DirecTV / payment problem

PO Box 105261 Atlanta, Georgia 30348, United States

I have been trying to solve a payment problem with directv since November 2018.
They are charging me for two payments that I have made. I have provided the cancel checks in a receipt required package which they received on January 14, 2019, and have done all they have asked without results.

The payments are for October and November 2018. October was submitted on September 25, and cashed by them on 9/28. November was paid on 10/29/18, and cashed on 11/05/2019. I have provided both cancelled checks and have had several conversations with them, the last today with an Annette, employee, #sg643f, still no results. If I need to provide you with the checks I will. Still my account remain overcharged, and I am refusing to double pay for payments already submitted..
Whatever help you can provide would be appreciated.

Allen Harrell

Mar 5, 2019

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