Cricket Wirelesscustomer service sucks!


I've had service with cricket for over 3 yrs. I have 2 phones with them. The past 3 wks ive had problem with both of them. People cant call us because it says they don't have cricket long distance, roaming when in calling area. Ive called cricket customer service numerous times, and no one can help. Ive been hung up on, yelled at, operators not giving me their names, and telling me I cant talk to their supervisor. I spend over $100 a month for a service I cant use completely and their only willing to credit me $5 on my account. I called insurance and they said there was a problem with my phone and it was still under manufactures warranty & they would replace my phone for free, but put something completely different in computer, & when I went down to get my new phone, they said I had to pay $85 for it. Anyone consider using cricket as their cell phone provider, I don't recommend it its nothing but hassle & you always get the run around.

Cricket sucks!!!


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    Angelina Skeens Jan 30, 2008

    I been having service with cricket for a year now and all I've been having is problems. My bill is usually suppose to be $60.49. but now for some reason my bill is $162.86. I made 2 payments on my phone last month, I also over paid 1 time last month and gave them $89.00 on Dec. 4,2007 then when I came into the 4431 Dixie Highway location and talked to the manager name Wesley and he told me my bill was only $45.72 I gave him $50.00 and he didn't give me my change back to me. And then when I called the customer service on friday. they told me my bill was$91.17 and told me I need to go to the main store on Dixie. I talked to the same man Wesley the manager and he told "if you don't like go to another store" I said. " Are you suppose to be talking to me like that" and he said "yes". But I gave him $45.00 to keep my phone on. He told me my balance is $76.00 then when I left and pulled off I happened to look at my reciept and it said $162.86. How is this. this manager keeps either tampering with my billing cycle and not telling anyone about it. then everytime I come in the store I have an ridiculous amount on my bill that does not make since. Then he tells me about reinstatement fees not one time did they tell me when I came in and paid my bill that I will have a reinsatement fee. and then I don't get any mail from them for my bill each month. Can anyone explain this to me why I have these charges and I just got this new account in October. I paid $10.08 -10/25/07. $59.00 -11/26/07. $89.00- 12/04/07. $45.72- 12/27/07. $45.00-1/30/08. They are stealing peoples money I think and putting it in there pocket or tampering with peoples account. Where else can I make this complaint at?

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    vicki banks Mar 21, 2008

    One of cricket sell person ask to call back today for bridge payment as of right now i haven't been able to get anyone on the phone.

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    cathleen miranda Mar 21, 2008

    CRICKET SERVICE IS THE WORST EVER!!! WHAT A NIGHT MARE!!! I bought a phone and service online. I got the phone and it didnt work! Would not hold a charge for anything. And even plugged in would not activate. So I called the help line only for them to tell me they could not help me and to take it into a store. So I took the day off work and took it to a Cricket Store, for the lady to tell me she couldn't help me, there was nothing she could do. Because the phone was Moterola and not a Cricket. But I bought the Moterola from Cricket!! What the hell. She said I'd have to prove it. I had the receippt! It said I bought it from them and the service to go with it! She tried to tell me to take it to a Moterola store and get it fixed. WTF! All I want is the phone repaired or replaced. Still got the I can't do anything for you, and finally a card for the corperate office. Now I have to take another day off work to argue with someone else!! All I got to say is these people need to get it togther, I wouldnt recomend them to anyone after this.

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    pam smiles Apr 01, 2008

    I agree Cricket sucks, they THink they have people right where they want them i have been through it 2 times with them... they dont care they have no heart i say more of us need to contact the BBB.. and dont stop untill they get in trouble so lets everyone stand together and go to the BBB...

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    Nicole Curcio Apr 09, 2008

    I’ve been using Cricket’s services for over two years and had been very happy with them. In February my phone, which had no problems for two years, stopped working. The problem was that it would not hold charge. I tried buying a new battery and a new charger but the problem remained. So in February I brought my phone it to the main office. The representative there told me the only thing I could do was to send it in and get a replacement phone. I did so and was charged $50.00 even though I had been paying $5.00 per month for the two years I owned the phone for insurance. I was told I would receive a new phone, however, the phone I received was refurbished and did not work. I called Cricket and was instructed to contact The Signal insurance company. I did so and they said they would send me a new phone for free. However they required me to send in the broken phone first and the replacement they sent out was delivered to the wrong address and I did not receive it until over three weeks after I had sent mine in. Therefore I had a broken phone for one month and no phone for one month, but I was still charged by cricket for both of these months. The second replacement phone I received was again refurbished, was a cheaper model, and still did not work. I use my phone for business and have been severely inconvenienced by not having a working phone for two months. I believe it would be appropriate at this point for Cricket to give me a working phone as well as to reimburse me for the two months, or to give me two months free. Does anyone know who I could contact to get help with this?

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    pete Apr 22, 2008

    I believe all of you are correct that Cricket Phones aka Leap Wireless is stealing money from customers.

    Our company purchased a cricket phone and one month service as a gift. We sent written notice to Cricket phones that we had no more business with them, and to destroy any credit information they had. We caught Cricket Phones, aka Leap Wireless stealing money from our credit card account that they criminally obtained.

    We are now suing Cricket Phones in federal court, and would like anybody who had money stolen from them, by Cricket Phones, to email us at [email protected]

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    Mr.Iman Jul 01, 2008

    I started to use Cricket on June 3, 2008.My plan is $35, 00 and I add international text mssg plan $5, 00.As soon I got home I've tried to send intl text, but the thing is I couldn't receive any intl text, I've tried to contact couple friends in another country to send me intl text again for couple of times.Unfortunately, I still couldn't receive any intl text.

    I called the Customer Service(CS) right away, he said there's nothing wrong with my intl text, he said that it should be working and I have to try again.I've tried many times to send intl text to my friends, but still I can't receive any intl text.

    I went to Cricket store in Dodge St, the CS checked my cell and she said there's nothing wrong with my phone.She suggested me if I still can't receive any intl text she'll make a trouble ticket.I said ok, just make a trouble ticket so the technical support can fix my problem.I asked the CS, how long does it take to fix my intl text, so I can receive my intl text cause I really need my intl text so I can contact my friends and family in another country, the CS said it took about a week or two.She also said that somebody will call me if it's been fixed.I've waited for 2 weeks, but nobody called me.

    I called the CS like 4 times and I went back to the store, I got mad at her and I told her that she lied to me cause she promised me that after 2 weeks they can fix my problem.But they still can't fix my problem and not helping me at all.

    I was really2 pissed cause it wasting my time, my money and my energy, I asked for a refund in 132nd W.Center, but they told me that they can't give any refund.They suggested me to do a trouble ticket again, I told them that I've already have a trouble ticket.They told me that I can exchange my cell but I have to pay $10, 00 shipping fee.I finally talked to the Manager, she told me the same that she can't give me any refund and I have to do a trouble ticket again, but this time she said she can exchange my cell without shipping fee.I told her, I don't want that, I just want to end the service cause Cricket was not helping me as a customer and the service was really2 poor.She said if I want to end the service I just have to disconnect the service and she didn't say sorry for what the Cricket has done to me, not even once!What kind of service is this?I have to pay $78, 86(cellphone+activation fee and other taxes) and Cricket is not really helping me at all, they're not even trying to help!And she(the manager) told me too that there's nothing she can do about it."Hello, there's nothing she can do about it?" Of course there is, Cricket should better give a good service to the customer, maybe the staff never get trained well of how to work in CS and how to work in cellphone bussiness.Loyalty customer is the most important thing.But they're not helping the customer at all and didn't offer the best solutions to all customer's problems.

    Why using CRICKET??? So, everybody out there, DON'T EVER USE CRICKET!!! Cause they lied all the time, not helpful and ###!!!

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    Texas Jul 06, 2008

    I have had 2 Motorola Slvr phones with Cricket for almost two years for my daughters, they have the $50 a month unlimited everything plan. I got my wife a $35 plan in January. When I did that the Phone insurance was removed, and of course my daughters phones started acting up.

    I called to Cricket and they said they would put the service back on but didn't, so I called back again and they said I had to go to the store to ask them to put it back on (two different stories). What a waste of time, I thought, I went down there and of course it was a madhouse. After a 20 minute wait, I went up to the counter explained what happened, and he said no problem and took care of it.

    The next day my daughters went down and one was charged $45 for a warranty replacement and the other $85 since it was water damaged, the each were able to pick out any phone in the store, had the contacts transferred over and everyone was happy.

    Now the plan price is a bit high, but I wish I could get that deal from Verizon or ATT with there 3G and coverage. Of course I had to pay $170+ for replacement phones, but I think after 2 years of use with the old ones which cost about that each, wasn't too bad of a deal, at least the girls are happy.

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    Anne48 Jul 07, 2008

    I have to agree with all of you... this cell phone company is the WORST!!! I've EVER dealt with. They don't do what you ask them to, but whatever they decide. I should have made change to my acct myself on line!!! Signed up for the $35 plan and needed voice mail, so I decided to add that for $5, but the CS person bumped me up to the $40 plan and added voice mail to that. So my $35 plan that I started out with is now going to $50 a month..hmmmm.. I'm not paying it :-) When I tried to figure out my bill which makes no sense at all, I called and ended up in a very heated argument with the ESL CS lady who felt the need to explain to me over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over again what she and I already knew. I asked at least five times to just fix the problem, but she still needed to "talk about it." Well, you can talk to yourself, because I'm done... I ended the call.. thank you have a nice day... because she refused to listen to me or fix my problem. Gee, I might be old fashioned, but I thought they were supposed to cater to me, not me to them??? I made a copy of my bill.. FWY... ALT PrtScn and then opening up a Word document and then pasting to a Word document using Ctrl V will copy anything on your computer screen so you can have a copy of your bill just in case they decide to play games with it..which it seems they do A LOT. Maybe they should invent a phone where you could record these CS calls on our phones and then we could start making some heads roll and changing the way these seedy business operate.??? I'm contacting the Public Utilities Commission to see if they govern cell phones. I know they oversee the land lines some of us still use and can provide some leverage if you should need to go to court. I also know that they were instrumental in make sure Qwest didn't get away with their doo doo.

    No credit check?? Be very leery.. They should advertise..we are going to make you pay for that no credit check with hassle after hassle. I can't foresee continuing doing business with this company... sorta like Vonage...I hear their CS is very similar to Cricket's.. and that ship is going down eventually too... glug, glug glug... you can't operate a business rippin' people off..somehow somewhere it comes back to you and your company...

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    andrew webb Aug 09, 2008

    I liked cricket til I went just outside of Houston and had no service what a ###ing jip and as far as there ringtones and ringbacktones what do the people that run the company live in iraq I swear your music sucks dick and I bet your some lonly bald barely speaks english mother###er who looks at child porn go back too what ever sanddoon you came from cause your ###ing Idea of good music wouldnt even apeal to a 4yr old ### ...

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    Jason Sep 13, 2008

    The location I am dealing with is Cricket, 1050 West Colfax E & F, Denver Co, 80206

    So on 8/04/08 I went into Wireless Trendz, 60 Grant St. in Denver, 80219 and subscribed to Crickets $40 a month plan. I paid to have my phone flashed $40, paid the activation fee of $15, Paid the instore fee $3 and Paid for themy first months payment of $46.26.

    Within that week, I desided to log onto my cricket account online and saw that it claimed that I still owed them $46.26 so I called the customer service and tried to explain to them the situation. I was told that I owe the money so i explained again the situation, that the money was withdrawn from my account. Better yet, how do I start up an account when it's required that I pay the first month before hand. She didn't have an answer for me and said I'd have to go into Cricket and resolve it.

    On My first visit, after waiting an hour I kid you not, I spoke with a young lady who was nice but couldn't fix my problem. She told me I would need an actual receipt from Modern Trenz. I had what they had given me but she claimed that it wasn't an itemized receipt. So here starts the wild goose chase. I head over to Modern Trenz and explained the situation. He told me that that is the receipt that they give out but he printed up a number/payment history for me.

    My 2nd trip to Cricket was the same day as my first. I showed the young lady all of my receipts that I had and explained that the money was withdrawn out of my account and asked how can I start up an account if I didn't pay the first month. She had no answer for me, She then said that I would have to speak with the manager. I explained again to the manager my situation and showed him my receipts. He ended up telling me that I should wait a little bit to see if the payment goes through and to see if it was posted. He told me that they would take care of the problem if it didn't seem to go through. Come back in a week.

    My 3rd trip to Cricket was a week and a half later figuring that a week wouldn't be enough for this Cricket center to pull there act together. I went in, explained my story again and the young lady said to wait a little longer. I explained that I had spoken with the manager which did nothing. She said to come back.

    My 4th trip to cricket was a week later. After an hour wait The young lady Marti put in for a payment research request. She told me to come in a week later.

    My 5th trip to is what set me off to start documenting my expirience with Cricket. On September 2nd I went in with my paperwork. The lady behind the counter told me that the payment research is backed up and that I should come back in a week. Aftre waiting a @%%& hour. My first legit payment was due so I wanted to pay it. She told me that she would post the existing due balance untill it was resolved and put my payment toward my actual due balance. I was told to come back on the Sept 12th. So yesterday I receive a text saying that my September payment is due and that my account will be shut off if I don't pay it. Attempting to keep my head from exploding I log onto My Cricket account online but due to their website inability to show any account history on there it appears she may have put my payment toward the first month in which I had already paid. I'm gonna wait to the 12th to see what happens but this is one of the worst company I have ever dealt with. The price may be right but it might not be worth the hassle.

    9/12/2008 - They shut off my service. Heading down there 9/13/2008. Stay tuned for further updates on Crickets inability to opperate like a professional business.

    My 6th Trip 9/13/2008. I only waited a half an hour this time but who gives a *** when you've already been there 6 times in 6 weeks. The guy behind the counter told me that he can turn my phone on for 5 more days then I'll have to come in again. Way to pawn it off on your coworkers champ. He did give me a phone number to call Cricket Customer Relations. I can't beleive this place. I'll call the number and deal with some more Cricket BS. So i'll be back in on Thursday and the customer has to take the brunt of the crap they can dish out.

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    Lisa Oct 12, 2008

    cricket does suck!!! I had problems when my phone wasn.t charging. The charger was broke, and although I still had the warranty the stupid ### store never got the chargers in I needed, I couldn.t even find them at stores! Kyocera said they would send me a new one-But-I had to send the old one in first. So, basicallly I'd have been w/o a phone for 2 weeks!
    Then, even through I had the plan where the phone was suppossed to work everywhere-when I drove to Flagstafff from Phx, where I live-I had no reception whatsoever! I had to keep puting quarters in the payphones to reach the people I was suppossed to meeet up there.
    And it's really ###ed up that we have to pay a service charge in order to pay the bills! Even if you pay at the crickett store-they still charge you!
    Well, they lost me as a customer. Their service sucks, so I went to T-Mobile and am much happier.

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  • Bo
    Bob Billy Banks Oct 18, 2008

    What do you expect? It's a cell phone/Internet service catered to blacks and women, of course the service is going to suck ###. You want urban ###, you get urban ###.

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    randolph Oct 25, 2008

    i been a cricket customer for almost 3 years, and i also having problems with the customer service, seem like they need a little training, and speak well in english, it is also hard to get connected to a customer service aswell, if you are thinking about getting a cricket phone or thinking about signing up with them, i would'nt recomend you, their service really SUCKS...

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    CJV Oct 27, 2008


    Linda Wokoun
    Senior Vice President

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    camilla pettigrew Nov 04, 2008


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    Jim from Syracuse Nov 11, 2008

    I tried to return a broken phone to the shop city store after using it only one month and the store owner chased me into the parking lot threatening to knock my teeth down my throat because i complained that they wouldnt fix it or give me a new one. His employee stood in front of my truck blocking my exit. I called coperate office and they sided with him. The police say that Cricket was formed to sell the phones to drug dealers as they are untraceable. anybody that goes with cricket should have their head examined

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    Too Angry to Type Nov 13, 2008


    Date: 5/12/20058
    Issue: Cricket owes me $75.37 overpayment

    5/12/2008: (Eddie) 1 hour proving overpayment - told 6-8 weeks refunded to credit card

    10/19/2008: (Virginia, Eddie) 1 hour inquiring about refund after waiting patiently - told need credit card number overpayment was made on

    11/10/2008 (Virginia, manager (wouldn't show face) 45 min returned with credit card number for refund - told can't refund card number call: 858-882-9999 (by manager)

    11/13/2008 called 858-882-9999 WRONG NUMBER

    11/13/2008 called 602-458-4491 (Virginia) recording run around and finally a person who told me 'someone must have misread the number...the last three digits are 301 not 999'.

    11/13/2008 called 858-882-9301 recording run around and legal subpoena request, 911 operators etc - no customer relations or refund

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    walter Terry Dec 01, 2008

    i have a broadband card and a two phones i was told that the price was one hundred and thirty dollars and that my taxes for texas was another thirty dollars i have noticed that these people that they hire steals a portion of your payment and tell you that you owe more money i payed 80 dollars only 71 dollars went two my bill i dont know ware the rest went and they cant or dont care to tell you so ill just go get me t-moble and let them have there service and broadband card

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    MIAH79 Mar 07, 2009


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    jessica Mar 09, 2009

    CRICKET SUCKS! I will never have a phone with cricket again. there phones are ###, no matter what the price. i went to a cricket store becouse my phone wouldnt come on and all they told me was he could show me some new phones but thats all. THAT CRICKET 4 U. ### workers ### bussiness ### all around. when i left the store i left the phone told them thay could have it and put it up his ### 4 all i care. my new survice is at&t. there not getting my hard earned money.

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  • Da
    dall75 Mar 12, 2009

    I have Cricket Broadband, it cuts off all the time! I will be in the middle of doing something when, service gone!!! I also think the "rebate" is a scam. I sent in everything for the $50 rebate and received a conformation email a month and a half later, then I got a letter saying I didn't turn in the receipt or upc copy. I argued with them because I sent everything in. I think it's their way of not paying the rebates. I did resubmit the copy I made of everything, still waiting. Cricket has the worst customer service and beware, you will end up paying more than your supposed to. Rebates are a scam.

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    TACO457 Mar 27, 2009


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  • Ba
    bama girl Mar 29, 2009

    Yes, I totally agree!!! I just got Cricket service and bought a phone from the company that doesn't keep a charge. I hate this service it is the worst; my calls keep dropping and phone will not keep a charge. This phone service sucks!!!

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    MisguidedYouth Apr 01, 2009

    Hehe...I'm a CSR at a Cricket call centre (aka I apologize for their ### service and deal with the angry calls so the big guys don't have to)...a means to an end, of course. I'm so frustrated with my job, in a bout of boredom typed "customer service sucks" in Google, and voila, "Cricket customer service sucks!!!" shows up in the first page of results. Can't say I'm surprised...Cricket customer service does suck. Tremendously.

    It's a ### company. And it's not just the huge charges appearing on people's bills out of nowhere (billing complaints are around 80% of the calls we receive), but as someone who's seen how they work from the inside, I've gotta say working for them has done nothing but confirm my disgust towards the world of business in general. So many people call in because they can't get their brand new Cricket phones to work, their extra features aren't working properly, or because they've been overcharged.

    All we're told to do is - first of all, APOLOGIZE - then refer them to a Full Service Cricket Store if the phone isn't working, open an "investigation form for the technical department to take a closer look" if a feature isn't working, and to try to explain away any charges that just mysteriously showed up on their bills (submit a payment research form if all else fails, just to get the customer to shut up. That's not how they referred to it when they were training us, though). The most frustrating part is that no matter how badly we really do wanna help, you soon learn that you really can't tell the customer what they wanna hear. Our job is to ### enough so that the customer actually believes that what we're telling them is what they wanna hear.

    I'm not in the slightest surprised about the job content, obviously...I'm just upset that I was still expecting to be proven wrong about the job, at least SLIGHTLY...but god, it is so much worse. Not to mention that I've learned that Dante was wrong. Hell isn't fire and brimstone, hell is sitting at a tiny gray cubicle under fluorescent lighting staring at mediocre software (their CSR tools SUCK!! They crash ALL the time and are just way too primitive) and having angry customers' shouts amplified into your ears by $10 headphones digging into the sides of your head. And you can't forget the demerits you get every time you place the customer on hold while you wrestle with their stupid database trying to get the program to stop crashing on you, and of course the points that are taken away from your score for every "um" and "uh" that escapes your lips because you're not exactly a professional ### artist just yet.

    And then there's the paranoia that comes with the fact that your calls are being recorded, your computer is being monitored, and your breaks are timed down to the last second (a fifteen minute break for every two hours of torture...let's just say that after a week of that, I fixed the fence around my house so we could let my dog off the chain permanently instead of just twice a day).

    But the worst part is definitely feeling the human side of the customers, listening to the background noise of their homes so like my own house, and knowing that they're getting totally and unfairly screwed out of their money and I can rarely do something to truly help them out (especially since my nazi -ahem- supervisor has his eye on me and is always hovering nearby ready to catch me red-handed waiving some ghost fee).

    It's ###ing ridiculous. It's a ### job, and I'm counting down the days (seriously, I have a "hell calendar" up on my wall and everything) till I have enough money saved up to put in my two weeks notice. It's a ### company, and I really feel bad for anyone who has to put up with their crap.

    So, this is much longer than I intended it to be haha but seriously people, take it from someone who's had to deal with all the ### (all of it with good reason, of course) from the customers and who has had a look at the database and all the ### that it's filled with: ****STAY AWAY FROM CRICKET!!!****

    Thank you for calling Cricket, have a great day.

    P.S. I apologize in advance for anyone who has to deal with us CSRs...please just keep in mind that we're simply pawns trying to scrape some money together, and that if one day one of you talks to a female Cricket CSR who's actually capable of helping you, then you're probably talking to me and I'm almost at the end of my hell calendar and can risk getting fired :P

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  • Ta
    tasha dennis Apr 17, 2009

    cricket customer service is awful you keep calling and calling and the automated system keep saying the same thing and i could never speak to anyone NEVER.I have not had any trouble with my phone or the service and i hope i never will

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    COMPLCRICKET Apr 19, 2009


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  • Pa
    paulfromcolorado Apr 22, 2009

    CRICKET is the worst!! They really suck. Ever since the day I got my number ported over from Qwest my text never worked right. They of course blamed Qwest. I also paid over 250 for a junk phone. Well after 6 months of opening up trouble tickets, swapping out phones, phone not working on roam I finally dumoed them for T-Mobile and when I ported the number over all worked perfectly!!! Then the next day I went to the Cricket store and the girl said I was all paid up and not to worry about cancelling my account and then 3 weeks later I get another bill!!! I went back to the store and she said don't pay it. It is a way for htme to get another month out of me!!! I hate cricket and I will never recommend them to anyone!!! Their customer service sucks and you can never get an english speaking person and they also hang up on you!!! I can't wait for the day they go out of business!!!

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  • Ne
    nerdyjen May 15, 2009

    Cricket is cheap. You don't sign a contract or need a credit check. This appeals to people with bad credit, teenagers, illegal immigrants. For $50 a month you get unlimited everything- you can't get that with any other service. The problem is you get what you pay for. You pay for cheap service, you get cheap service.
    I know for a fact that if you complain too much to the customer service line, they block you. I have cricket because I am poor and cannot afford another cell phone. I also have bad credit so two strikes right there. I don't complain much and live with the status quo. That's all I can do right now.

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  • Ra
    RAPED BY CRICKET Jun 20, 2009

    CRAAAAP CRAAAP CRAAAAAP Service the Government Should do A BIG investigation on this company. In matter of fact they BBB should close them down ( I Pray they get shout down) cause cricket does block people if you call and you need help. They charge you without you knowing. Their phone do NOT! last for what you pay them, plus they use poor batteries. Been with them for 6 years and had to send 4 phones that cost me $315.99 min. per phone to get looked at cause they did work like they say, and I had to send $45.00 Plus another $80.00 each time . They say you will get the $45.00 back if it is damage by water, but they never send the money back, They say it had some water in the phone!!! LIE LIE LIE LIEEEEE LIE LIE LIE LIEEEEEEEE!!! I never had my phones near any water. That $80.00 is to replace that phone with a soo call new one, Which I just found out they just sell you a refurbish one that had a prior defect, on top of that it's never exactly the same quality I paid for. Now I'm going though it again, Now they want to send me a phone that is $135.00 less then what I paid for Last year. I told their Insurance that this is my first time ever calling them with this problem after having to pay out of my pockets for the difference the last past 6yers, almost every year. Their insurance company said that they will get back with me on monday the 22 of june. Sooo I will keep you guys posted on what happens. I found out that cricket themselves was not being honest with their insurance company, they tell they that phone have lesser value then what they sell them for. I paid well over $315.00 for every phone I ever had with cricket and that's their best phones, but they tell their insurance company that that not in their best category, that it's in their better category. I'm SOOOOOOOOOOOO SICK Of Them Rape(ing) peoplel. That's not what companies suppose to do. STAY AWAY FROM THIS COMPANY. WARNING!!! STAY AWAY FROM THIS COMPANY. THEY LIE< CHEAT, STEAL, RAISE PRICES ON YOU WITHOUT YOUR KNOWLEDGE, THEY BLOCK YOU IF YOU CALL COSTUMER SERVICE, THEIR COSTUMER SERVICE IS BASED OUT OF THE US, SOO THEY REALLY DON"T GIVE A RATS AZZZ ABOUT YOU. THIS COMPANY SHOULD BE ASHAMED OF THEMSELVES. THIS IS NOT HOW UNITED STATES OF AMERICA SHOULD DO BUSINESS. VERY DISHONEST COMPANY.
    GUYS THERE ARe soo much that happend but I will will writ more later. The sad thing is for them is wait tell I get my fan base up. If they don't correct it by then I will publicly take it to them including getting the major artistes and actors behind me. WHAT CRICKET DOING IS WRONG.
    I Just Got off the Phone With The insurance Company and they said I Have to Stick with that Cheaper phone they will try to send me. I told them don't send it I need to talk to the supervisor. They said he will get back to me in 3 to 5 business days. PLEASE STAY AWAY AWAY FROM THIS COMPANY. BBB PLEASE CLOSE THEM DOWN!!! THANK YOU

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  • Ja
    JaeW Jun 21, 2009

    I agree Cricket is the worst company ever. I am glad I am moving in part because I won't ever be using Cricket again. I have Cricket wireless for my computer and I have spent days reconnecting more than actually doing anything on the internet. I have lost hours of work with this service. I will actually be surprized if this message makes it through because there is a good chance I will be disconnected. At first the disconnects were only during on hour of the day, but now they are all the time. I really hate this company and if I had other options for high speed internet I would have long quit their service. As it is, I am going in just before I move and having my service stopped, but I expect them from what I have read to still charge me for July even though, I won't be using the service after June 29th.

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  • Mr
    Mrs Jackie McPherson Jun 28, 2009

    I'm a single mom w/three disabled boys & I'm "DAMN" sick & tired of ads, commercials, views of others who I have no intrest in what so ever.Each & every "DAMN" time I try to send a text msg., it's intruppeted by these sick & sorry ads I have no intrest in, NONE AT ALL!!! *I could care less who's better in bed, men or women? *I don't give a "DAMN" about Michael Jackson, & never did! *'m sick & tired of all the 'Sorry ### ### I recieve on my phone, & i have much more to think about besides a 'Dead man who chose to kill himself w/opaites, Heroine, Cocaine, & anything else..." *His death is his own fault & I have no sympathy for him or his family, 'cause we all know his daddy was a child molestor & all his mama cared about was the $, & so there you have it... I have more to teach my Children who're Special Needs more than what's on the news or how hurt & sorry they are that this has happened to such a fine person... "###!!! The man was a drug addict, a child molestor himself, 'cause why would anyone who's done nothing wrong pay someone else $25-$30, 000, 000.00s for something he did not do??? That's proof he paid/bought his self, non-prison time for what he had done!!! Each b& every time I try to text or make a call, I and or those who're tryin' to do the same towards me never gets done because of "Sick and Sorry Ads!!! PLEASE STOP 'EM, Espically When Those Of Us Who Have "SPECIAL NEEDS CHILDREN, WHO'RE WORTH MORE THAN 10, 000, 000 michael jackson's... J.McPherson, 704-605-2460...

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  • He
    Heather514 Jun 30, 2009

    I had my cell phone over an year and I had a Motorola It was very slippery and cause me to drop it alot... And it sucks because I didnt have eny insurance to get me another and the worst part about it is that I dont have eny of the number I had in there and I had alot of Pictures and Songs and stuff on there and 158 contacts and I dont even see them any more and I dont have a way to get there numbers they should let you put there numbers pn the computer they should make a memenber thing for you to sign up and get numbers and stuff on there... But as Always Cricket will forever alll ways be a messed up cheap Company place

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  • Vi
    vixeydust Aug 05, 2009

    First of all, I am an employee at Cricket, and YES it does suck!. What I dont understand is why you guuys continue giving them business...its not a contract numnutz, so dont pay!..they are just seeing how far they can get with people that do. CRICKET IS CROOCKED:)

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  • Th
    themanfo1 Aug 06, 2009

    dam i glad i came on hear an read about them before igot one there down hear now dc an maryland they are popin up like flys

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  • Me
    Melissa in NC Aug 09, 2009

    Cricket has the absolute worst customer service I have ever seen. The people are just plain rude and you will never be valued as a customer no matter how long you stay with them. I think I'm switching to Boost which is actually a little cheaper.

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  • Gi
    Gingernotmaryann Aug 12, 2009

    As a friend of a customer, I was trying to help someone out as she was having to take care of a young nephew who had surgery. I could NOT get a live person on the phone nationally to help pay for her bill. In addition, I called a local store in Cincinnati, OH and they hung up on me once they half way answered my question! Please, do yourself a favor and invest in tried and true phone services as it will save you time and money in the future. Cricket does nothing to even meet customer needs and I am sure it will be bankrupt within a year

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  • St
    stephc Sep 09, 2009

    Yes here lately i have been goin threw alot with cricket. There custmor care does not help you an they never pick up there always busy today ive been calling them ALL DAY an i still CAN NOT get threw to them. They tell you before you can reactavate the same phone yu gotta wait twnety four hours well ive waited longer cuz today is the third day an for some reason they couldn switch over my other phone to my new one. An i told them i cant get to a store an wat can they do that yu cant do. I want my ### switched over or im not goin threw cricket again. They dont care they just tell you well we cant help you. An they charge yu for every lil thing like to switch phones they charge yu 15dollars they charge for every lil thing i CANT STAND CRICKET

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  • Al
    AllimSantos Sep 15, 2009

    @ lest you guys got your phone i spent 250.00 on my phone and plan and i ordered it off the internet. I bought it 3 weeks ago and guess what i still havent gotten it!!! stupid ppl put ALL of my information in wrong so i cant even verify that i personally had bought it... They just keep asking for a confirmation (which I give Them) but i guess to them its not the same one not even my name is spelled right so they wont even go off my name

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  • Pv
    pvtyogi Sep 15, 2009

    after 3 hours of talking the phone started acting funny

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