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J Sep 10, 2018

Yesterday (September 8th), I visited a local store in Calgary.
At this time I was not a member yet! I went to the membership desk and explained I would like to sign up however I would like to take a quick look through the store to see if this membership would actually be beneficial to myself and my partner.
We are new to Canada and my manager who is a Business Member advised we looked into Costco here in Calgary, we was advised that we could have a member of staff walk around the store with us, to this we kindly declined as not only is that not a waste of an employee's time its also a little embarrassing for a couple to be assisted around a store, right?
However I am aware of membership regulations and laws and knew I could still use your pharmacy without membership, I advised the greeter at the front of the store that I was visiting the Pharmacy (which was made clear to the team at the membership desk and they also confirmed I could enter membership free for this).

We had not even walked 3 aisles into the store before 2 older ladies approached me and my boyfriend and shouted from one end of the aisle in front of all the customers 'EXCUSE ME DO YOU HAVE A MEMBERSHIP" not only was this embarrassing it was also unprofessional in many opinions. I explained no we was not members yet but we was heading to the Pharmacy, I was told I needed to go the membership desk and obtain a temporary card, I explained I was told at the desk I could enter without membership. We was then told to walk straight to the Pharmacy which we did as we was already on route. However we then realised the two older ladies had continued to follow us and was radioing back and forth with regards to us.

This I feel was more than unnecessary, made both of us feel like we was criminal and of a behaviour that would need to be watched and followed around the store, I do not understand where any of this was acceptable, shouting and then following.
I decided to leave the store and was very angry at the whole experience so I even decided that I would not sign up for membership however I find this sad.

It is not ok for any profession to make any customer feel as though they have done wrong, if by any means we gave an impression that we was stealing I would fully understand, we are both working professionals and as I previously stated my Manager advised we checked Costco out and he was shocked to hear of our experience.
When exiting the store the greeter then found it necessary to ask what we thought of our experience to which we did not reply.

I am extremely sad at this experience and treatment within one of your stores.

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