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Was booked to stay at the Days inn in Nashville, TN off Trinity Dr. When I got there it was the worst most vial hotel I have ever seen. Young boys running and yelling through the parking lot ( sat least 15 of them) drunk men sitting on the sidewalk- drinking and smoking playing loud music. Drunk men up by the office vomiting on the sidewalk and one passed out on the sidewalk. Inside the room the carpets were stained, the bed was stained, the chairs and all were stained. You could not sit anywhere. I feared for my safety and could not stay there. When I brought it up to the night clerk, Raz- he said he asked them to quit 2 times and since he did he would have to charge me. He gave no concern for how I felt about my safety or well being. I am filing BBB complaint and a complaint with the CEO personally. I want a full refund. I also told expedia about the hotel since it was booked through them.


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    Customer. Service Jul 11, 2016

    Not sure if I looked up the right one, the closet Days Inn I see on trip advisor ranked 138 out of 153.
    10- excellent reviews 148-terrible, no excuse for what you went thru, but next time use trip advisor I bet you will find a better experience.

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  • Wine Is Good Jul 11, 2016

    It always amuses me how people complain that they get cheap when they want cheap.

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  • Do
    donnabsd Jul 24, 2017

    What do you work for the dump? You serious? Doesn't sound like it's cheap to me. Maybe your use to living in [censor] but most of us aren't. Your suppose to be serving the public. People like you and places like this are what make's businesses go out of business. Better for us.

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