Costco Wholesalethe huge size of the new shopping cart


I am 5'2" tall. Your shopping carts are now the size of a Smart Car!

I recently shopped at Costco using the new cart. It is so tall - that it is virtually impossible for someone with my height to push this cart through the store. Every strength leverage point on my body was used incorrectly. The crossbar for pushing the cart is at my shoulder level. Imaging how difficult it was for me. I came home and my back hurt, my knees hurt, my shoulders were killing me and my thumbs - which had been previously sprained - throbbed.

Sadly, I will no longer be able to shop at Costco unless my husband comes with me to push the cart. How humiliating for a feminist who doesn't want to rely on a man for a simple thing like shopping.

FYI - when I spoke with other short people at Costco, they complained about the same thing. Costco is not worth a trip to Physical Therapy.

What do you have against short people - or did not one consider this? How very sad indeed.

Formerly Independent,

Joanne Flynn

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