CVS Pharmacy / CVS Healthrude manager


Today, me and my mother went in the Vicksburg, MS CVS. We were trying o get coupons from the machine, and neither of our phone numbers would work. Asked the cashier, and the manager, who was sitting on the counter at checkout, what was the issue and apparently someone used our numbers. Well come to find out our numbers weren't registered. The manager huff and puffed and got loud and got an attitude with my mother. The manager told my mom to "WAIT AND HOLD ON A SECOND" while she was on a PERSONAL phone call. My mom said sorry, sh was diabetic and not feeling well and needed to get out soon. She responds with "your personal problem is not my problem."COMPLETELY UNPROFESSIONAL AND I WILL ABSOLUTELY NEVER RETURN TO THIS CVS STORE. And I am a loyal pharmacy member.

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