J Nov 28, 2017

Due to a move out of state had to cancel our directv. Was told that because it was an out of state move, and I was signing up for directv in my new house, the cancellation fee would be waived. Here is a list of what followed:
1. I was charged the cancellation fee
2. Called 2-3 times to finally have someone tell me it was fixed
3. Received letter from collection agency for amount owed.
4. Called at&t (I have both and am billed for both together), was told they could not help and I should call the movers team at [protected]
5. After talking to someone at movers team was told I could not be helped so was transferred to someone else
6. Was told by person I was transferred to they could not help and I should call [protected]
7. Called that number, explained my problem and after a while was told I could not be helped and to call [protected]
8. Decided to no longer proceed

I have been a directv customer for over seven years and am appalled that 1) they are trying to charge my the early cancellation fee and 2) I cannot get decent customer service.

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