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I've been looking for somewhere to voice my complaints about the hotel business and I figure this is as good a place as any. I have worked in a local hotel (Days Inn) since I was 19 years old, (I'm 31 now). At first it was a great place to work. Then the property was sold by the American owner to an Indian man (acutally there is always about 5 hands in a hotel). In this transaction, the new owner kept desk clerks (because someone has to run things while the new owners are learning the computer system), but got rid of the housekeepers, all of which had been there for 7 years or more, people that cared about their work. I was a housekeeper making $9.50/hour. Now some people may think that isn't alot of money, but for my area, it was. The new owners took over, kept me, but at a pay cut of $2.25. So now I am making $7.25 in a management position. Four years later, property was sold again, see, for tax purposes, Indians "sell" their properties every four to five years to someone else in their "Indian Communtiy". In a matter of the four years of neglect, they managed to turn a quaint hotel into a dump. They dropped rates so low (we used to have rates of about $80.00 per night but now it is less than $50.00 in some cases and that is with a hot breakfast) that when a guest has a complaint, the manager just overlooks the problem because they paid such a low rate. I've even witnessed the manager accusing a guest of sabatoge just to get back money. When they took over, they cut our housekeepers that had been employeed with us for at least a year from making minimum wage cleaning rooms, down to $2.25 per room cleaned. Needless to say, those girls were able to collect umemployment. They hired an Indian couple to clean rooms as well as a girl from Honduras. Now, the Inidan couple gets most of the work, cleaning anywhere from 20-45 rooms per day, the Hondurian girl gets a call at home for 2 weeks straight that she can be off. The Hondurian girl cleans better than the Indian couple, but the Indian couple grossed $1, 227.00 for 2 weeks of work compared to $345.00 for the other girl. And the Indian couple lives on the property, so what kind of bills do they have that they need to make all of the money? If you ask me, It is discrimination. They treat the rest of us like criminals. The Indian boy on the desk had over $500.00 missing, I count the cash drawer behind him and It is $5.00 short and they made me put it back, even though I explained to them that he does not follow my directions to ensure each shift has the correct amount of money in the cash drawer.

Here was the reasoning behind all of this. Try to stay in American run hotels, and you do have the right to ask, (or just take a sniff when you enter the lobby, if you smell curry, don't stay there) They don't care about wheather or not you have a clean bed to sleep in or a clean tub to put your children in. They don't care about us. All they care about is how much money is going into their pockets so they can have a custom built home and a Lexus or Mercedees Suv in their driveway. There is an American Dream, but It is NOT being lived by the Americans. If this is going on in my little town in Southwest Virginia, I can only imagine how it is in other places. Our GOVERNMENT needs to take a look at the big picture and realize, people from other countries can come here and have better opportunity that even our Soldiers, the people who are risk their lives to protect us are coming home to nothing. Illegal immigrants are having children here, utilizing our welfare system (medicaid and food stamps) and our GOVERNMENT is allowing this. Any one of us may need to have help at some point in our lives, is it fair to be denied because funds are limited? I guess I'm really hoping that someone with some sense and actual love for what is here, in our home, will read this and get some wheels turning. Our economy? It isn't ours anymore!


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      Aug 20, 2009

    I can agree with what this writer says ;The same thing happened in our Property, Americans sell it to Indians, then they go about slowly ruining it.When they bought our Hotel, the first thing they did, was to take away all our benefits, we don`t even have a paid holiday, much less insurance, sick leave, vacations...everything!Fired our Mgr because they felt she was paid too much, make all our Housekeeper`s quit by taking away their hours, & giving them to their family members.They`ve ordered the Front desk employees to clean the lobby, do laundry, etc...Its just a joke..They do not care one bit about their customers, or their employee`s, but because of the recession, their are no other jobs in our city, presently for the employee`s to apply for;& every day they add to your work-load, & dare you to walk -out...
    They also refuse to pay the employee`s overtime, & expect you to work over, when they need you, & place a deduction on our paychecks called "retropay" in which they put 1 or 2 of your 40 hrs, so they`ll have a excuse if you report them for not paying for your overtime..And I have proof of each instance of what I`ve wrote above, so don`t say I`m lying about any part of the above..Beware, when you go into a Hotel run by Indians, you`re enabling them to cheat your fellow U.S. citizens

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      Aug 20, 2009

    I used to work for a hotel owned by an Indian family and all I have to say is I agree with this 110%!

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      Aug 21, 2009

    Thank you Tombstone for your input. It's hard to express your opinion about people of other ethnicities because people are always going to assume that you are a racist. I am a black/white female who likes country music and Pink Floyd, my finace is white and so are my children. I used to have no problem with our foreign policy and immigration, you know, better opps for everyone. But the older I get, the more it pisses me off that EVERY Inidan, Bengali, Pakastini, Afghan, Hondurian, Mexican, Iranian that I know, has a job, hell, most of them have 2 jobs. We have sent BILLIONS of OUR dollars to a country that does not like us and what we stand for. Not to mention the fact that most of the hispanics are here under false names, birth certificates, and socials, but our government makes it easy for them to become legal after being here illegally, I know, my stepfather is Mexican. These people are able to work 2 and 3 jobs here, send most of their money to their respective country AND collect earned income credit at the end of the year. One day America will be the poorest country in the world and I guess everyone will be scratching their heads going **WTF?**

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      Jun 30, 2011

    I totally agree with everything that everyone said about people from India owning hotels. I also work for a couple that are from India, as a matter a fact there are 6 hotels that are at my exit and all but one are owned by an indian., and they all live on property. There is a total of 2 people that work at this hotel and that is it, they expect you to do everything for nothing, and they do not pay overtime. The are dirty people that do not understand the hotel business at all. They believe in stained sheets, towels and carpet. They feel that if you pay 50.00 for a room you get what you deserve. Not to mention that the hotel is full of mold, and they think that you can just wipe it off.. SEVERAL people have called the health department on the hotel and they do nothing, they say that we pass...There is no way that this hotel culd pass any inspection. The thing that really upsets me is that Days Inn allows these people to run these hotels like this. People complain about us all the time and they do nothing. As long as we give them their money back, when we kick people out, they do nothing. I personally am not paid well at all, However, I am expected to sale rooms, check rooms, handle all complaints, work everyday, do laundry, clean lobby...ect... I have actually got into arugments with my boss over stained towels and sheets...I am currently on the hunt for a new job, and I can promise you that the next hotel I work at will not be owned by a indian...

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