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Please send this to the right Dept. I am wanting to file a complaint on one of your Days Inn Hotel. It is Days Inn, Jane Lew West Virginia. We rented the Days Inn Banquet Hull for Saturday July 15th. This was for my Daughters Wedding Reception. We had around 170 People attending. While everyone was showing up around 5pm, the air conditioning was not working. It was so hot that after 30 minutes, around 70 of my family members who traveled over 2 hours to get there got up and left. This was due the heat. It was hotter than 80 degrees in the Banquet Hall. before we could even get the activities started, over half the people there had left due to the Heat. I spent $1, 000 to rent this Banquet Hall. It ruined my Daughters Wedding and I want my money back. On Friday the night before while decorating, we noticed how hot it was there. We were told by the staff that the air would be fixed by the next day. It was not. If I cant get this worked out, my next step will be to contact our Attorney Generals Office to see what they can do. This was in accessible to my family and I. Please let me know what you can do. Thanks


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    donnabsd Jul 24, 2017

    That's ok little girl, think what you want. What I read was that this customer was upset because they had no air for the wedding reception. Sounds to me like your mommy needs to wash your mouth out with soap. I have been through these reviews, read a lot of them, you respond to all the neg. one's. You stick up for a company that has nasty rooms. I don't want anything for free. I work hard for my money. When I stay in a motel because I am traveling 3000 miles I want to sleep in a clean bed. Not one that has bugs on it. You have completely turned me off when you responded to the death in the family review. Saying the family member committed suicide. IF you were an adult you would have responded like one. Maybe you need to stop hanging out in mommy's basement, playing on the computer and learn to be an adult, but I forgot, your a little girl. See? I can be as much as a douche bag as you are, Mr. Patel

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