Days Inndirty rooms, missing refund

I booked and paid for 2 rooms at the Casper Wy Days Inn for the 21st through the 22nd because I am a single mom battling Breast Cancer and this is what I could afford on my budget. When we arrived to check in the lady at the front desk (who was very nice, just stressed) told us that she didn't have our rooms because they weren't cleaned and she couldn't reach her manager. I was told to call the next day (the 22nd) and speak with the manager about a refund. I had to go to a different hotel and spend an additional $70 on my rooms that I really cant afford. When I called the next day, as instructed, the manager wasn't there and I was told to call the next day. When I called the next day (the 23rd) I finally got to talk to her. I gave a very brief explanation of what happened, she acted like I was bothering her. Then said she would take care of it and slammed the phone down. Very RUDE, not even an apology was given. I have already called and submitted a complaint through here already. It has been 2 weeks since this all happened and I STILL have NOT received a refund. I am getting very upset at this entire thing, If it is not resolved soon I will be filing a claim in court.

Oct 07, 2019

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