DirecTV09/28/2019 I got charged for the movies I didn't order - terrible customer service

Unfair billing practices. I had equipment issues and was charged for a movie that locked up after 5 minutes and also for 2 movies that I did not order. When discussing this issues with Direct TV they said I didn't call in to inform them when in fact I did call them and they told me to press the red button on the side of the Direct TV box. They told me they did not have any information about my trouble call and I told them there record keeping is incorrect. How would I have pressed the red button if they didn't tell me to do that to clear the problem. They argued with me again and again when I called in after I received monthly bill and noticed the 3 movies on the billing statement. I am totally disgusted with there billing process and resolution to my concern about there equipment problem. As soon as our 2 year contract is up will we will discontinue service with Direct TV and find a better and more reputable television provider like nfinity, spectrum, or even local cable TV. We are done with Direct TV forever.

Sep 28, 2019

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