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CVS Pharmacy #05543 / I was on hold for over an hour

Me Mar 13, 2019

I called in today 3/13/19 around 3:30. I had to call the front desk after 20 minutes she advised she was going to tell the pharmacy to answer the phone. After 12 minutes someone picked up and said "please hold" and placed me back on hold before I could even say anything. I waited another 22 minutes and called back to the front desk and she told me they probably couldn't hear the phone and they would go back again to ask them to answer the phone. Someone finally picked up after 18 minutes and I advised I needed to fill a prescription and was calling to give new insurance information. I was placed back on hold and after another 8 minutes she picked back up and I gave her the account information and asked it they were busy, she ignored the question. Was placed back on hold for about 15 minutes and was again asked for the account information. I was placed back on hold several more times and then finally told they had registered the insurance. I asked about the prescription, she forgot about it, she placed me back on hold and then advised it went thru the insurance.

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