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AccountNow Complaints & Reviews

AccountNow / customer service

E.K on Feb 5, 2019

Detective E.K NYPD Grand Larceny Division. Good luck if you use this company. very hard to just get then to contact victims who have had their credit cards accounts compromised and used here in NY resulting in the same perpetrators going on shopping sprees over and over again free of being...

AccountNow / took upon themselves to cancel my card!! now paying 25.00 just to cancel service

Jasmine Scott on Oct 29, 2018

Went to the atm card got stuck called customer service after requesting someone to speak with that I could understand, employee idgt refused to assist me in speaking with someone until she helped after explaining multiple times I was finally transferred to someone that spoke worse then the...

AccountNow / release of funds

Marvina1988 on Oct 15, 2018

I'm complaining about my funds that was deposited on to my account your customer service team put a hold on my account due to a middle initial on my check that I feel was ridiculous. I have to pay my rent no later today and I noted that to your costumer service team yet they still unable...

AccountNow / withholding money

Crystalh89 on Sep 25, 2018

To whom it may concern, I am writing this letter to explain the complaint I have with account now. You have withheld my money for little over a week now. I have sent the documents that you have asked for, I was told 3 business days. I have bills, children, and animals to take care of. I...

AccountNow / my money from my deceased husband

Angel Palmer on Sep 19, 2018

They will not release my funds I have over $9, 000 in this bank and they ask my to send my social security card and my id and something from the sender and proof of residency and I did that and I still can't use my money and this money is from my deceased husband and I need my money cause...

AccountNow / funds not released

tiffany9078 on Aug 23, 2018

I am a transgender I was born a male last name blanks now a female and when my online account was locked I called in they quickly locked my entire account and agent made the choice to lock my account since i sounded like a female and my legal name is a male for small amount of funds 101.00...

AccountNow / the locked my account and won’t release my money

Tizzie Holmes on Aug 15, 2018

My purse got stolen on August 7 2018 . I called in to report my card stolen. They put a lock on my account saying I need to send in social security card and I'd and another document in order to receive a replacement card and it takes about 5 Days to be reviewed and they can send me out a...

Account Now / deposit

Petrina Jones on Jul 3, 2018

My Children dad died and left them some money over 10, 000 they froze my account two weeks ago I have no food can't pay my bills also my paycheck goes on this card and every time I call same story it take 5 business days when u send everything who can I talk to I'm trying to move there...

Account Now / unethical behaviour fraud scammers

JoseMaria on Jun 26, 2018

Company is fraud on top of that theres no corporate in the united states I need a replacement card and have not been able to get it its been more than 2 months I have 3 direct deposit and have no acess to my money. You call customer service and each person gives different information I...

Account Now Card / account now customer service

coy hill on Jun 25, 2018

I have been a account now card costumes for 5yr now I though I lost my card but didn't I have been trying to get my money out of my card they want all these documents and I sent them way more than they ask for and still wont release my money to me I receive ssdi and got kicked out of my...

Account Now Prepaid / failure to return my money on closed account

Argelia Loera G on Jun 11, 2018

I have battled with account now prepaid for the return of my monies on my account now prepaid card, which was closed by them (without my consent) for some time now (over $2000). I am homeless and living on the streets now and could desperately use my money to at least get some temporary...

Account Now Debit Card / can't get my money off my account now debit card

Doris Baloney on May 29, 2018

I've been trying to get my money off my card since 12/2017. I've sent and faxed every piece of paper they asked me for. It was always some kinda excuse:They can't see the number on my SS card which is a lie. They sent me 2 supposed to be replacement cards.:One came with a negative balance...

Account Now Prepaid Card / them not releasing deceased daughter money that was on her card

Tanya brown-king on May 25, 2018

My daughter passed away april 23 2018 they stop the card on april 13 3018 when i called them for them to release her money they told me that soical security repoted her passing when she was still living. I have sent everything they asked for i call and now they want something else. Thi...

AccountNow / transaction

Unfair charge on May 16, 2018

On mothers day I used my card at a gas pump yes I no there can be a hold I got that. I ended up swipping my card twicr because I accidentally entered the wrong ZIP code they ended up putting a another hold on my money I talked to a girl from customer service she told me that as soon as I...

Account Now / prepaid debit card

Natausha Taylor on May 12, 2018

They closed my account on the day I got paid. After disputing charges on my account a week pryor. They said they couldn't give a reason to why. I didn't meet all the regulations. I know my account had been open with them for more than six months. That's how I would get my paycheck. I'm...

Account Now / hold on account

Re86 on Apr 16, 2018

They have had a hold on my money since March. I have sent everything they asked for then they asked for a recall letter. The merchant and I contacted them and got nowhere in regards to getting access to the funds. They stated no manager was available to help and hung up. We called back to...

AccountNow / general inquiry

Genewh21 on Apr 11, 2018

On 2/262018, I sent funds to my friend, Caryl Hetland, in Montana for the amount $161.50 through MoneyGram, but unfortunately for me it went to Missouri. I called MoneyGram when it was discovered and they refunded me the funds back using reference number 52270828 to be picked up by me...

Account Now / debit visa card

Curtis1968 on Mar 29, 2018

Got a refund from a store sheepskin gifts and alpaca for $500 put to my Visa debit card from account now automatically froze my card will not give me my refund. Amount on card is $1, 429.67 call numerous people and still not getting any resolve please help I talked with Josh ID badge...

Account Now / green dot

BLACK38 on Mar 22, 2018

This card service sucks I advise no one to open up with them my husband tax return was sent to my card I never received it so I called to see what was going on they say I need to add him as a second card holder ok now it's 10 dollars to add him I pay that now I have to upload my id I...

Account Now Debit Card / disability deposit stolen

Troylynn Murry on Mar 16, 2018

A few months ago I had charges I didn't recognize. I was denied dispute. In january 15, 2018 I was waiting for new card but received a statement with the last four digits of a card I had reported and was closed this card had my disibilty deposit on it and. When I tried to update the...