Costco Wholesale Corporationrecliner, ordered with threshold delivery service

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Ordered a leather recliner for delivery to my home. Received tracking information, and a call from the delivery service that said it would be delivered late afternoon on Friday, a week ago. At 4:30pm on Friday, they called and said it would not be delivered, they had truck problems. Promised to call Monday to reschedule. No call back on Monday or Tuesday, so I called them on Wednesday and they promised delivery within the next two days, they had manpower problems. Said they would possibly deliver Thursday, but it would for sure be delivered by Friday afternoon.
The second Friday at 4:20pm and still no delivery, I called them. "We are not delivering that today. I meant to call you..." Bottom line, I stayed home three of the past 8 days for this delivery. I'm in a rural area, and I understand that deliveries are scheduled with regard to logistics, but the lack of communication from this Costco contractor is inexcusable.

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    No, but I did get the recliner. It was "guaranteed" a 1-5pm delivery and the guy showed up at my door at 8:30pm. No call to explain there would be a delay. Costco did send me a survey following the delivery and I responded with full detail.

  • Updated by Catosixtails · Nov 27, 2017

    They "guaranteed" delivery between 1-5 pm a week ago, and showed up at 8:30pm, no warning that they'd be very late. I did get a survey from Costco and I responded with full detail, but all I have received is an acknowledgement.


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      Nov 27, 2017

    I am going through the same thing with a TV I ordered. Have you heard back from Costco?

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