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I have worked as a General Manager for several Days Inns for 20 years, and have over 30 years of experience in the lodging industry. I have to say that these complaints are appalling. I have no doubt that they are true. There are disreputable managers & owners, and crappy rude employees all across the board, whether at a high priced chain or budget chain. There is no excuse for rudeness, ever, even when the guest is calling me or a member of my team everything but a child of God. There are things we can't control, but we do the best we can under the circumstances, and always try to make it right for the guest. I can't control when a storm comes through and takes out the cable, or the hot water tank explodes, or hail damages a guest's car; if you leave your laptop & your purse on the front seat of your car and go to sleep, I can't control a crime of opportunity; my security guards walk all night but can't stand guard over just your car. There is no excuse for a dirty room. There just isn't. Even if the owners of the property aren't doing their part & providing the tools to keep the property in great condition, a manager is still responsible for cleanliness. There is always a way! We have routines in place for preventive maintenance, for bedspread washing, carpet shampooing, mattress flipping & replacement, drapery drycleaning, etc. We keep our grounds clean, trash picked up & lawns mowed. We always, ALWAYS try to put our best face forward for our guests. It should be said then, that guests lie; that's a sad fact. I have been told that an ice machine doesn't work, they want their money back; I will walk to the machine with the guest...guess what, it works! I have even been expected to refund a room charge because the guest didn't understand that I can't control mosquitos flying and biting outside. I have been told all manner of tales, most of them scams. My staff is trained to go out of their way to make a guest comfortable; then the guest calls the complaint hotline and says their room was dirty, had no pillows, whatever, but that guest never said a word to the staff after arriving in their room, and never said a word at checkout. There are procedures to file complaints with Days Inn; understand please that each property is individually owned, franchised from Wyndham Worldwide/Days Inn; do not blame all Days Inns for what happened at one. Call the Days Inn hotline, register your complaint; it will be handled either by the property or by corporate staff. As for guaranteed reservations & non-refundable cancellations, I would remind you to note whether you are booking through a 3rd party reseller such as Hotwire or Expedia; they have policies for no-refunds because they are deep-discounting; at the property level, we cannot fix something they screwed up, and we can't match their rates; just because you saw THEIR rate online doesn't mean I can give it to you; you have to book THAT rate through THEIR website. Please read everything carefully before booking online, make a paper printout of your reservation with the confirmation number; without that number, I can't do anything to help you with a situation. Also, if the signs say "no smoking" or "no pets", please abide by that; we get complaints all the time when our guests ignore OUR policies and diminish the experience of the next guest. And please, if you do have a problem, please present it in a civil way, face to face if possible, immediately, so that it can be handled immediately! I can't fix a burned out light bulb 20 days after you check out and decide that this one thing "devastated" your vacation. Thank you for allowing me to have my rebuttal, and on behalf of the other managers/owners who actually give a crap about the business of hospitality, I apologize for the awful things you have encountered.

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    F bevan Sep 07, 2010

    there is a hotel situated on the A1 south bound Barnsdale bar wentbridge pontefract, they call themselfs former travelodge, but when you walk in the hotel all you can see is days inn logo's all over the hotel, so is this one of your hotels or not i was rather confused.

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  • 19
    1977billy Feb 22, 2016

    I have stayed at days inn. In Easley sc. For 25 days my first week was horrible my room smelled roaches were in my microwave an shower they moved me I was bitten by a spider so they moved me again an this room had bed bugs I have been bitten by them so I ask to be moved again they wouldn't an told me I had to keep that room they weren't gonna clean it up an I had to sleep on the same bug ridden sheetz I have photos an video of the bugs on my pillow an where I had been bitten the first day I told the lady behind the desk to sign me up for Wyndham rewards she said she did but I never received my free night an now they wouldn't even let me come back it is raining in south Carolina an cold an I'm out in the rain I feel that I should talk to a lawyer but thought I would reach out to someone who can either refund my money or give me a couple nights free at another hotel in Easley I mean it is only fair after the WA I have been treated please someone contact me at [email protected] or 8645679630 thanks for your time an may God bless u for your services.

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I work at the steel mill here in AL and I was paying $50 a night to stay at the Days Inn here in Saraland...

manager on duty threatened me!

I was staying at this hotel and went down for their complimentary breakfast in the morning. While I wa...


My wife and I travel tru Knoxsville Tn at least 2times a year, and have for over 10 years. going from Ohio to Florida. We have always stopped at the Tn welcome center, thinking if the state was passing out books with coupon's in it the motel's must be on the up and up. (wrong) We found a Days Inn at 5335 Central avenue pike Knosville Tn. 37912. For $39.00 with a in door pool and hot tub. After checking in and placing our bag's in the room my wife and I went to the pool. After returning to our room my wife took her money out of her purse and counted it. She found she missing 2 $50.00 bills, upon checking my money in my bilfold I was missing 2 $20.00 the rest of our money was their. I went to desk and asked the desk clerk John for the Knoxsville police dept phone number? John asked why? I told him we had been robbed of $140.00. John stated that count not be because their was's all over and he would look at the tape and get back with me. I returned to the room. After some time and not hearing from John my wife went to the front desk and asked John if he had looked the tape? He told her he could not they was locked in the mgr office. It would tomorrow afternoon before he would be their. John stated he could not call the mgr either.John then gave her the phone number to the Knoxsville police dept. As I was making the report over the phone the young lady taking it said thing's didn't sound right, she asked me to hold on. When she returned to the phone she stated she had just talked to John and he stated no one was in the room but he and us. That we asked him to check on water running in the bath room while we was at the pool. This we never did ask him to go to our room. After making the report, we went to the desk. I asked John why he told the police we asked him to check our room? John looked at us and said "I can not beleive you two don't remember asking me to check your room"After some heated word's we returned to our room. After talking about it we went to the front desk and talked to the lady their. John had left for the night. We told the lady we was not staying their and asked for a refund. She did that. How ever Days Inn placed a $57.00 hold on our account even tho the room was $39.00. It took over a week before Days Inn removed the hold. We have talked to Corporate Days Inn. We was told they could not do any thing about it Days Inn is a franise in knoxsville. We told them we have since found out that John was a convicted felon in Tn for house theft. Corporate stated all that is up to the ownner of the franise. The ounner of Days Inn in Knoxsville has never talked to us. He has passed information to us thru his office mrg. His hole answer to our problem was for us to stay in his Inn free for a night. YES we will go back and stay in that same room where John a convicted felon is still working so he can rip us off again. Oh I forgot the holiday's are comming up. Don't trust that book's of cupon's that the state of Tn. pass's out at their welcome center's. I get feeling that maybe Tn is saying welcome to Tn where you will be ripped off, and no one care's. We know we will never see our money but how many other people have been ripped off by John in the one and a half years he has worked their at Days Inn. He still works their. remember don't stay in Days Inn they don't care that their ownners hire convicted felon's and people get ripped off. FOR SURE DON'T TRUST COUPON'S THE STATE OF TNN PASS'S OUT. FOR SURE DON'T STAY AT DAYS INN 5335 Central avenue pike Knosville TN> 37912

rip off

TLG Great fun, Aka Days Inn travelers Advantage: Our family booked an online reservation for Days Inn in San...

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false advertising

This is a letter I sent to the general manager. Five days have passed and she could care less to respond:

Karmen Klema
General Manager
2200 Northwest Blvd.
Coeur D'Alene, ID 83814

Dear Karmen,

I am writing this email in regards to my recent stay at the following Days Inn in Coeur D'Alene.

On October 23, 2009, I planned at trip to Spokane. Along the way, it was in my best interest to stay at a local hotel since I do live in Missoula, MT. Therefore, I decided to conduct some research on a facility that would be best. I did go to to search for hotel prices and hotels in the area. I did see through my search that your facility had a hot tub, sauna, wireless connection and fitness facility. I thought it fit all the criteria that I was searching for and at a better price compared to other hotels in the area. Once I found that your hotel best fit my criteria, I decided to call the hotel directly and not pay through Travelocity. Therefore, I called to make reservations and spoke with Liz, the manager. I asked several questions regarding your facility and was told that the hot tub, etc. would be available. We also spoke about other amenities which included free wireless internet. I thought this would be the best place as I went through the pictures and thought it looked nice enough and had everything that I was interested in. I also paid in advance for the hotel's special no refund rate. At that moment, I would have appreciated Liz' honesty to let me know that there was no longer a fitness facility. Please see the pictures below. To my disappointed, after checking into your facility, I thought it would be great to get in a workout. I got dressed and went to search for the fitness facility, to my surprise I could not find it. I then went to the front desk and asked and was informed you no longer had one. I let the clerk know then I was not happy as that is one of the main reasons I chose that hotel. He told me that the equipment kept rusting and they were removed. Well, the picture below was very misleading. He told me he could not help me as I had already paid for the room and he could not do anything about it. He suggested I speak to Liz, the manager, in the morning. This however was not the only problem I experienced at your facility. After returning to my room, I signed on my laptop to they 'free' wireless connection. This also brought a disappointment as the connection was so slow that all the web sites kept 'timing' out on me.
The next morning also turned out to be a disappointment. The complimentary continental breakfast was less than satisfactory. Upon entering the breakfast area, the facility was a mess and the garbage can over-flowing. There was no waffle batter as it was empty and it looked as if no one was maintaining the area. Myself and another guest in the hotel had to let the front desk know that there was no waffle batter. Liz, the manager, was on the telephone and then decided to come in to pick up a few garbage items left on the counters, only to bypass the over flowing trash and went across the room to throw her garbage in another can. This is by no means is a way to impress any returning patrons!
Upon check out, I informed her (Liz) of my concerns, as I was told from the night clerk to do. Liz gave me the impression that she did not want to hear my concerns and then proceeded to inform me that the web site was wrong and that she would talk to them (the IT people) about making sure it is updated. She asked if I would like to keep the room on the credit card that I gave her (I told her the night clerk already asked and he charged me the previous night. I guess it was not. Interesting how the night clerk told me it was already paid for and he couldn't do a thing about it. I guess he also lied to me). She told me if I booked through a third party site that it wasn't the hotel's fault. I guess she forgot that I booked directly through the hotel as she pulled up my information. I also informed her that I couldn't get online because of the wireless problem. She proceeded to tell me that no other guest had complained. Just because they didn't complain doesn't mean there wasn't a problem. I use the same laptop at my residence and never have a problem signing onto my wireless connection. I did not receive a problem resolution from Liz, I just received one excuse after another. I then told her that I needed your information and that I would address my concerns with you as she was not concerned with making me feel any better with my experience. As far as I am concerned this is unacceptable customer service and definitely a reason not to stay at your facility again! I am in firm belief that if you want returning customers that you do listen and you do problem resolve. I am not a person that will stop by your facility once, but have the opportunity to do so frequently as I only live a few hours away and travel this route frequently.
I am hopes that you will listen to my concerns and address my complaints.

I have since decided that I will never stay at another Days Inn ever!! After further research, I see that I am not alone an Days Inn should be ashamed for not following up on anybody's complaints. If I ever receive another phone call asking to join Wydam rewards, they will get an ear full and they can shove their hotels where the sun doesn't shine.

scam charges

I checked in to your hotel at 12:41pm. I walked up to building and noticed all the empty rooms doors were wide open. After getting the key to my room, I went to my room only to discover that carpet had a bad smell. I quickly went back to the office and requested for another room that did not have an odor. I waited about 10 minutes to get a clean room. I went to a room upstairs on the right hand side next to the stairs. That room’s carpet smelled as well. I felt so frustrated because I was in town for Essence festival & felt I had nowhere to go. I lay down on the bed only to discover that the blanket reeked of bleach. Therefore, I did not go straight to the Reunion arena for the festival because of frustration and disappointment with my room. After much contemplation, I went down the street at red roof inn and booked a room. Down the street was motel 6 displaying their price of $41.99 a night, where as I was paying $54.99 a night for a disgusting room! Then I went back to office to check out at 3:00pm. I requested for a refund and did not get it. I had to remind them that I needed my money back for july 3, night as well. I got that. I told them that if they knew all the rooms had an odor then I should have been told that upfront after my first complaint. Then I stated that I did not have time to argue, (I came in town to attend the Essence festival) I would take it up with the Better Business Bureau.

I am requesting for a full cash refund with taxes of $61.56.

with online conformation but no check in..

I booked 1 qeens ize non smoking room through days inn official website and there was a deal online for $ 10.00 for 1 day.I booked that room got the confirmation on my email address but after driving from virginia to new jersey I was geeted in a very unprofessional and unfriendly desk agent. After several times of being interrupted by the phone, and a family member sitting next to that front desk person and after seeing the online conformation receipt he said I DONT HAVE A ROOM FOR YOU.I talked to my manager you can go to other hotel you wish you can call 911 or file a compalint about me.It was around 11.30 at night I had no choice to leave that hotel.I was traveeling with 2 other family memeber.I left that hotel to other hotel hoping I ll get accomodation around 11.45 pm on saturday oct.11 2009.

unfair charge

I made a reservation couple months ago, on line. after my confirmation arrived from the reservation agency...

Days Inn Hotel
3 comments Camp Verde Hotels

a little info on hotels

I've been looking for somewhere to voice my complaints about the hotel business and I figure this is as good a place as any. I have worked in a local hotel (Days Inn) since I was 19 years old, (I'm 31 now). At first it was a great place to work. Then the property was sold by the American owner to an Indian man (acutally there is always about 5 hands in a hotel). In this transaction, the new owner kept desk clerks (because someone has to run things while the new owners are learning the computer system), but got rid of the housekeepers, all of which had been there for 7 years or more, people that cared about their work. I was a housekeeper making $9.50/hour. Now some people may think that isn't alot of money, but for my area, it was. The new owners took over, kept me, but at a pay cut of $2.25. So now I am making $7.25 in a management position. Four years later, property was sold again, see, for tax purposes, Indians "sell" their properties every four to five years to someone else in their "Indian Communtiy". In a matter of the four years of neglect, they managed to turn a quaint hotel into a dump. They dropped rates so low (we used to have rates of about $80.00 per night but now it is less than $50.00 in some cases and that is with a hot breakfast) that when a guest has a complaint, the manager just overlooks the problem because they paid such a low rate. I've even witnessed the manager accusing a guest of sabatoge just to get back money. When they took over, they cut our housekeepers that had been employeed with us for at least a year from making minimum wage cleaning rooms, down to $2.25 per room cleaned. Needless to say, those girls were able to collect umemployment. They hired an Indian couple to clean rooms as well as a girl from Honduras. Now, the Inidan couple gets most of the work, cleaning anywhere from 20-45 rooms per day, the Hondurian girl gets a call at home for 2 weeks straight that she can be off. The Hondurian girl cleans better than the Indian couple, but the Indian couple grossed $1, 227.00 for 2 weeks of work compared to $345.00 for the other girl. And the Indian couple lives on the property, so what kind of bills do they have that they need to make all of the money? If you ask me, It is discrimination. They treat the rest of us like criminals. The Indian boy on the desk had over $500.00 missing, I count the cash drawer behind him and It is $5.00 short and they made me put it back, even though I explained to them that he does not follow my directions to ensure each shift has the correct amount of money in the cash drawer.

Here was the reasoning behind all of this. Try to stay in American run hotels, and you do have the right to ask, (or just take a sniff when you enter the lobby, if you smell curry, don't stay there) They don't care about wheather or not you have a clean bed to sleep in or a clean tub to put your children in. They don't care about us. All they care about is how much money is going into their pockets so they can have a custom built home and a Lexus or Mercedees Suv in their driveway. There is an American Dream, but It is NOT being lived by the Americans. If this is going on in my little town in Southwest Virginia, I can only imagine how it is in other places. Our GOVERNMENT needs to take a look at the big picture and realize, people from other countries can come here and have better opportunity that even our Soldiers, the people who are risk their lives to protect us are coming home to nothing. Illegal immigrants are having children here, utilizing our welfare system (medicaid and food stamps) and our GOVERNMENT is allowing this. Any one of us may need to have help at some point in our lives, is it fair to be denied because funds are limited? I guess I'm really hoping that someone with some sense and actual love for what is here, in our home, will read this and get some wheels turning. Our economy? It isn't ours anymore!

  • To
    Tombstone Aug 20, 2009

    I can agree with what this writer says ;The same thing happened in our Property, Americans sell it to Indians, then they go about slowly ruining it.When they bought our Hotel, the first thing they did, was to take away all our benefits, we don`t even have a paid holiday, much less insurance, sick leave, vacations...everything!Fired our Mgr because they felt she was paid too much, make all our Housekeeper`s quit by taking away their hours, & giving them to their family members.They`ve ordered the Front desk employees to clean the lobby, do laundry, etc...Its just a joke..They do not care one bit about their customers, or their employee`s, but because of the recession, their are no other jobs in our city, presently for the employee`s to apply for;& every day they add to your work-load, & dare you to walk -out...
    They also refuse to pay the employee`s overtime, & expect you to work over, when they need you, & place a deduction on our paychecks called "retropay" in which they put 1 or 2 of your 40 hrs, so they`ll have a excuse if you report them for not paying for your overtime..And I have proof of each instance of what I`ve wrote above, so don`t say I`m lying about any part of the above..Beware, when you go into a Hotel run by Indians, you`re enabling them to cheat your fellow U.S. citizens

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  • Dl
    dlakers Aug 20, 2009

    I used to work for a hotel owned by an Indian family and all I have to say is I agree with this 110%!

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  • Ho
    HotinVAUS Aug 21, 2009

    Thank you Tombstone for your input. It's hard to express your opinion about people of other ethnicities because people are always going to assume that you are a racist. I am a black/white female who likes country music and Pink Floyd, my finace is white and so are my children. I used to have no problem with our foreign policy and immigration, you know, better opps for everyone. But the older I get, the more it pisses me off that EVERY Inidan, Bengali, Pakastini, Afghan, Hondurian, Mexican, Iranian that I know, has a job, hell, most of them have 2 jobs. We have sent BILLIONS of OUR dollars to a country that does not like us and what we stand for. Not to mention the fact that most of the hispanics are here under false names, birth certificates, and socials, but our government makes it easy for them to become legal after being here illegally, I know, my stepfather is Mexican. These people are able to work 2 and 3 jobs here, send most of their money to their respective country AND collect earned income credit at the end of the year. One day America will be the poorest country in the world and I guess everyone will be scratching their heads going **WTF?**

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  • Ti
    TiredOfIndianownedhotels Jun 30, 2011

    I totally agree with everything that everyone said about people from India owning hotels. I also work for a couple that are from India, as a matter a fact there are 6 hotels that are at my exit and all but one are owned by an indian., and they all live on property. There is a total of 2 people that work at this hotel and that is it, they expect you to do everything for nothing, and they do not pay overtime. The are dirty people that do not understand the hotel business at all. They believe in stained sheets, towels and carpet. They feel that if you pay 50.00 for a room you get what you deserve. Not to mention that the hotel is full of mold, and they think that you can just wipe it off.. SEVERAL people have called the health department on the hotel and they do nothing, they say that we pass...There is no way that this hotel culd pass any inspection. The thing that really upsets me is that Days Inn allows these people to run these hotels like this. People complain about us all the time and they do nothing. As long as we give them their money back, when we kick people out, they do nothing. I personally am not paid well at all, However, I am expected to sale rooms, check rooms, handle all complaints, work everyday, do laundry, clean lobby...ect... I have actually got into arugments with my boss over stained towels and sheets...I am currently on the hunt for a new job, and I can promise you that the next hotel I work at will not be owned by a indian...

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unvalid charges

I stayed at a Days Inn for one night me and my daughter, i got their at 8pm and put in a complaint at 7am because other people that were staying a room above us their children were yelling. I checked out of the hotel about 10:00 am and before I new it I checked my bank statement and they added $20.00 on for a clock. I didn't touch or take a clock the hotel said well you can't prove it and thats it.Corp. said the same its not right I'm retired military, I surely don't need a clock. So military please beware don't stay in a Days INN because they are not own by one person they are privately owned. I will go back up and file at the court house -- small claims court. Let them answer to the judge.

  • Dl
    dlakers Aug 06, 2009

    Whats the military have to do with a clock.

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  • Dl
    dlakers Aug 06, 2009

    wow. now im being stalked

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  • Dl
    dlakers Aug 06, 2009

    what is gods name are you talking about...lmao

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  • Up
    upathetic Sep 17, 2009

    0k i will ask the oppose. Please please stay Squeako, Dont leave please (por favor), don't leave me Squeako. As you become one of my "yes" people, then I'll be happy.
    flaming the poster, el Squeako? you only serve to assist the cyberbully (nonniemouse) now scram!!!

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filth & endangerment

Earlier This Year My Wife and Myself rented a room (#148) and it was beyond filthy not to mention fire code...

Days Inn

poor service, rude and or uncaring employee

I returned to my room around 11:30 pm and my the bedding was stripped and not made up . I contacted the...

overcharge & rude

Stayed 7-2-09. On 7-4-09 i called Days Inn of Marion NC & asked why my credit card was charged for $7.34 more than my receipt amount. The clerk who answered stated something about a 10% fee and then went off on me. I had to keep asking for a turn to speak. When i also asked why they require a $20.00 fee for paying with cash, he went ballistic and even said "F*UK YOU" . And to make a long conversation short, (mike) the manager stated if i had any other problems, i should contact the Police Dept.
Talk about a rude individual! This fellow really needs some ANGER MANAGEMENT classes. Because of his actions, all DAYS INN's will now be boycotted by me, my family, and numerous friends.

terrible experience

I too, am a victim of Days Inn No Cancellation policy. I cancelled the reservation 11 days in advance, this was the days inn at lancaster pa. The reservation was for a shopping trip with my mom & 2 sisters, 2 rooms. Eleven days before our trip we were informed that our dad has 6 months to live, needless to say, my mom and us didn't feel like shopping or leaving our dad at this time. That very same day i contacted days inn to cancel reservation, i was then informed that i should have read the NO CANCELLATION POLICY. I made the reservation via web. Regardless of policy, under some circumstances, most industries will waive the policy terms. My profession is customer service, which is all about the customer. Not with this company, the charge of 316.00 remains on my credit card. I am not sure where I will go next with this issue, any advice would be appreciated. I really think this company should be more sensative to their customers.

  • Pa
    Pat Peoples Aug 31, 2008

    We made a reservation at the Days Inn on Anrew Johnson Hwy and discovered it was the wrong one. So we now have a reservation at the Days Inn at White Pine. (Both in Morristown, TN.) for Saturday September 6, 2008. When I tried to cancel the one on Andrew Johnson Hwy. (after talking to 3 people) I only got the run around - Bottom line - they refused to cancel and we are expected to pay even though we changed locations with the same chain (being Days Inn). I can tell you that not only will we not stay at a Days Inn again but will tell everyone that will listen to us not to stay there and WE DO TRAVEL A LOT and have stayed at Days Inn on MANY occasions. So sorry for this terrible situation.

    Pat Peoples.

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  • Dl
    dlakers Jul 10, 2009

    My advice is to not make reservations that you can not cancel. I am sure the hotel is deeply sorry for your loss as am I. But in the end YOU made this reservation, not them.

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  • Co
    constanttraveler30 Sep 24, 2009

    sounds like someone working for the hotel posting a comment hmmmmm. That is a same about how Days Inn has gone to the toilet in the last couple of years.
    Did you try disputing the charge with your credit card?

    Some of the Days Inn only charge for the 1st night only and other owners charge for the whole stay. I wonder if in the next year there will be a class action lawsuit against Days Inn. You can behave in a bad way and in an illegal manner but eventually some action needs to be taken.
    Leaving Days Inn for good.

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First off let me give you the positives because there where some.The cleaning ladies where awesome, very sweet and polite. Also, one female employee was a great employee, she was very accomidating, even though other enployees made promises she had know clue about... And now the negative. When we first arrived your employee, the boy, was on his computer and when we checked in he knew we had a dog. They knew when we reserved the room that we had a DOG, but somewhere in the lack of communication no pet fee had been applied to our rent.Your manager needs to learn some personal skills. There was a leak from air conditioner up stairs. She did not care said it was our problem. Also, the boy in one conversation, when i went to pay rent said that my pet fee would be $25 dollars for a week and then seconds later I asked to double check and he said he didn't know and would have to talk to the manager? This totally blind sided me because i thought the pet fee had already been added in. Plus a new employee who had only been here for 2 days took our reservation without asking about the pet policy and gave us false information. When I confronted them they where almost rude like they really didnt care.So dont want anything or complaing and your stay will be fine.This includes the smoke rolling down the non-smoking hallway. I work on the pipeline so I had planned on being here a while, like 6 months. But because of managment's lack of caring and your employees lying to keep themselves out of trouble, I will be leaving on tuesday when my rent is up. It's to bad because pipliners are like family and I could have recommended others to stay. 6, 000 dollars a head is alot to lose out on. thank you, Elizabeth Garner

  • Ti
    TiredOfIndianownedhotels Jun 30, 2011

    The sad thing about all this is that Days Inn allows these owners to do whatever they want. They do not make them upgrade or make changes. Days Inn does not realize that it is known as a CRAPPY hotel brand. Here soon Motel 6 will be a better brand than Days Inn.. Days Inn needs to make these owners do something about these nasty hotels and all the issues that people are having. Sending out people to do inspections once every 6 months is nothing.. Because after the inspecter leaves they take everthing back out of the rooms and continue on with their crappy hotel and service. I have seen people getted kicked out of Days Inn's because they complain about stained towels and sheets..That should not be allowed, But Days Inn dont care as long as they get their money.

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falsely charged

hotel takes credit card # and charges you for extra night.When you inform them they tell you that you need a cancellation # to receive the money back on your card.


I recently made a reservation at the days inn in Green Bay, WI for the Wisconsin State Bowling Tournament. I reserved two rooms. Later that day I found a hotel closer to lambeau field and the bowling alleys we had to bowl at. I made reservations there, and called days inn and cancelled my reservation. Now, a month later I have a charge on my credit card for $184.00. I called and talked to the manager and he says "well I don't have any records of you cancelling." So now he's sticking me with this charge and I called THE SAME DAY I RESERVED to cancel. What a pathetic hotel chain. Probably the worst i've ever had. I've seen some crappy hotels but as far as takin money, these guys are the best.

poor accomodation, terrible service

My family stayed at the Days Inn November 21-23, 2008. We wanted a getaway for our kids so we booked three...

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price gouging

We called for a room since everything else was booked for that night because we had a doctor's visit to a specialist and we needed to travel because we live in a small town. A 2 year old and a 5 month old in tow, kinda need the room...we called and the person quoted us a rate...twice what everone else was charging. I asked y and i work for CN Rail which i get a corporate rate which offers a good discount...and was told we'll give u $10 off like they're doing us the favor...the reason they PRICE GOUGED which is what this is, is she said the manager told them to jack up the rates when everything else is booked...needless to say, had to sleep in our vehicule with 2 babies for a few hours to make trip back home. Nice to know a franchise this size prides itself on such unethical behavior...

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