[Resolved] CVS Pharmacy / CVS Healthstore #8880 rx department; unprofessional service


Client Card8553.
I came to the pharmacy department (Store 8880) right from my doctor's office on 10/17/2017 at 3:40 to fill in my prescription. Didn't feel well at all.

My prescription got processed and I was told to come back in a half of an hour. It didn't make sense for me to go home so I waited.

After I came back to the pharmacy and waited in line, I was told by the person who was supposed to check me out that the pharmacist went on her lunch and nobody could verify my prescription so It would be another half an our until she comes back.

The person who took my prescription admitted that he new that she was going to her lunch before he ran it through his system. If he had told me to come back in an hour or an hour and a half I would have gone home and rested.

I was sick and upset and asked how I could file an official complaint. They paged for the supervisor who never came. Then they suggested I would go and look for the supervisor myself despite I told them multiple times that I was sick.

I will never go to this store again and my husband decided to change his pharmacy as well. I also will make a point of sharing my experience with other people so they would avoid this pharmacy.

I am not sure what resolution to suggest. Perhaps, they need to train their employees better and be more aware of what's going on in their stores.

I would like to know what measures have been taken with regards with this complaint and unprofessional conduct of CVS # 8880 Rx employees.

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    This website is fraud. Doesn't help with anything. I had to file with CVS's Corporate Office. They will be taking care of it. Instead of letting steam out on this deceptive website that helps to resolve nothing, complain to people who have authority to help not just collect your information.

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