CVS Pharmacy / CVS Healthpharmacist!!!

D Aug 14, 2018

Every month I drop my prescriptions off ( same meds same dr ) I have had 11 spinal fusions . First time ( just moved to Florida from Boston ) pharmacist tells me at 230 in afternoon " I can't fill these today I don't have time " yes totally professional. This month I'm told I need a diagnosis code . I dropped scripts off at 11am she tells me I'm all set . At 4 pm nothing I call she then tells me she tried to reach drs office but their closed . I dropped them in morning . Now she tells me I'll leabe a note for pharmacist to have done in morning . I call my drs office at 10 they had already spoken to pharmacist. Now it's 1pm I call to see what is going on I get " i have not gotten to it yet I was told you had enough for today " Are you kidding me !!! Now I call corporate. They call over she says in an hour and they think that's exveptable . CVS discriminates due to your meds !!! I take my meds to be able to walk . 11 spinal fusions don't judge me I'm a nurse . Now I'm told I'll get a call with in 48 hrs ... I this place is the most unprofessional disgusting company . They don't care about you they care about their pockets and how they can humiliate people !!!

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