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Resolved laptop from hell

Dell and Toyota value consumers the same... In a difficuly economy Ipent $1500 on a dell inspirion 1525 for...

Resolved collecting money from a debt consolidation program and reffering my account to a collection agency

February 25, 2010

Dear Sir or Madam

The reason for this correspondence is to get clarity...I just received a letter from a collection agency called United Recovery Systems, which is a Collection agency on behalf of Dell. There number is [protected].On October of 2009 I entered a debt consolidation program called American C.C.C., telephone # [protected], which included all my debts including the Dell account. I was under the impression that Dell had accepted the proposal since they have been accepting the payment ACCC has been sending to them. Although I am unemployed I have been paying my fees with my unemployment checks on a monthly basis. I could have taken the easy way out and gone bankrupt, but as a single mom/dad/grandmother and grandfather I am doing my best to work on my credit, so that my dream comes through someday, which is to purchase a small home for my children and granddaughter.

Unfortunately, I am not sure what happened with Dell, because when I completed the application online, their agency is on the drop down list. I can’t believe that Dell would deny my ability to want to pay them back through a debt consolidation program, however is taking my money and still wants a collection agency to retrieve the payment in full. Again, I could have taken the easy way out and gone bankrupt, but that wasn't a choice for me, I really want to fix my credit being that I am still unemployed. The balance on the collection agency is 3, 102.33, however there is no way I am paying near that money because of all the discrepancies I've had with the desktop I purchased, which crashed not even two months later. Dell did send me a new hard drive after I had lost all of my assignments for my masters degree. In addition, not even 6 months later it happened again, this time I had to go to staples and purchase my own hard drive, which till this day it has been working fine.

In addition, I purchased 3 laptops for my children’s Christmas gifts, again, not even 6 months later they all crashed and when I tried calling dell the representative would not transfer me to a technician unless I pay a fee. Meanwhile, all my laptops have a two year warranty. I would like to settle but for the pain and suffering of wasting my money with dell, believing they were a reputable company, losing all my children’s pictures and my grandbaby’s, which I could not retrieve is so painful. I want an affordable settlement considering everything I had to go through with the desktop and three laptops. We are all discouraged. Anything you can do for me will be greatly appreciated.

Nevertheless, I don't have the money to pay this amount in full. With the economy the way it is and how it has been difficult to obtain a job I am barely making it on my own with three children and a granddaughter as a single mom/dad. When I was employed I was paying them practically in full and had a low balance, now Dell want to mess up my credit after I am trying my best as a single mom to overcome the statistics some agencies already have, especially of single moms living in the South Bronx. Even with all these obstacles I was able to obtain my associates, bachelors and masters and to no avail when it comes obtaining employment. I am hoping we can work something out. Also, once if this account is settled I want a General Release Letter from my debt for my records. Thanking you I shall remain for your immediate response to this very serious matter.

Should you require additional information, please feel free to contact me at [protected].


Angela Blanco
ACCOUNT# [protected]
URS# [protected]

Resolved extended service warranty

I have always owned a Dell computer..desktops and laptops. Three years ago I bought a Dell 17 inch laptop with an extended warranty to cover anything and everything. When the representative at Dell told me it would cover damage if it got broken I was excited about having that kind of coverage. The total for the laptop and extended service warranty was just under $1600.00. Now to some people that isn't very much money but to me it was a huge purchase. When my laptop did get broken by accident I called Dell and told them what happened and that I have an extended service warranty. I was told that extended warranty didn't cover accidently breakage, only manufacurer defects and hardware. That WAS NOT what the person told me when I ordered it ...Angry, I far beyond angry. I work hard for my money. And messing with my money after I already purchased something is STEALING...DELL stole my money and LIED to me. I will never own another DELL and will make sure nobody else I know buys from them either. DELL is a ripoff, liar, and theif.

Resolved dell inspiron 1440 quality and service

I bought a Dell in December for my son. The WLAN Card Networking Service does not respond and closes. The message continues to pop up even after disabling the card. Called Dell "support" and had my call dropped by some tech guru in India. Return call netted no support and a lot of confusion about what I needed done. Past loyal Dell owner who will never purchase from Dell again. I fixed the machine myself by wiping the system clean and starting over. I could have built new from scratch cheaper.

Resolved brand new product that has not worked correctly since day 1

Less than 1 month ago, I purchased a Dell Vostro 1510 laptop direct through Dell's website. I have had only very limited available use of this product as typically the display is black. I have spent hours and hours on the phone with unknowledgeable service techs without result. This is a brand new product that has not worked correctly since day 1 and I would asked for a replacement without satisfaction. The best I got was a promise that an on-site service tech would contach me within 24 hours for an appt. No response. I am frustrated beyond control and would at minimum like the contact that I can voice my complaint too. No response there either.

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Resolved lousy customer service

My compliant starts on Monday February 1 2010 when I was notified by Dell that the new laptop I ordered was approved for Financing. And I would Receive the Computer in a maximum of 14 days. I then received an email stating March 19 2010 was my expected delivery date. when I phoned to inquire about the change in dates that is when the NIGHTMARE STARTED & I DO MEAN NIGHTMARE First before you get to talk to anyone you must repeat you order number and personal information approximately 3 times before speaking with an agent. this whole process takes about 25 minutes before you get to talk to a agent. The when I phoned to inquire as to why the mouse and carry case came separate and ask questions about my financing. I was put through the whole routine yet again. When I asked to speak to a supervisor about my unhappiness with the Lack of customer service. I was told rather abruptly to call back and ask for a supervisor as that was the only way I was going to get one.When I did as ordered I was again put through to an agent after repeating my order number and personal info yet again.finally I was told a supervisor was not available and one would call me back with in a hour. What clock does DELL have because after a two hour wait I had to Call them back as no supervisor had called me back. When I called back I yet again I had to repeat all the info as before. Like I have nothing better to do with my time then spend a day on the phone with them. Well today February 12 2010 I phoned Dell Re an Inquiry about my order. Same Routine Order Number and personal Info. This Time it gets worse I called the phone number provide by Dell Canada Gave all the usual info. And was told I wasn't who I said I was as this order was delivered in 1999. and if I was who I said I was I would know that. I again gave the guy the info right from the email from DELL and again was told Rudely That I was a phony. After trying to explain to this guy who absolutely refused to be quite long enough for me to say much of anything but listen to him chastise me as if I was some stupid kid. I was told I was Talking to The USA office & should be Talking to the Canadian Offices. I tired to ask why I was put through to the States when I called a Canadian Number and i was hung up on. Yet again I had to phone DELL CANADA and wait for 20 some minutes and give the info required yet again and again before talking to yet another inept customer care agent (Or Lack Of Care) Only to be talked to in a manner I wouldn't talk to my Worst enemy in. I then told them to cancel the computer which I was told would happen. immediately However excuse me for not trusting what they said would happen as they said it would . But I went on line to DELL Canada's site logged in to my account and found my order is still in production.What part of cancel do these people not understand. It stumps me as to why this Company is still business as they have no idea how to treat their customers and I really Honestly think They don't Care at all well there ya have it My very unpleasant experience with Dell Computers. BUYER BE WARE SEE DELL RUN FAST IN THE OPPOSITE DIRECTION.

Resolved bus transportation

This bus transportation should be closed, it is not responsible enough. It always bring kids late to school...

Resolved warranty

I bought an extended warranty on my Dell, Dimension 510 with Windows XP, in February, 2006, The past few months I have been hearing a, 'Grinding" noise coming from the tower. Dell sent someone to replace the hard drive. A week later, I started hearing a tapping noise. I called Dell & was told that they are going to replace my computer. The new computer is a refubished, "Inspiron" D 530, with Windows 7. I researched that computer & Dell no longer makes it. Additionally, their tech support advised me that the refurbished computer is not comaptible with my Dell 924 printer.
I don't think it's fair of Dell to replace my computer with one that is obsolete. If they replace it with aWindows 7 because Windows XP is no longer available, then they ought to replace my computer with a new er comouter. Additionally, I feel that Dell should replace my Alli n one printer. They sell them, after discount, for $50. They can afford the $50 more than I can. I've been on fixed income due to disability for the past 13 years.

Would you please help me resolve this issue with Dell. Thank you.

Bassam juzdan

Resolved they have riped me off to no end

i bought two computers from dell. a desk top and a lab top.i im in dept to dell for a lot of money. just...

Resolved continual problems

I thought I was purchasing a good computer from a reputable company. I liked the larger screen and the keypad on the keyboard. Problem is/was, that Windows Vista 64 is not a very good .. check that .. is in fact a VERY BAD operating system. I purchased Windows 7 after having to reinstall Vista several times and going through multiple blue screens of death along with many driver updates and Windows updates. Nearly every single time Windows did an update, I had the blue screen causing many hours of reloading etc. I am sooooo frustrated with this thing (not even a year old yet!!) that I am considering taking a gun to blow it away on video and sending this video to Dell in hopes that they'll get the idea that I'd never purchase another machine of any type from them .. in fact I am very likely to become a lifetime member of the NEVER PC AGAIN club and go get a MAC Book. There's a computer company that has product you can trust and depend on. I went to a job interview with this stupid Dell piece of ___ I thought I had the issues resolved, following the installation of Windows 7 and re-installing only MS Office .. nothing else!! It crapped out while at the interview. How disappointing!! I was embarassed in front of what could have been my new employer. NEVER BUY A DELL ... for that matter, NEVER BUY ANY MORE MICROSOFT SOFTWARE!!! MAC is the only way to go.

  • Dr
    DRCJK Mar 02, 2010

    Is there any fix for this? Dell wasn't any help, all they did was SHUT OFF my updates

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Resolved computers no good

i bought a new dell computer a year are so ago, it tore up within six months of purchase it was the hard...

Resolved poor customer service

I ordered a Dell Studio 16 laptop, and right after the order, discovered that a software that I use daily needed an even more powerful computer to run smoothly. I called Dell to cancel the order or even alter the order. The representative in India told me that the phone system was down and he could not forward me to the correct person. He said to call back in two hours. Two hours later, I called back and was told the unit I ordered was in production and could not be cancelled or altered. I asked how quickly a unit went into production and was told it takes about two hours! What a surprise! The first agent stonewalled me for two hours, until nothing could be done, (or more likely, would be done). Today I received an email apologizing for the inconvenience and asked me to call number [protected] concerning getting this order cancelled. Of course, the agent gave me the same information...it is too late to cancel. I have spoken to five different agents in India and one in the Philippines, none in the United States. The sad part is I wanted to cancel this order and spend an additional $500. Now, my only recourse is to return the computer when it arrives and pay the 15% restocking fee. With the way I feel right now about Dell, this is a small price to pay to not have another Dell product in my house ever again. What lunacy in business practices! Do the decision makers in the company not realize that the repeat buyers are the ones who make the company successful? I filed a complaint with the Better Business Bureau in Austin, Texas. The outsourced customer support staff in India must be cracking up at how stupid we are! If they always tell you there is nothing we can do, what is the point of having them on the phone. What a horrible job that must be. They cannot make one person happy all day long!

Resolved customer service

I will never buy a dell again... I have had sooo mny problems... Noone the I speak with speaks much english... They dont care and laugh when I am upset. This has been one of the worst experiences ive ever had. These people have been horrible. It has taken 3 months to get my computer... I finally get it and it is the wrong one. When I call dell they always tell me that they cannot help me... Or the do not understand what I am saying... Seriously!!! Omg

  • Un
    unknown23 Sep 24, 2009

    so im super escxited knowing that i had just bought a 1000$ Dell Desktop computer. I week goes by and finally get feedback that ill be getting it on thursday so and so. they show up at my door with the computer so i sign the paper and off i go. i go to open the box and my screen is not even in there. i ordered a complete set desktop computer with a mouse, keyboard and moniter and theres no moniter. i call dell and they said "hey i wouldnt mind getting my moniter later on because were hand making it as we speak." i was fired up. so i get my wonderful computer that i paid 1000$ for but they dont ship me the moniter to actually use my computer. how stupid is that. why didnt they just wait till they had everything made then send it out? dont ask me ask DELL AND COSTCO.

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  • Me
    mebenz Dec 01, 2009

    I went onto dell.ca last Wednesday and purchased a desktop PC. ALL the options were defaults so it's not like it was a crazy customized desktop. After I completed the order, I received confirmation later that night that it had been processed. I called the next morning to confirm when I may get the computer and to my shock, they informed me that it was coming from the US. If I had known that purchasing a computer from a Canadian website was actually being built and shipped from the US, I would NOT have completed the order. I would save over $100 by buying it from dell.com vs dell.ca so I'm shocked why when the Canadian dollar is doing so well, they are profiting huge by selling to me using very old, outdated exchange rates, but this isn't my largest complaint.

    I was told the day after processing the order that it's about 8-10 business days for delivery, which I accepted, but soon discovered that the estimated shipping dates were much later than that. I finally spoke with a manager today who then told me that delivery is typically a month. I live in a very large city, so a month to get a PC? Are you kidding me?

    I then called customer service to complain and he even told me that the website had been going through maintenance over the last week and that the PC I had ordered was not in stock and is backordered, yet the site did not inform me of this. I never, ever would have ordered it if I thought it was backordered and would take a full month to received. Absolutely ridiculous!

    I deal with many different companies both at my job and personally, and cannot begin to express the horrible customer service and attitude of employees and supposed managers working at these companies. The economy is in the crapper. You should be happy to have a job in the first place and companies, you should be doing everything possible to please us customers keeping your company alive. Without us, you're nothing. Start acting that way.

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  • St
    studmuffin589 Dec 03, 2009
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    Yeah, I totally agree to what all of you have been saying regarding Dell Canada's poor customer service and technical support. I solidly recommend that everyone avoid this company like the plague and take their business elsewhere!

    I placed my order over a month ago and it still hasn't arrived. They never responded at all to two separate emails that I sent. And when I phoned last week, they couldn't tell me at all when the item was actually going to ship. This company has no idea at all how to properly treat customers, and they have gone steadily downhill over the past year. They also have a tendency to bounce you around from one person to the next while you wait for a long time on the other end of the phone. Well, the good news is that today I finally cancelled my order. Never again Dell, never again. You have lost my business for good.

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  • Fe
    femtech Jan 31, 2010

    First I want to say that I have used Dell for years. I have purchased several computers and laptops via Dell as well as recommended it to others that have purchased from them.

    My mother purchased a CD/DVD drive for my Dell mini as a Christmas gift. She purchased it early so it would get to her before Christmas day. The drive had an eSATA connector and has been shown as an accessory for their Dell Mini (which I had). Well the Dell mini I have, and one she bought for Christmas for my dad neither one had an eSATA port! So I called Dell to see if I could exchange it for one with a USB port. It was brand new, in the box, not ever used. They said they only exchange items within 21 days of purchase date. Since it was purchased in time to be received for Christmas during the holidays, it was past the 21 day limit and nothing could be done. Most companies understand and exchange Christmas items as good customer service. As a very long time customer I was astonished to hear not only the lack of concern in the voice of the tech person (that called after 5 or 6 emails that they kept resending asking me for the SAME info I sent 4-5 times before), but that they would not even exchange it for something that did work understanding it was still a brand new never been used item!

    Needless to say that they won't be getting my business, or my mother's, and hopefully none of those that ask me to recommend things as I am an computer tech and am often asked! Dell won't ever care about those of us they wrong until we stop buying from them! It's the only power we have!

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  • Da
    Daawgon Feb 01, 2010

    Excuse me, but Dell did nothing wrong! A large company cannot just bend the rules to suit one customer. I bought my new system from Dell last year, and have nothing but praise for this company.

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  • Kd
    K. Dolan Feb 04, 2010

    Purchased a Dell laptop Nov.2009.Two months to the day it stopped working. Call Dell for help and support.After finally getting through all the automated prompts I finally get to talk to someone in India who speaks very hard to understand English.After hrs they determine I need a new hard drive. (2 month old computer!) Sent me a new hard.I thought great!Had to go through all the prompts again, disconnected so many times I lost count.Finally get through, not kidding three hrs and Tech Support could not help. My computer still does not work. Called the number of the tech that sold me useless soft and hard ware warranties to find out his extension was not longer a valid number.And no one at Dell could even find any information about me! They sent me a hard drive in the mail.They charged me for warranties but they could not find information about me to help fix my computer. Every time I did get through I asked for a supervisor because I wanted this computer replaced. None there.When you do get one they cannot authorize a return. Their conversation or lack of is so scripted it is almost funny."I understand your frustration"...Thank you for calling Dell...Have a good evening". I have had so many promises from tech support of return calls that never came. Techs that were going to call the next day to meet with me at my home to fix my problem computer. Yeah right. Still waiting on the rep this after noon who promised if we got disconnected he would call me right back. I finally got fed up with Dell and called the store where I purchased the computer. They, spoke easy to understand English, did not disconnect me, called back when they said they would and agree to exchange my computer for another one. Will it be a Dell? NO WAY! Never again. Thanks for great customer service Best Buy. Something Dell should think about. Kelly Dolan

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  • Ja
    jazzl2010 Aug 12, 2010

    DELL...definition...REINSTALL...after 4 lengthy..tech support calls..with an unresolved issue...they again say reinstall to solve problems with dells windows and registry problems...as if the other reinstall shouldn't have resolved it...poor tech support...robotic polite phrases..is anybody out there..call Dell...call the Twilight Zone...doesn't matter their both the same...and I asked for a supervisor number and got the don't call me I'll call you...and quess what...NOT...the most unhappy experience I've had with a product..unless it's a big company...consumers are on their own...THANKS DELL...no response from them...bad company...

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  • Ma
    MaeQ Dec 11, 2010
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    Dell maybe cheaper than most competitors in Malaysia but their customer service sucks! Upon receipt of my order acknowledgment, i realised that the invoice name was input incorrectly hence i immediately wrote an email to their customer service and the email which sent me the acknowledgment. I also followed-up with a call to their toll-free number. I had little hope of the possibility of making the change but the personnel who attended to me confirmed that it can be done as long as the invoice has not been billed.
    I did everything according to his advice but it has been almost 3 months now and no one has replied me despite writing to the customer service email. I know someone mans it because it initially replied me with advice on the exact documents required for my request. But once i sent in everything, no reply or acknowledgment whatsoever!
    I have sent many requests for update and can't even call to follow-up because oddly enough, Dells customer service trainer teaches staff to use a generic customer service email but not sign their name.
    How queer is that? is it some ploy to deflect responsibility or ignore emails when they wish to? So no one needs to take responsibility if there are disputes with customers because they can't trace who attended them?
    No Dell website in the world has an email to write to. All use website forms which as predicted, no one responses to.
    It is appalling to note that a multinational company like this has such bad service. Take a leaf out of some of your peers please! Whether your response to me is to allow my request or reject it due to your internal policies, it is COMMON COURTESY to reply! My experience is worse because i know someone is manning that email. If no one responded to my email in the first place, at least i can make a conclusion that - oh ok, service is bad. But to answer some of my emails and then disappear just leaves a worse after taste.
    Anyway, i hope someone from Dell USA is reading this and check on Dell Malaysia's practice. It's giving you a bad name.

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  • Su
    Subhaj Jun 03, 2016

    I got a problem with my Dell Inspiron laptop. First I called up the technical support and they asked for snapshots and all so I went to the Service centre as such. Then ppl discussing with the tecgnical support gave a quotation for 12, 700 and technical suport guy asked me take a laptop with not givin in service centre. So I took it back paying 12, 700. After that I mailed him with the snapshot of my bank transaction and no calls/replies from him for a week. I checked with technical support daily. They told after 5 days that it has re cretified. After that I paid again 14, 500 for Break fix warranty. Till now no calls from him. Each time I call the technical support and explain the same thing to every person and it has been escalated many times. Even though nothing is done. My money is also not refunded. Technician has not came to my place yet.

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Resolved delivery

My name is Heng Yu and I am writing to you regarding the worst services I had from DELL.

We (my son Simon Yu and I) bought a DELL Laptop (the model is Studio XPS 16 and the total price is $1, 563.07) from DELL sales desk on Dec 19 2009 in Garden City, Perth. The order No is 6559977 and Internet Reference Number: AU0000-[protected]‏.

The sales person said to us that the Laptop shall be delivered at 9-12 days at that day. On Dec 24, I got call from DELL or may be delivery company and said to me that the Laptop will be delivered on Dec 30 between 1-5pm. I said OK and my son will stay at home waiting for courier.

My son stayed at home whole day and no one came on Dec 30 2009. Than we check the delivery status on the web and we found that the delivery date changed to Jan 5th 2010. I called Dell Customer Service number [protected]) and said it will be delived on jan 5th.

My son waited whole day at home on Jan 5th 2010 and still no one came. On Jan 6th, We check the delivery status again and it still showed that the Laptop will be delivered on 5th. I called your Customer Service line again and asked them what happened. The answer to me was that the delivery date changed to Jan 8th. Yesterday (Jan 07) I checked the delivery status on the web and the message told me that the order was deliveredon Dec 30, 2009. I called DELL delivery lines [protected] and ask them for explanation. They gave a number (133278) and asked me to call it. I called this number (it is the number of delivery company) and told them the order number, they replied to me that they haven't received the order yet. And then I was asked to call DELL distributor number [protected]. I called it and got answer is that the oeder will be delivered on 1-5pm, Jan 11, 2010.

From the an email which Dell Customer Service replied to son (Simon Yu) and it said "order # 6559977 has been delivered for you on 30/12/2009 and signed by Heng Yu".

I am surprised and angered by your DELL poor and mess communication and customer service management. That is the worst service I have never been before. I would like know where you delivered it and who signed it for me or it was your deliberately to cover your mistake.

I am asking the compensation for your long delay of delivery. If I still can not receive my Order on Jan 11, I will cancel my order, ask fully refound my payment and issue you for my loss. Also I will write a letter to DELL Global Manager to reprot the case.

Also I want mention here that DELL Customer Care Contact Numbers are the worst services in the world as well. Each time I have wait at least 30 minutes to get connection and than I was pushed to another number and spend another 30 minutes to listen your endless phone music, and than another again.


Heng Yu

Mol: [protected]
Home: [protected]

Resolved fraud & deceptive warranty practices

Dell Inc. Respresentatives "Failed" to provide Technical Assistance to the Consumer, furthermore they refused to honor their existing Warranties or agreements with the Consumer.

I develop a Software Problem with my personal Desktop Computer at my residence, I required Technical assistance, by having a Technical Assistant; come to my Residence and "Conduct a Full System Recovery".

Dell Respresentatives "Refused" to provide any Technical Assistance and refused to send anyone.

I had to pay $ 200.00 Dollars of my own Money, to have a Technical Assistant from my former Telephone Company, to make the necessary repair, which took ( 1 ) Hour. The Software Problem was the direct result of a "Virus".

I then requested several times, by telephone, E-Mails and especially in writing Letters to Dell Inc., with no proper results.

I then demanded not only my $ 200.00 Dollars, I told them; since they refuse to honor my extented Warranty that expires in 2012. I want my $ 300.00 Dollars that I paided Dell Inc. for any future problems with my Computer.

I have filed many Complaints against Dell Inc., ( Attorney Generals Office of Texas, Attorney General of Florida, The Better Business Bureau and etc...

P.S. How about putting my Complaint on your Website, you apparently forgot or misplaced my earlier Complaint with Dell Inc.


Resolved missing part

I purchased a DELL Studio 15.4 Widescreen Notebook on 10/17/2009. Since notebook was opened by retailer to...

Resolved holiday shipping scam

I purchased a computer on Thanksgiving hopping that I could give it as a gift during Christmas. This "great holiday deal" was intended to be delivered on 12/14/2009 when I made the purchased. Excited I waited for the computer, and when it did not show I contacted Dell Order support's email which states "we will respond within 24 hours". 5 days later, no response; however I did manage to check on the automated site which states I should receive the computer by 12/21/2009 (a week later).

Well again on 12/21/2009 no computer arrived. I checked again only to find that it has been "updated" again to arrive 12/30/2009!!! How does it take over a month to ship a computer?! How can you advertise a computer for the holidays and not ship it before!? I expect that this date will be pushed back as well.

All attempts to call a representative ends with me on hold for 2 hours. When I spoke to a live person to cancel the order, they told me I had to receive the computer first, then return it for a 15% restocking fee!!!

I have already filed a BBB complaint, but does anyone have a similar problem, or know what else I should do?

  • Di
    disappointed with Dell Jan 06, 2010

    There are thousands of complaints about this problem all over the internet.

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  • Pe
    Peacegirl Jan 08, 2010

    I too purchased (ordered) my computer online on 11/13/2009. Today is 1/7/2010 and the scheduled arrival date for my computer is 1/20/2009. I guess I will call and try and cancell this order.
    I will check with the BBB to see whether there are similar complaints.

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  • Pe
    Peacegirl Jan 08, 2010

    I ordered my dell comp on 11/13/2009 and have still not received it. It shows a delivery date of 1/20/2010 now. I guess I should try and cancel it.

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Resolved bad customer service

I Will never buy from this company again!!! I own a computer that I purchased a couple of years ago, and its pretty durable, and has last me throughout the years...so because of this I decided to be loyal to this company and make another purchase, I needed a labtop and decided to go with this company. I am a Designer, so I wanted a laptop that can hold all my graphic programs, so it wasn't cheap! and I added all these extra features, which is what increased the price... anyway my laptop came in good timing, however I got a box with a laptop in it, without a packing slip, and without an invoice!!! just a plain Dell Box with a laptop in it!!! as far as Im concerned I do not know what this is!!! unfortunately a computer is not like clothing or something that you can clearly see what you ordered...how do I know if my added features, which I paid for, have been installed in the computer!!! there's nothing indicating what I paid for !!! I called their So-called Customer Service, (which is simple a facade of a customer Service!!!) after explaining the problem to the so-called customer service Rep, (who is clearly in another country and could care less about any services) ... I was told to check back tomorrow to see if its available on [email protected]!!! #@%*!!! hellllooooo!!! how bout Im sorry!! we'll send it in the mail or email it immediately!!! nothing!!! needless to say!!! it has been 2 days and my invoice or packing slip is still unavailable, and I have yet to receive an email which was promised from the so-called Customer Service Rep!!! This company Sucks!!! I have made several purchases from them, including a 50" HDTV, recently!!! and this will be my last!!! This is the worst experience I have every had with a company!!! Advice to All HP is the best Route at this point!!!

  • Valerie Oct 27, 2008

    Computer shoppers interested in customer service and support and expecting it to be good should be concerned when purchasing Dell Systems. This is an example of a company whose outsourcing for services in the global marketplace has in my opinion ruined its servicability to it's customer in North America. My experience in resolving technical issues and a problem with sales were semi-complete in less than a timely manner (multiple calls, several people, long waiting times). At times we experienced greater than one hour waiting times on the phone, shuffling of our calls through numerous people and sheer frustration! Case in point, Dell laptop crashes, needs several technical advisers to assist in reinstalling all software from start; advisor recommends expensive $249 anti virus software which is sold over the phone and sent via mail for installation. After realizing during install that it was sent for the incorrect windows operating system, Dell customer support refuses to take software back and send correct version (never mind the advisor had to know what system was being used during the reinstall during technical support). This was the 5th computer from Dell and it will be the last. It is disappointing to see a company I once enjoyed doing business with (5 computers over the last several years)get reduced to the service level I have been experiencing. Despite returning calls back and forth on this issue over almost a month in time, messsages get left and when we return the call get quoted on how because it is over 21 days nothing can be done (despite trying to resolve the issue well before their 21 day rule for returns). My faith is completely lost in the ability of this company to resolve my issue. I don't expect any response other than "we tried in good faith to resolve the issue with this customer". Its okay I'll take my money elsewhere on my next purchase. RE order number 984340789.

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  • On
    Ont Mar 11, 2010

    I ordered equipment from Dell and it was supposed to be delivered March 3 and March 4. I called to find out what happened to my order today March 10. I was placed on hold for too many minutes only to be told my products were returned to Dell. Money from one product was returned to my checking account. The other product they did not do anything with. I asked why didn't I get an email stating as such? No response. Placed on hold again. Then told I had to re-order the products. Finally, asked to speak to supervisor. Representative did not want me to speak to a supervisor. I insisted. Finally, I was told he was transferring me to a supervisor. I was placed on hold for 5 minutes before a supervisor came to the phone. (Probably hoping I would hang up). When supervisor came to phone I expressed my dissatisfaction with Dell. (First, they transfer you around the world. You can hardly understand their representatives. When you ask to speak to someone in America you're told they transfer you to the first representative). The supervisor told me how sorry he was and that he would not transfer me to anyone else he would take care of my order. Lo and behold he had to transfer me to someone else for Dell to take care of the second part of my order. Instead of saying they would express my order to me because of the delay, I was told my order should arrive by March 16. It is a total lack of respect for their customers. I told representative that I would not recommend Dell to anyone and I discourage anyone from buying anything from Dell. I spent over $500 and after receiving my payment Dell does not take care of their customers. They are only interested in money not satisfying their customers. PLEASE DO NOT BUY DELL PRODUCTS. YOU WILL TRULY BE DISSATISFIED WITH CUSTOMER SERVICES.

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  • Be
    Bernard Apr 08, 2010

    I placed an order with Dell on March 10th 2010 and its now April 7th 2010 they have reprocessed my order twice now and they have failed to ship my item and when you call them it takes one hour average and the call most times drops after they transfere you to about 8 different people. Dell is really horrible at customer service and there buisness practices needs to be examed.

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  • Ma
    MaeQ Dec 21, 2010
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    I'm a repeat customer of Dell as well and i totally agree with you that their customer service sucks and it's just a facade.
    I was lucky enough to get a reply from their email but it didn't solve my issue and that was it. no more subsequent replies and it wasn't even signed so i can't call to locate that person!
    i half hoped that Dell USA would be better and seems like it's their corporate culture to treat customers this way. i don't think us being repeat customers is even important to them.

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  • Ri
    Rickard Feb 22, 2011
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    Make sure you know about Consumer Protection (Distance Selling) and Consumer Rights because Dell are breaking them. Office of Fair Trading has found Dell to be guilty of breaking Consumer Law. if you have a problem, write to them and Consumer Direct, BBC Watchdog and your local Trading Standards.

    Dell like to call all the time because that way you wont have any evidence. My advice is when they call ask them to email you and also record the telephone conversation. This cannot be used in a court but it can be used for your reference later stage. Write to the head office recorded delivery giving 14 days to respond.

    Dell will delete this post as well.
    When i wanted to speak to a manager they keep transfering the phone to different department.

    When you ask for Head Office contact details, they will ingore you or put the phone down

    They will lie to you and make you pay if you do not know your consumer rights

    They lied to my GF saying her laptop do not come with the software to create a recovery disc & she need to pay for it. They sold her a used laptop as a brand new. That is why the software is not there. Once you create a recovery disc, the software get deleted from the laptop and even formatting the laptop wont bring it back. Hence they sold her a used laptop and called her 8 times in one day to make her keep the latop and when she refused they try to make her pay the pick up cost. Under Consumer Protection she has 7 days to return it free of charge. Even the complaint department lied to her saying this model does not come with the software. I went to PC WORLD and TECHGUYS and they said Dell is lying.

    I have writen to Office of Faire Trading, Consumer Direct, Trading Standards, etc. They gave us the Head Office address as Dell refuse to do they. If Dell do not respond to our letter, they will take over and sort it out for us. This is half the story as her old Dell laptop has problem and they try to steal her refund money off her.

    Dell laptop is known to have a problem of over heating, which mean in time it will break apart. When you hear your fan working hard, you know you have problem. I got a Toshiba and its over 3 years old and the fan is still quiter than a brand new Dell laptop.

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Resolved this is so inferior compared to windows xp they should give us a windows 7 upgrade for this poor performing windows version

This is such a poor product of windows .I dont think its fair that I have to buya windows 7 upgrade to the...

Resolved sending damage pease to the custemor

I am jabir. Tc., I bought dell studio laptop on this month dated 12/11/2009, after that system was not working on 14/11/2009. Next day 15/11/2009 I called the customer care and they transfered that call to technical department. That person tried to ready that laptop but it was not working, then they suggested me to replace the whole system. He told me that with in three days our person will call you they will assist you for further things. But I dint got any call again I contacted the customer care again they are repeating the same thi8ngs. Then they transfered the call to more than 15 persons. Finally one mr. Anubav talk to me he told that you got the all informations are wrong. So system replacement will take 24 days then he gave a reference number 2586909, after that today I called the customer care they are telling we dint know that all things if you want replace the system it will take more than 40 days. Then I told them to connect the call to mr. Anubav. The he was telling I dont know that all things I just forwarded your complaint to customer care u talk with them. He transfered the call but nobody is picking that call for a long time. Again I contacted the persons from dell he told me that you will got the system replacement in ten days. But after ten days they are telling we dont about your system, I think they are cheating the customer by sending damaged items. Then finally they are telling that on 16th december if you want the system replacement it will take more than 45 working days. I paid 2000 rupees extra for 1 year complete cover damge protection. I just used that system only two days. Totally I cheated by dell. Anybody can help me on this case please call me to my number [protected].