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I have been a customer with Directv since it began in 1994. My son put my dish on the roof himself.
On my account now it says since 2004 but that is from when I moved to SC
My issue is this:
Every month my bill changes and I have to call on promotions etc.
The people today were nice enough but the last one basically told me that to speak to someone higher that her is a long wait. She told me there were no promotions available to me right now.

My problem is I have been with you for 24 years total and I feel I deserve some kind of break on my bill and one I dont have to keep begging for each month.

Acct# 293604


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      Aug 16, 2018

    dish was good until at&t took over
    now your just a atm and disturbance to them
    any promotion, offer or whatever else gets ignored and they " have no record of"
    all you will get when you call is scripted non answers and time wasted and hung up on

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