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CVSpharmacy manager (co-worker)

I work at cvs. The pharmacy manager is sooo mean and stuck up to me and some of her co-workers. She is always on her phone and not helping out. I don't know what to do. If i'm not a man she doesn't like ya. Her name is debbie remblake (Pharmacy manager). I know if I complain to charlie curtis he really don't care. Even though he is her boss he won't correct her on anything it's like he is dating her or something. What should us hard working co-workers do??? I need some help on this!!! Someone out there tell me what should we do being pee-on's at work???


  • Ki
    KixStar Oct 23, 2010

    Wow. First off, take off your CAPS lock. Second, graduate from high school and get a better job. Third, work on your spelling and grammar.

    Then, try to send a formal complaint, but please, for the love of god, have someone else write it for you so the people at corporate don't laugh at your silliness.

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  • Ke
    keldorian Nov 15, 2010

    Filing a complaint with corporate will not make a difference they don't care as long as the numbers are being met. My girlfriend works as a pharm. tech. and her boss has got to be the worlds largest dick and that is putting it lightly she has been nothing but ridiculed for the last two years with the company. I know you ask why has she not found something different well the simple answer to that is jobs here are zero to none so you try and hang on to what you have. My point here is we have done everything known to man to get this problem solved diplomatically and they just don't seem to care where I feel for the writer of this complaint I also agree with the response to it as well you don't like it there try something other then CVS walk away nothing in this world is worth that. Good Luck

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  • Gh
    ghostrecon Aug 02, 2012

    I find Deb extremely helpful and kind. Deb always helps me with all my questions and concerns. I think you're just hating on her awesomness. oh and by the way., you usually get an annoyed Pharmacist, if you are ANNOYING

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  • 15
    1506champion Jun 13, 2016

    uh what what are you talking about she's like the best pharmacy manager ever
    i love her

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  • Il
    Iloveyoudebbie Jul 15, 2016

    I love you debbie even if you didn't
    and even if my actions don't prove that
    I love you alot...

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  • De
    DebbieRemblakeFan Jul 25, 2016

    Yeah Debbie Remblake I been dealing with her for years and I always thought there was something with her and charlie going on
    I pick up my scripts all the time there and for some reason she smells like 5 day old pantyhose
    maybe charlie likes that idk.

    She always smelled like she came from a night out if you know what i mean

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  • Ha
    hanawhoo Nov 22, 2016

    She's not a nice person or mom! She lies to fellow coworkers.

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  • Te
    terry8260 Nov 23, 2016

    She's very untrustworthy. I work with her on a daily basis. Terry would be a better Pharmacy Manager than Debbie. Terry is very honest and professional about her work.

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  • Su
    sucki Jan 12, 2017

    So True

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