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C Sep 20, 2019 Review updated:

We called Dillon Appliance to fix my Ice Maker and they did Not fix it after I gave them $338.00 they Ran. And when I called them the female of the bunch answered the phone and first said, You are going to have to pay $60.00 and I responded with, I am not going to pay a dime. And she said, oh it's only been a month, You don't have to pay anything. So.then she said we will be there Tomorrow..I Haven't seen them. They Never Showed Up!!! They Are Not A Good Company At All!!!They Are Liers and they Don't do Good Work At All. They Will not Answer Our Calls But We Will Meet in Court...


  • J
      Dec 09, 2019
    Dillons - Pharmacy
    1510 Ohio St, Augusta Ks
    United States

    Every month same thing.
    They take an hour to fill one prescription.
    I can fill 8 others at other pharmacy in 5 minutes
    What is the deal?

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