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Direct TVno service from direct tv!

Signed up for service and no one showed up or called. Contact customer service no help. I will stay with the cable company (Comcast), at lest they will show up and call.


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    Tkunkel Mar 16, 2010
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    I cannot bad mouth direct tv I never had any trouble with them...

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    Sara Feb 22, 2008
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    I was a customer in love with DirecTV. Never had one problem in almost four years. I had the wonderful DirecTV Tivo box. While paying my bill online, I noticed that DirecTV were offering boxes that held up to 100 hours. My old box only held 30. So I decided to "upgrade". And while I was at it, I decided to have a DVR installed in our bedroom as well. So DirecTV sent me a box for the living room, and scheduled a tech to come out to set up the bedroom.

    I did not realize before it arrived that this “new” box was not a Tivo, nor was it new, but refurbished. I was sent the R15 100. It was CLEARLY not a Tivo; the features could not even compare (where is my Season Pass? My wishlist?)! But I figured, ah well, I will learn to love this as I loved my Tivo.

    Unfortunately, before I could start this new affair, the box crapped out. Right away it gave me problems: Black screen where recorded shows should be, freezing, etc. After HOURS and HOURS on tech support (resetting, re-downloading updates, finally re-formatting the hard drive- in which I lost all the shows I had been able to record), DirecTV FINALLY said they would send me a replacement box.

    However, before it showed up, the installers showed up to hook up the bedroom. Now- while they were setting the room up for DVR, this room already had the regular DirecTV box in there. So when the guy from Ironwood Communications tells me he needs $75.00 before he will start work, I was confused. He mentioned something about having to wall fish and that being the cause for the charge. I felt it was odd since I had been promised “Free Installation” but ah well, I wrote him a check. He does the work, while the “new guy” he was training did god knows what. He sends the newbie out to have me sign saying the work was complete, and while doing so made some off color comments to me. At that point I just wanted them out. They leave, and I realize there is NO mention whatsoever on my copy of the receipt that I paid them any money or that any special work was done. Then I get to thinking, what the hell did they do that was so special? Wall fishing? Uh, there was already a cable going from the satellite to the old box, didn’t they just follow that? Eventually we were able to get Ironwood to shred the check, but I was still feeling a little ripped off.

    But then, the next day, guess what? THE SAME DAMN PROBLEMS START HAPPENING IN THE BEDROOM. So I call DirecTV and ask them to send me a NEW box instead of another refurbished one, since so far, the two they had sent me were both faulty. They informed me that was not going to ever happen, if I wanted a new box I would have to purchase one (What was the $99 for, since I guess I am leasing these from them?!) And mind you, this is after night after night of dealing with tech support and lost shows. They do tell me that should any more problems arise, I will be assigned “CASE MANAGEMENT” so that I do not have to jump from tech to tech every time I have problems, and will be given one person who will know who I am and have been going through. That is great, but I hope the replacements will just WORK AS THEY SHOULD and I have no need for any more assistance.

    Now, I might also mention that every time I have to unhook one box and hook up a replacement, it means losing any shows I had in my playlist. It also means having to once again set up the Prioritizer, remotes, etc. And it means having to wait for the Guide whiles it S L O W L Y gets the correct info. All of which is taking time and losing shows.

    So they send me a replacement for the living room and a replacement for the bedroom. The replacements are R15 500s. The living room one is another refurbished one that is all scratched up, but luckily the bedroom one came brand new.

    Everything was fine for about one and a half weeks. I was finally adjusting to life without the glorious DirecTV DVR, when BAM! The living room box freezes in the middle of a show. I had to unplug the box to get it to come back up. I hoped that was the end of the problems, but of course LMAO, it was not. Two nights ago, I happen to walk into the living room at 8:55. I look over at the box, which should have the “Record” button lit up as it was supposed to be recording two programs at 8:00. But of course, the whole box is dark and unresponsive. So I reset, and get the blue “Hello” screen. Then BAM! Back to black. I reset again and it finally comes on, but of course, I am out of luck on my two shows. I also notice that the 2 shows that were supposed to record at 7:00 actually did not start until 7:12, meaning I missed the 1st ¼ of them.

    I am really upset now, because once again, I have lost shows and am having to deal with a crappy product. I head to bed, making sure the box is working. Then last night, I get home from work, about to head out to dinner, when I notice that the box is ONCE AGAIN dead. I reset, reset, reset, make sure my shows are all set to record, and then I call DirecTV. I explain the situation, and also mention that I would like to have the Case Management set up, especially since it took going through 3 techs before anyone was willing to help me. 1st, he asks me if the box is plugged in. SERIOUSLY. Can he not see in his computer that I have been through the ringer and have tried all the steps before I call? But whatever, not too big of a deal. Then he tells me as far as the Case Management goes, no problem, he will set that up and be right back. But OF COURSE, when he comes back, he informs me that I am not eligible for C.M. (even though I was previously told I would be) He says all he can do is send out a tech to see what the problem is, and that he will bring a replacement box. I explain that would be fine, however, I do not want anyone from Ironwood Communications coming into my house ever again due to the last incident. He informs me that they are the only company in the area that would be able to assist me (Really? In the whole North Bay?) Then he offers to just send a replacement, if I am comfortable hooking it up myself- which of course I am, I have already done it a couple times by now. And since I am now late for my dinner plans, I say fine, let’s just get this done.

    So now I am ticked off about my ongoing drama with my once beloved company. I push past it though, and try to enjoy my dinner. Once I get home, I am relieved to see that the box is still up and running. UNTIL I CHECK THE PLAYLIST… and find that Survivor is missing. I guess the DVR just decided that I did not need to see it. You know, regardless of the fact that it is the top show on my Prioritizer. In the History list, not even a mention of it. That is bad enough, as I am ready to throw the freaking box out the window, but then when we sit down to watch Lost, about 10 minutes in, THE BOX SHUTS DOWN AGAIN. So, knowing the drill by now, I go and hit the reset button. Nothing. So I repeat. Nothing. This goes on for about 5 minutes, sometimes the box coming to life to say Hello, and then shutting down again, other times just ignoring me altogether. I finally unplug it, let it sit, and then plug it back in. It comes up, and we have no more problems the rest of the night. Oh, except the fact that one of the shows I was recording when the box shut down, is now completely gone, not a mention of it anywhere.
    And now today. As I get ready for work, I head to the living room, and find that once again, the box is dead. I do my little song and dance with the reset button, and the power cord, but alas, nothing. So now, I am without a working box in the living room.

    Will I be compensated? Hell no.

    Will I have to continue to pay for service while I wait on the replacement to show up?

    Will the replacement be another refurbished piece of crap that will in almost certainty screw up again? I would bet on it.

    I might also mention that over the course of all my phone calls with tech support for each of the boxes, I have spent about 10 hours of my time and energy. When I asked a supervisor about any kind of compensation, he said all he could do was give me $5.00 off my Showtime for 3 months. WOW! A whole $15.00 off!! So basically, my time, energy and such is worth a whole $1.50 per hour. Thanks DirecTV! Thank you so much!

    How about this- if you are cutting ties with Tivo, and are going to offer your own DVR boxes, how about you MAKE SURE THEY DAMN WELL WORK BEFORE YOU SEND THEM OUT??!! How about you don’t dick me around by sending me refurbished box after refurbished box and give me something that has even a chance of working?
    Or better yet, how about you let me hook up my trusted Tivo again, and NOT charge me the $150.00 fee you say you will. I mean, crap, I agreed to another two years with you before I realized you were going to make my life hell, so you could at least do that.
    Or wait, I know, what you really could do is check yourselves, and lick Tivo’s heals in hopes that they will take you back. If I had not agreed to the 2 more years, you can bet I would be long gone.

    All I want is a product to work the way it is supposed to. And if said product fails to do so, that the company behind it remedy the situation. And if they cannot, then they should not be charging me for said product. In the whole time I had the DirecTV Tivo, I NEVER had one problem. Not one! Isn’t that pretty much how things are supposed to work?

    Throughout this entire thing, I have remained calm, and friendly with the techs. I have not become one of those irate screaming customers, because working in customer service myself, I am fully aware that it is not the techs fault for the company’s bad business. HOWEVER- the buck now has to stop somewhere. I am LIVID and WILL be getting results, however I can.

    All I wanted was to expand my hours from 30 to 100. That was it, simple and easy. And now I just want to be done with it. The pure and simple fact is that I am paying for a service that is not working, and that sucks. I want a resolution.

    If you have read this far, bless you :> If you have any suggestions on how I could handle any of this, please let me know. I would greatly appreciate it!
    Have a great day, and may Tivos be bestowed on all

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  • Ab
    A bowling Jan 28, 2008
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    I signed up for direct tv service 2 wekks ago. They have promised to come out to set it up on 2 seperate dates and have been a no show both times. The direct tv costumer service has been no help. I am going to contact the better business bueau and encourage all with problems to do the same.

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  • Ph
    Phillip Zagotti Jan 06, 2008
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    I contracted with Direct TV to come out and do a installation for a system with a DVR. First, the Direct TV tech did not show for two scheduled appointments, (I should have canceled the service then). Finally on the third time someone showed up and installed the TV boxes and used the old dish on the roof from the previous home owners. After a few hours of playing around with the system I noticed that I could not record anything without having to watch it too. I scheduled another appointments for the tech to come out and do a proper installation and once again they did not show. I scheduled one last appointment and the day of the appointment I received a phone call form the service tech saying that because my home is a two story house they could not do the installation.

    I want to take a moment out here to state something. If the tech had told me that the company did not do two story installations when they finally showed up on the third appointment to do the original install I would have never entered into the agreement. I am under the personal belief that if the service tech who did the original installation knew that a DVR system was being installed and did not do the cabling installation correctly and then enter into a contract for a service that he knows he has not set me up to receive represents the elements necessary to prove fraud.

    After calling the corporate offices and talking to a manager I was told that I had two options. They could give me a $75 credit and I could get another company to come out and do that actual cable installation or I could do it myself but that Direct TV does not do two story homes in Houston TX. I informed that manager that he had two choices either someone comes out and install the system per the agreement or they cancel my contact. The manager then proceeded to cancel the agreement with me over the phone.

    I know I will have to fight them when they try to charge me a early termination fee but I think I will cancel the credit card I used to set up the service just to make sure they don’t rip me off.

    Long story short if you are thinking about going with this company DON'T.

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  • Ta
    Tanya Aug 31, 2007
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    To Whom It May Concern:

    I had such a bad experience with direct tv customer service. This is not on just one occasion, this is 3-4 times that I called and I get rude employees. I can’t even believe the way I was treated. I got direct tv with a 300 deposit because I had no credit and was informed that I will get all of it back, by them taking off a certain dollar amt off my bill. I was okay with that knowing that It would be credited towards my account. I was in the middle of moving and had a lot of other bills so the account went to collections. I called them back once I was finally settled and told them that I would like to get my service back on. The rep that I spoke to at that time told me that it would be 203.00 that I needed to pay. I told them that I would pay them as soon as I get paid. A week before I got paid which was a couple of days before I spoke to that rep, I got a phone call from a collections agency saying that I had to make a payment. I then told them that I would be getting my services restored. They said I can give them the payment and they will post it with direct tv. I called directv a day before the scheduled day for payment (talked to a rep name leah) , and they had no record because the collections agency has a different system then they do, which I understand. What I was surprised to hear is that they have no record of what collections agency my account was sent to. WOW! I was really surprised by the fact that an account is sent out and you have no idea where it went to. Not to mention how rude that girl was, I can just picture her sitting there rolling her eye as she’s talking. I got to the supervisor and he was a little bit helpful giving me the info that I needed to know but still didn’t know where my account was. Anyway, so I go through my file found the collections that my account was sent to and called them back and gave them the name of the collections my account is with. I get paid and still no money was taken out for like a week so I am thinking they are probably not going to take it out since it was an automatic payment and they haven’t taken it out. I spent some money out of that payment and then they take out the money, and over drafted my account which was partly my fault so I take the blame for it. I call and get a rep name Marquita who was so extremely rude & was even worse then the other one. She tells me “I do see a payment posted on the account but you are 17 dollars shy so we cant get the service back on.” At this point I’m upset so I say to her “ So I made this payment, that collections took it out late, so I now have over drafted my account 70.00 not to mention the fees that I am going to pay along w/ it and you’re telling me that I cant get my service back on because of 17.00”? She says to me… YES! I am telling you that very rudely. I said to her what type of customer service she has, she should consider taking a class on how to treat callers better, and she says well do you want me to transfer you to someone else since you want me to take a class. I ask for the supervisor and she hangs up on me. I call back finally get the supervisor on the line and he was rude, I was yelling because at this point I’m pissed. He says there is nothing I can do for you. I say okay for 17 dollars, can you bill my account or take it out of my 300 dollars deposit that I made? When they billed me they only take out 5 each bill which means I would have had about 285 left. He tells me I lost the 300 because my acct went to collections so I need to pay end of story. I ask to speak to a manager, director, or a department where I can file a grievance. He tells me that they don’t do them over the phone that I would have to write a letter, and I cant speak to a manager or director. I called the Better Business Bureau the next day and they needed the location of the call center that I spoke with. I call them back to ask if they can look at the notes on my account to see who I spoke with and which city the call center is located. They said names are not posted on the account so there is no way of telling who you spoke with and which call center it was. They really need to change their system so they can be able to track who you spoke with for quality purposes! The only thing which they were able to provide me was the address to send complaints to which is Attn office of the president Direct Inc. P.O box 6550 Greenwood Village, Colorado 80155. I advice anyone who is having problems with directv to report it to the better business bureau.

    Tanya Lodge

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  • Li
    Linda Kalina Apr 14, 2007

    Sub: Billing and agreement

    This is highlight the lack of integrity in Directv operations. I had called you direct tele sales and booked my account with direct tv on 3rd April 2007. The agent told me that I would get 20$ discount on my bill for 10 months and signed up for direct tv on 5th April.

    Today i got a bill with no discount. I called retention department and they told me that there was no such scheme. I requested to get my account cancelled and they tell me that I have to pay about 12 $ per month penalty.

    This is not a ethical practice. First their sales team promises some discount then they do not give that discount and charge for de- activation of service. Its just 7 days that I have used the service. When I call their call center I am put on hold by for hours and then disconnected. Now I am helpless and I cannot do anything.

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  • Valerie Feb 08, 2007

    My story is like so many others out there and probably shouldn't surprise anyone. Last month I decided to make the switch to DirecTV after my local cable company (Mediacom) was forced to remove Fox and other OTA stations from their system.

    After four years of dealing with Mediacom’s pathetic service, I cancelled and proceeded to sign up for DirecTV.

    I would need three receivers, two of them DVR's and one standard. My initial sign up began online at DirecTV's website but I decided that I would like to speak with a person so I would have all the facts and learn a little more about the service I would be getting.

    The sales rep I spoke with was very nice and a pleasure to speak with but appearances can be deceiving. The first thing he informed me of was that he could get me a better deal than the website since he had access to more features and options. However, before I let him get into all that, I told him I wanted some more information on DirecTV's service and their DVR's since I had been comparing them to Dish. He gave me all the goodies on the receivers and proceeded to tell me that theirs was better than the competition. We spoke at length about all the features and services I would have which convinced me that DirecTV was for me.

    We proceeded to setup the account and as we ran through all the options, he told me I would be eligible for two credits on my bill: one $5 credit for 10 months and one $10 credit for 15 months. I thought I had hit the jackpot here and that DirecTV was going to be the kind of company that cared about their customers. I asked every question I could think of so I would be as informed as possible. Some were too technical for him and he had to ask a tech, others were simpler and more to test them as a company than anything else.

    I was impressed that he would take the time to ask someone else the answer rather than make something up himself.

    One thing I did want to know above all else was if they had any deals on the HD-DVR’s for new or existing customers. I was content to pay the $99 for the second DVR and was even more excited when this rep informed me that after 30 days, I could upgrade to an HD-DVR for free as an existing customer. Now this was turning into one heck of a deal. Credits, free equipment and a company who cares…what more could someone ask for right? Read on…

    Once all the information gathering was out of the way, he got to the point where he would need my SSN. After a couple of minutes of waiting, he told me that the system requires that I pay a $200 deposit for the free equipment I was getting...he even ran it twice to be sure. Needless to say I was not happy about this but he told me I would receive another $10 credit for 20 months to make up for the deposit. I came close to cancelling the whole deal but decided that since this rep was working so hard to get me a deal and the fact that I would be able to get a free HD-DVR upgrade after 30 days I would stick with it.

    I would end up with a monthly bill of about $35 after all the credits, much cheaper than the crappy cable I was already getting. I gave him my CC and paid the $200 deposit plus the $99 for the second DVR. Before I let him go, I made sure to double check with him on the free HD-DVR upgrade and the total charges I would incur…again he told me that I would be eligible for the upgrade and the total charges were $306.89. He gave me a few bits of information including a website address for a form I would have to mail in to activate the $150 credit on my bill. After nearly an hour and a half on the phone, we ended the call and I eagerly awaited my free installation only a few days away.

    The next day I went to print off the rebate form and the first thing I noticed was that the offer expired on 11/30/06. I immediately called DirecTV to find out what the deal was. The rep informed me that they had extended the offer and that it was still valid even though the dates are expired. I was leery at this point and decided I had better confirm with this rep the services I was going to receive and all the charges I would incur. The first thing she did was give my total CC charges, which nearly gave me a heart attack…$406.89! She explained that total amount was for the second DVR and the $300 deposit that I would be credited for on my bill, $10 a month for 30 months. I told her of my previous call and all that I had discussed with the sales rep. She apologized profusely but explained that the system would have showed him the very same thing…$300, not $200. I could not believe how anyone in their right mind could confuse the two amounts. I told her that if I had not called in about the form, I would not have known of this “mistake” until I received my CC statement. I asked her how DirecTV would like to have been sued for theft when I discovered this apparent “mistake”. All she could do was apologize repeatedly and believe me, I was not accepting them.

    The next thing she told me nearly made smash the phone into a wall. She said that I could not get a free HD-DVR upgrade and there isn’t any deal that allows customers to get one free. She didn’t know why the sales rep told me what he did but there was nothing she could do about it. I told her this was ridiculous and that no customer should ever be treated this way. She put me on hold to speak with a supervisor and after a few minutes, came back to tell me that the only thing she could do was either cancel the order, or keep it in place. So much for customer service eh? She did offer me free movie channels but these offers were extended to everyone. I told her that I felt I deserved more than just a handout that everyone received and that it was a matter of principal. Even if it was a $5 credit, I wanted to know that DirecTV was willing to take care of their customers. She even told me that there was no record of what I was promised and that she could not even see who placed the order since they didn’t leave any notes. I thought this was the most absurd thing I had ever heard. How can companies as large as DirecTV, not keep any sort of records about who does what?

    I asked to speak to her supervisor at which point she told me that he would say the same thing. I told her I appreciated her efforts but I would like to speak with him anyway. She put me on hold and a few moments later a supervisor was on the line. He was VERY apologetic (DirecTV seems to do that a lot) but the first words out of my mouth was that apologies were not fixing the problem. I did not want to hear their empty apologies; I wanted something done about this. I told him it was ridiculous that DirecTV reps could promise everything and deliver nothing. He then informed me that he had the ID# of the rep who sold me the system and he would take care of him. He told me he could offer me a $50 credit on my bill towards the purchase of a HD-DVR or 6 months of Showtime free. I wasn’t really surprised by this offer since I’ve dealt with customer service reps many times before but I was happy that he was at least making an attempt to make up for the lies I had been told. Even though I knew he could have done better on the deal, I let him off easy and decided to keep the service.

    Before I let him go, I asked if there was an earlier install date since I was told that there could be new open slots after a cancellation. He transferred me over to the installation department where I happily found out that there was an earlier install date. Now my new install date (1/27/07 between 1-5pm) was only a day away and I hung up with DirecTV a disappointed but excited new customer. I decided that I wanted to check out the specs on the DVR’s I would be getting and proceeded to look them up on DirecTV’s website. The one thing that confused me was the need for two connections to each DVR. I realized this was for the recording capabilities but I wondered how this would be possible. I knew splitting the lines degraded the signal and caused a load of problems but I did not know if it would affect the DVR in the same way. I called DirecTV back to ask them how this would work and if they would simply split the line into two. The rep told me that they would indeed split the lines and that it would not affect the signal quality. I knew this could not be true but I believed her and hung up the phone.

    The next day I received a call around 2:30 from the installer telling me that they would be their shortly to install my system. A few moments later, they showed up. He wasn’t the most personable person I had met but they rarely are. He asked me a few questions about my home like where the equipment would be going. After only a minute of being at my home, his cell phone rang and he went outside to take the call. I felt this was very rude of him to take a call in the middle of our conversation but figured it was business. He came back inside and I told him of my last call to DirecTV concerning the DVR’s and using splitters. He told me the lines can’t be split but before I could say a thing, he received yet another call and went outside again. I was getting pretty aggravated at this point but opted to not say anything about his manners.

    He came back inside and asked me how many lines I had in each room. Obviously being a typical home, each room has one cable line. This is where it all went downhill and downhill fast. He told me that each DVR would need two separate lines and that this was considered a “custom” install. He told me that he would have to charge me $90 an hour to run one new line to each of the two rooms that would have a DVR. I proceeded to quote all the information from DirecTV’s website about a free installation and that it was obvious that if a customer were getting a DVR, they would need two lines so this should be included free of charge. He didn’t have many explanations but as I was about to tell him to just do the darned install he asked for my landlord permission form. This of course was news to me since no one at DirecTV said a word about it. I told him I had already asked my landlord and she OK’d the whole thing. He told me he needed it in writing from her and that there was nothing more he could do. Even as he stood at my door while I was trying to get all the facts, he told me that they get paid for each job they do, not by the hour and by standing here talking to me rather than installing someone else’s service, he was losing money. It’s nice to know they care more about money than they do the customer.

    I called DirecTV immediately to ask them what the deal was. After being hung up on four times while they attempt to transfer me to the right department, I finally asked for a supervisor the instant someone got on the line. I waited a few minutes and of course, the person who was on the line apologized repeatedly. He told me it should cost anything to install my service and that it was a mistake on the order that did not include the second line DVR. He 3-way’d the local installer’s office to get everything worked out. They didn’t know much there about my particular install so they called the installer himself who had come to my home. He informed the rep that he would have to fish two new lines and that it was not covered under the free install. I stayed quite the entire time until he started feeding DirecTV every lie in the book about how rude I was, how I told him how to do his job etc. I jumped in right then and told him I did nothing of the sort. At this point, he said he was on another job and it was rude of him to be on the phone while he was at a customer’s house. Say what??!!

    After he hung up, I told the rep that if I kept this order, I did NOT want this person at my home ever again. He then told me that unfortunately, the previous reps should have told me that I needed written permission from my landlord and that not all installs require wall fishes, some do. Some installs have the lines coming right through the wall where the DVR will be located. I asked him why they couldn’t do that at my home but he did not know the answer. He called the local office back and after a few minutes, came back and informed me that the landlord requires the lines be fished. This was a complete lie since no other homes owned by my landlord have DirecTV installed. Apparently, the installer was just feeding DirecTV a line of bull in the hopes that I would pay them the $90 an hour. At this point, after being on the phone with them for nearly three hours, I decided it was best that I hang up and decide later what I would do. I had the install rescheduled for the 1st of February and took a breather from my dealings with DirecTV.

    I ended up doing the wall fishes myself in order save the hundreds of dollars the installer would inevitably charge me. I kept the appointment in place and called DirecTV yet again to find out exactly what they would need from the landlord. They gave me a web address for the permission form and shockingly it contains two sections you can fill out. The landlord can fill one out; the other can be filled out by the or the other. I made several different phone calls to DirecTV to confirm this and each one told me that either the landlord could sign it, or I could.

    I could not believe that had I agreed to pay the $90 an hour to the first installer, I could have simply printed off this form, signed it and had my service installed. Or had I been properly informed when I placed the order, I could have had the lines already ran and had the formed ready to go. How the other DirecTV reps, the installer and everyone else I had talked to missed this is beyond me. If I had not been in so deep already I would have told them to shove their service where the sun doesn’t shine but at this point, I just wanted it done and over with.

    The installation date came around and the gentleman who showed up was very nice and personable. He was impressed that I had fished all the lines he would need and then asked for the permission form. He had never seen this particular form before but said nothing about having my signature and not the landlords on it. He went over where everything would go but I had one concern, I was keeping my internet service through my cable and did not want anything messed with concerning it. That room is adjacent to another where the standard receiver was to go and the cable line going to those rooms was already split between the two. Rather than go through the hassle of trying to hook it up so as to not interfere with my cable internet, I told him I could fish another line there to make it easier for him. To my shock and amazement, he told me that while he was setting up the dish, I could run the new line. He would even bring in his ladder for me to get up into the attic and a box of coaxial cable since it was free rather than using up my own coax.

    After about 10 minutes or so, he was finished with the dish mounting and I was finished with the wall fish. Another installer showed up to help him out and within a half hour, I finally had DirecTV service. Not only did I have a great installer, I had two to make the job go faster. Both were very pleasant to deal with and started to make up for the hell I went through to get it. They even apologize for the previous installer’s attitude and behavior and said it wasn’t the first time someone complained about him.

    So far, I’m pleased with the results and am happy that I signed up just in time for the soon to be released update that will fix many issues others have dealt with for a year. What I am NOT happy about is being lied to repeatedly from DirecTV sales reps that obviously have little training and will say anything to get someone to sign up. While the service itself is wonderful, DirecTV has a lot to learn about customer service and anyone thinking of switching needs to get ALL the facts before the installer shows up. Just because some people didn’t need a wall fish for their DVR doesn’t mean others won’t and DirecTV needs to make that VERY clear to customers that they could incur more charges.

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  • Sh
    sheetal Feb 06, 2007
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    Dont get carried away by all the offers and promises they make at the time you become a new customer.

    They promised me a FREE PORTABLE DVD PLAYER for which i dutifully sent the registration/rebate form and waited patiently for 3 months. After this i kept following up and sending emails for 3-4 months. After all that, they sent me a very ordinary, cheap basic DVD player instead of the promised PORTABLE DVD PLAYER. I still plan to follow up with them but i am already so frustrated about fighting for something that was promised to me.

    My suggestion is that instead of the portable dvd player you should bargain for a cash back or something.

    Dont trust them. They are cheats.

    Good luck.

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  • Valerie Feb 02, 2007

    More than a month ago, I made an appointment for Directv to install a new dish for my HD Tivo. The installation was supposed to be this afternoon between 1 and 5.

    At 3:30, I called Directv to make sure someone was still coming. They assured me that someone would be out by 5. When no one came by 5:15, I called Directv again. They then told me that my order had been canceled but they could not say why, who canceled it or why I wasn't notified. They agreed that it was canceled by someone at Directv who didn't do their job properly. They said the only recourse was to schedule another appointment and that the first one available was in three weeks. I spent over an hour arguing with various levels and departments at Directv that, after waiting around all day today, I should not go back to the end of the appointment line. They would not budge. I am considering a switch to Dish Network or Comcast cable. I've been a Directv customer for six years and subscribe to most available packages. I am discouraged to find out that they care so little for their customers. I post this as a heads up and warning to those considering a Directv subscription.

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  • Valerie Jan 22, 2007

    July 2006
    · Purchased HDTV from Best Buy received Discounted DirecTV HD DVR
    · Contacted DirecTV to install HD Service
    · Installed HD DVR to transfer previously recorded programs from non HD DVR
    · DirecTV installation rep arrived to install service
    · Rep informed me service was not compatible with the dish he was installing – recommended waiting until August for a compatible HD DVR to become available
    · Returned HD DVR to Best Buy
    August 2006
    · Visited DirecTV web site to order HD DVR
    · Incorrectly ordered NON HD DVR
    · Phoned DirecTV to cancel order
    · While on phone, cancelled wrong DVR order and placed order for both HD DVR and HD Service and scheduled activation
    · Three days later the NON HD DVR (the order that was supposedly cancelled) arrived at my home
    · Phoned DirecTV informed them of delivery of wrong NON HD DVR
    · Phoned credit card company and verified that the NON HD DVR was charged to my account
    · DirecTV rep instructed me to ship NON HD DVR back and that the credit card charge would be reversed to allow 3 days
    September 2006
    · After 30 frustrating phone calls and 20 equally frustrating emails, the charge was finally reversed for the NON HD DVR
    · At this point, I still have no HD DVR and the service is not installed
    · I contacted DirecTV to cancel the HD DVR installation and service
    · DirecTV reflected a credit for the HD DVR cancellation, but the cancellation was never processed through my credit card

    November 2006
    · Credit card is finally credited for HD DVR order cancellation

    January 2007
    · Phoned DirecTV to cancel service due to continual problems and obvious lack of concern over POOR CUSTOMER SERVICE. At that time I was informed by DirecTV rep that I had fulfilled my 1-year contract and that I owned my equipment.
    · Two days later I checked online to make sure my account was closed and there was a new $237.00. fee added
    · I called and was told this was an early cancellation fee
    · I explained that I was informed by DirecTV rep that I had fulfilled my 1-year contract and that I owned my equipment, and that I was not in a contract and it was an error
    · I was then told by the rep that they needed to reroute my complaint upline.
    · Ten days later, I was contacted by DirecTV and was informed that my contract was re-activated at the time I connected the non-compatible HD DVR in August, even though I did not have HD service and had a non-compatible HD DVR.
    · On the same call, the rep informed me that it was actually because of the NON-HD-DVR order that was subsequently cancelled
    · On the same call I asked how could I be charged for an HD DVR when I didn’t buy the DVR from them and I do not have, nor have I ever had HD service with DirecTV
    · I was told, “the only way I can waive the cancellation fee is if you come back for a year.”
    · I explained that this is why I was leaving DirecTV due to the horrible customer service.

    The problem with DirecTV is that no one listens to you, they ‘Yes’ you. All I heard was “I understand, Yes I can see your frustration” then it was please allow 7-10 days for resolution. Problems are never resolved. It took them ten days to tell me that I would still be responsible for the early cancellation fee that I am not responsible for. It is not the early cancellation fee that upsets me it’s the lack of understanding on their part. If I owed it I would pay it but they are locking me into a contract for something I have still never received. HD SERVICE.

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  • Mi
    mike hill Jan 05, 2007
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    Ironwood communications is a very lazy company, right now i am a sub contractor for them and the inhouse guys are the laziest half ### workers ever. ironwoods call center is always down and activation is also a pain, the people at the call center in salt lake never answer the phone, the training process is the weirdest where they make you ride with a guy for 3 days and kick you out on the street on your own, I've encountered situations where ironwood left some customers real pissed off for us subs and never done anything to help. George needs to be run out of business (ATI [install techs]) for his payroll deductions for non responders on telephone lines. and hes a weasel. he bought tables and plasmas for his office but takes money out of our checks and says its all out of his pocket, yeah right!!!! and hes fat!!!

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  • Valerie Dec 11, 2006

    I switched to direct tv network a couple of weeks ago and it has been a nightmare for me. I was not given the options of all the promotions for new customers and when I called customer service to discuss this issue I was treated with a very non chalent attitude by one of the supervisor.(MONICA) I really wish that I had stayed with dish network.

    I am very unhappy with the service and the treatment I have received now I am told I am stuck with this service. First of all. let me say that people should remember that if it were not for the consumer there would be no need for customer service reps. We all have a job to do and a product to sell. Without the consumer business die. I was in retail for the past 40 years and the one thing I learned if the customer is not happy there is no job security. I would like to know if this is satisfactory with management because if it is then something needs to change. Ever wonder why people leave your company to go to dish they have better service, very helpful, caring customer service reps. and give promotions ALL THE TIME with no REBATESSSSSSSSS

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  • Ch
    Christina Sep 13, 2006
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    Copy of Letter sent to Directv

    To Whom It May Concern:

    I am writing to you to issue a formal complaint about services I received from Directv between May 2006 and July 2006. In order to best explain my complaint, I will describe the events that have occurred over the last 3 months in chronological order:

    Early May 2006- I called Directv to schedule a “Movers Connect”. This was scheduled for May 27, 2006 between 1pm and 5pm.
    A few days later I called to order DVR. For the sake of convenience, I asked that installation of the DVR be combined with my already scheduled appointment for the Movers Connect, but I was told that this would have to be a different appointment. Coincidentally, this was also scheduled for May 27, 2006 between 1pm and 5pm.
    May 27, 2006: The technician for the Movers Connect (Anthony) and the technician for the DVR (Sal) arrive between 5:15 and 5:30pm. The technicians had difficulty deciding what should be done and who would install the satellite dish. It was eventually agreed that Anthony would install it. Sal decided that it would be best for him to leave since the dish was not up, despite Anthony telling him to wait and set up his wires. Sal told me to reschedule and left. Anthony finished his job of installing the Movers Connect. Evidently out of anger towards Sal, Anthony told my family and I that he arranged the wires so that it was easy for him and so that it would be “difficult” for the next person who came to install the DVR.
    May 30, 2006: I called Directv to reschedule the DVR installation. I found out that it had already been rescheduled without my knowledge or consent. Despite this unconsulted and unilateral scheduling by your company, I rearranged my schedule to make myself available at the convenience of your technicians. The installation was rescheduled for June 1, 2006.
    June 1, 2006: Technician arrives at the house. He stated that Anthony did not do a good job installing the dish. He stated that “the wires are a mess” and “they are not grounded.” The technician decided that he would need to put up a new dish. This created a situation where we would have two dishes on our home- one that was connected, and one that was not. Despite this fact, at 3pm, the technician stated that he would not be able to remove the original dish because there was no work order to do so. Between 4:30 and 5:30pm I was on the phone with Directv. After enduring the painstaking process of speaking with 7 different customer service representatives, and being passed around and transferred on the phone between the representatives for over an hour, I was told that the job to remove the original dish could be completed. I was given the following work order number- 213376. At this point, I had 2 satellite dishes on my house. Even with this work order, the technician at the house could not obtain permission from his supervisor to remove the dish. By 6pm that night the DVR was working, but 2 dishes, 1 of which was completely non-functioning, remained on my roof.
    June 3, 2006: 7:10am- Received a call from technician from Directv. He stated that he would be coming in the afternoon to complete the job. Evidently, yet another appointment has been scheduled without my knowledge or consent. Since I did not know of any job that was rescheduled I called Directv. At 7:40am a representative from Directv told me that the technician would be coming out to remove the satellite dish. I called the technician back to confirm this appointment. I specifically told the technician not to come to the house unless he was going to remove the dish. He stated “I can do everything you need.”
    3:30pm Technician calls to say that he will be at the house in ½ hour.
    5:00pm Technician calls to say that he will be there in ½ hour.
    7:00pm Technician calls to say that he will be there in a few minutes.
    8:45pm Technician calls for directions.
    9:15pm Technician finally arrives. During that day, a minor problem arose with respect to our ability to switch between video 1 mode (on which our Playstation could be played) and video 2 mode (on which we could receive Directtv programs). Upon his arrival, the tech was entirely unaware that this problem even existed, as we had not informed anyone of its existence. In a matter of seconds, the technician fixed this problem. We then proceeded outside to look at the satellite dish that the tech had agreed (14 hours previously) to remove. The tech stated that it was too dark. The technician then told me that he would only be removing the satellite dish as “a favor.” Although I was upset by this I explained to the man that after all day of waiting, this was the only job that he had been expected to do, and requested that he proceed to remove the dish. He replied “If you were nice, I would do it for you.” He was then asked to leave, but refused to leave until we signed a paper stating that he had completed his work (which he hadn’t, but we relented so he would leave our home). On that paper, we wrote in by hand that the technician had failed to remove the satellite dish, as we requested.
    Shortly thereafter, we called to reschedule removal of dish. The dish removal was scheduled for June 11 between 1 and 5pm. When we called to reschedule, we requested that Tech 3811 not return to my house.
    June 11: We received call from Ironwood Communications stating that due to “overbooking” they would not be able to keep scheduled appointment. The removal of the second unnecessary dish was again delayed.
    The appointment for removal of our dish was rescheduled for June 17 between 1 and 5 pm.
    Around 5pm, Ironwood called to say that Technician was running late, and would be unable to even arrive at our house by 5pm. Since we naively credited Ironwood’s statements that it would arrive in the time it promised to do so, we made plans for that evening. Although we had already been waiting all day, we were again forced to reschedule the removal of the unnecessary dish due to Ironwoods’ inability to keep a scheduled appointment.
    The appointment was rescheduled for June 25th. This appointment was kept and the job was completed by a courteous technician.

    As I hope you can appreciate, the experience recounted above left us drained and exhausted with your company. Each time that we call Directv, we are thanked for being your “best” customers. The treatment that we have received over the last 3 months has been anything but the best. Regretfully, we must inform you that we are sorely disappointed and frustrated by the continued incompetence demonstrated by your company. The associates you routinely send out are discourteous, unprofessional and untimely. These unfortunate facts have caused not only frustration, but great inconvenience.

    In case you have any questions or interest in our experience with your company, please feel free to contact us.

    At this point we must decide whether or not we will continue to use Directv. We have, and will continue to, let all family and friends know about the treatment and level of service we have received from your company.

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  • Valerie Aug 16, 2006

    Good choise!

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