Costco Wholesale Corporationsimply purrfect cat litter packaging

B Aug 07, 2018 Review updated:

Cat litter in large quantities needs to be in an easily accessible container. This litter - in a green plastic container - is such a struggle for me! The screw on cap opening is too small to insert a proper sized cup to scoop the clean litter into the box, and it's too heavy for me to pick up and pour. I work with a lot of rescues, so efficiency is important, not to mention lack of pain. I must hoist this 35 lb container with an ongoing injury. Either that, or I must use a tiny scoop and try to get my hand in there with it, try not to spill too much when I pull it out, and it takes FOREVER to refill the boxes.

Today I just had it and almost cried with pain and frustration. I guess I'll have to just pay more and purchase outside of Costco.


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      Oct 16, 2018

    You get a good price when you purchase 35 pounds. If you are not physically able to lift the container when it is full have someone transfer half of the product into an empty container. Keep doing that and problem is solved.

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