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Date: 2/26/19; times: 5:13 (1 hour 25 minutes); 7:10 (38 minutes); 7:49 (24 minutes)

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Allow me to layout what transpired today, date: 2/26/19; times: 5:13 (1 hour 25 minutes); 7:10 (38 minutes); 7:49 (24 minutes) are the times and lengths of my phone calls.

I received my new bill and it has me paying approximately $10 more than expected. As explained to the various representatives, the new receiver installed by the repairman, was a new $10 charge and that was not explained to me. I was already receiving a $10 credit that had nothing to due with the receiver. I don't have an option to have a standard receiver as AT&T is upgrading. I am on a fixed income and was asking for some assistance at this point. When I called at 5:13 pm., the representative sent me to a supervisor for further help, who transferred me to a Loyalty program specialist. That specialist sent me to the "backdoor" receiver department, who said, "The people who could help with that would be the Loyalty program. " He transferred me back to the Loyalty program where I reached Steve. He was very nice and cordial. My problem is he removed my insurance plan of $8.99, in order to make me feel better about my bill. My new bill would be $59.98 + tax. He even went so far as to calculate the tax amount of $4 and change. I specifically ask, "Nothing changed on my account?" His response, "Nothing changed." Out of habit I called AT&T customer service to confirm the new billing. This is when I encountered Stephanie, who initially said, there is no change in my billing. I asked her to check the notes on my account, where she replied, no notes. I asked for a supervisor because I had just spent over 1 1/2 hour on the phone, only to be lied to. She miraculously found the information, refusing to send me to a supervisor, claiming none was available. I explained I wanted to file a formal complaint against Steve at the Loyalty department. She tried to handle my call and walk me through the bill. I allowed her to try, but still wanted to talk to a supervisor and file a complaint. I adamantly explained that I would wait for a supervisor. She again tried to walk me through the bill, where I found the CHANGE. He had removed the $8.99 insurance WITHOUT my permission. Now, I really wanted a supervisor. She wanted to place the insurance back on my account. I explained absolutely NOT. Not until I file my complaint. She wasn't hearing this. She proceeded to place me on mute. I asked her to remove me from mute and she did. She proceeded to talk to me again about my bill, asking me if I needed a calculator. A calculator? I said, "No." "I do not need a calculator, I need a supervisor. " She still said no supervisor was available. She proceeded to place me on HOLD I assume, because she never came back on the phone after 38 minutes. I hung up, after asking several times, for her to come back on the phone. I called back (the 3rd and final time) and spoke to a representative, who immediately transferred me to a supervisor by the name of Tony. He looked up "Stephanie's" name and filed the complaint against her for not transferring me to a supervisor and for muting/putting me on hold. He also filed the complaint against Steve in the Loyalty department for removing my insurance without authorization. I have been a customer of AT&T for over 30 years. NEVER, ever have I received service like this. If I had a choice, I would find someone else. Unfortunately, AT&T has the monopoly on the Korean programming that I currently have. So, if there is any assistance you could provide, I would greatly appreciate it. Thank you in advance.

Feb 26, 2019

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