone folks... we all hate them, they are just looking for the sale.

    And the fact you had 4 techs at your job is just crazy... I would have been done in 4 hours by my self.. and I'm no where near the fastest installer in my shop.

    OH! and if they ever come out again tell them to wear boot covers... every Van has them.

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  • Su
    susan421 Aug 23, 2009

    I was with dish for the same yrs and they are a rip off.they have more infamercials then programming and whenyou talk to them about it they say they can not do anything about it.I am back with cable now.

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  • Os
    Osvald Feb 04, 2010

    I cancelled my DISH network . They told me they were sending boxes to return the receivers, remotes, and part of the actual sattellite. I couldn't get the satellite apart. The rest of the equipment didn't get sent back by the time they thought it should, so they debited my account by 599.80 with no notification. This has cost me $200. in check charges. I would suggest not using this company since they really rip you off royally.

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  • Di
    dishplaintiff Mar 03, 2010

    I believe the CEO's name is Charlie Ergen. E-mail address I do not know yet, but am working on it. Address for serving a summons is what I am interested in.

    I will update when I get more info.

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false ads, deceit, cancelation charge

DishNetwork service story: Last June I wanted to switch from TimeWarnerCable due to their shortage of HD...

misrepresented turbo hd

Turbo HD Silver packaged was advertised to contain all the HD channels associated with the Silver and Gold classic packages, but it contained less.

We've been with Dish Network for a few years now and recently signed up for the Turbo HD Silver Plan. During the past week, we noticed that Nickelodeon, one of our 3-year-old's favorites, was missing. This morning I hit up Dish Network's Live Help function on their website. The rep told me that Nickelodeon, along with 4 other channels I definitely had (Fox News, MSNBC, MTV, and VH1) were not part of the Turbo HD Silver package and never were.

When we went with Turbo HD, it was sold as every channel with an HD equivalent in the Gold and Silver packages, which held true until this past week/weekend. The rep said that was not the case and that adding on HD to a regular Gold or Silver packages actually gave you more HD channels than getting an all HD package. I asked the rep for a complete Turbo HD channel lineup, which he conveniently could not find on the website, so he manually typed a list, which I noticed also left out FX. When I let him know I had watched FX as of yesterday, he recanted and said he left that one out accidentally, but the others are definitely not now, nor ever were part of the package. He insisted MSNBC wasn't part of the package even though it's on my television even now.

When I brought up the fact that he had channels listed here (New England Sports Network) that I had never heard of, he recanted again and said he had might have missed some of the regional sports networks. He had no explanation for the missing Turbo HD channel lineup, so I had to basically take his word that it was never part of the package. It seems to me they're just making things up as they go along and arbitrarily taking channels away. The fact that there is no Turbo HD collateral on the website anymore makes me believe that they're trying to sweep it quietly under the rug.

Frankly, I just want my kid's channel back, but if they can't provide that, I want the Silver package with HD for the Turbo HD Price for the 15 month remainder of my contract or I want to be rid of my contract without the $160 penalty.

  • Ch
    Chad(Muncie, IN) Aug 26, 2009

    I have had Turbo silver since February and had been watching Fox News regularly. Probably around the same time your programming disappeared, it was removed from my programming. I called dish network and told them about it and they told me that it was never part of my programming. They basically called me a liar, telling me that it was not possible.

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  • Na
    navneet singh Aug 28, 2009

    yes this happen with me too i had turbo bronze and i want to upgrate to silver turbo because it had nickloadian now they r saying their is no turbo package you hav eto take classic 100 which is 34.99 extra what should i dpo now

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damage, toxic mold

May 5, 2008 the installer came out to install my service, he installed two new satellite receivers. He ran the coaxial cable just under where the mobile home rests on the foundation forming a “gutter” just about the entire west side of my home. With the “bellow shape” of the cable, this was perfect for the rainwater to redirect under my home right into the particle board of my floors and seeping and rotting out my walls and floors over the coerce of one year. The flooring slowly absorbed the water, rotting the floor until the rainy season of 2009 where the boards could not absorb any more and over flowed onto the top of my wooden flooring.

On July 22, 2009 I noticed the floor sagging and pulled up my wood flooring, saw for the first time wood rot, and mold; on the West Side of my home, the rot stopped ¾ of the way down the home. I immediately removed the rotted board, placed plywood over the damaged floor, called my insurance company, July 23, 2009 and filed a claim, Citizens Insurance Company. The operator asked me when the damage accorded, and I answered, most likely during the rains we had earlier this month, however, I noticed the damage on July 22nd and started to “midrate” the damage with temporary repairs. The inspector came out, Monday, July 27 and confirmed to me “It seems the damage may have been caused by the faulty cable installation. He told me the adjuster would be contacting me next week to discuss my claim. 911 Restoration confirmed that to me today with evidence that the moisture stopped just beyond the drill marks from the Dish Network installation.

I also noticed, black spawns of mold growing in my walls and on the structure beams under my floor. On Tuesday, June 28, 2009, I took samples to Advanced Scientific Laboratories for analysis. They confirmed with me yesterday, in a lab report that I have four types of mold/ fungus growing in my home; Heavy numbers of Aspergillus/Penicillium sp, Heavy numbers of Chaetomium sp, Heavy numbers of Miscellaneous/ Unidentified and Heavy numbers of Trichoderma sp. At least two types are very harmful to humans.

My doctor confirmed to me that I was having a allergic reaction on July 10, 2009 in my sinus. Now that I have learned that, I have a “toxic” mold/ fungus growing in my home that is contributing to allergies and discomfort I am quite concerned for my health in addition to the structure of my home.

Additional Personal Injury, on June 8, 2009 we had a rain storm and I was in my bedroom laying on my bed I got up to walk into the kitchen and slipped on a puddle of water on the floor. This puddle was along the west side of my home jamming my foot, in a full stride, into the pantry wall breaking my toe. The next morning I went to my doctor with severe pain in my foot, my doctor, x-ray-ed my foot and determined I had a broken toe and was to ordered crutches and to wear an orthopedic shoe for six weeks. I now realized, for the first time, my slipping and breaking my toe in June is related to the Dish Network installation. In addition to breaking my toe, this faulty insulation rotted out my floors, and seeped into my wall, structurally compromised the integrity of my dwelling.

I have rotted wood, Toxic Mold/ Fungus testing, Slip and fall accident, doctors appointments and medicines and damage to my home and structure. My immediate concern is for my health and safety in my home.


damage, toxic mold

Dish Network
  • Da
    david radnot May 12, 2011

    What a bunch of BS, just looking for a reason to get DISH Network to fix up his crappy mobile home.

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After having Dish Network installed in our home for around two weeks and as we were downstairs the box in the upstairs bedroom caught fire. If we were not at home we more than likely lost evewrything we had. My wife and I both got minor burns to our hands as we unhooked it
i took it to the garage (which the door was open) and dumped the cats water and litter box on it to put it out. It not only burned our tv but other items as well as the smell removal and cleanong came in at around $2500 which Dish has refused to pay because they say some forgien object was in the box. Nothing could have been setting ontop of the box because there was an alarm clock there, we do have animals but none in that area or not enought ime from installation for any builtup of any kind. After Disn people came out it was noticed the installtion lacked a whole lot, wire laying inthe side yard, tools, including post hole digger, hammer, pliers, wrenchs and a half bag of concrete. But they contine to say nothing was their faulf. WATCH OUT!

lied about locals, then haven't returned amount when I cancelled same day

Offered a special of 200 hd channels, cinemax for 1 year for 1 penny, 5 HBO channels, FREE local channels for...

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