Costco Wholesale Corporationcashier/register

E Nov 18, 2017

I was one of the first customer who mention that their credit/debit card system was down. I had used 3 cards (2 credit and 1 debt ) and I received the same error message (check bank error) I knew it was their system after I tried my debit card. I asked if I could go to another register since it seems that the one I was using did not work. The cashier tells another worker to come who may be one of the manager named Jose or Joseph (5'5 Asian guy in his late 30s) and starts mocking "they think our system is down and wants to use another register" ( in a tone that it would be impossible for their system to go down) Jose voids our transaction then goes the next register and opens a new line for people to pay. We thought he did that for us since we wanted him to ring us up again. As I was standing in front of the register he tells us "you need to stand in the back of the line" I asked "why ?" Since we had already stand in line and we could not pay. Jose replies "because you think our system is down" I responded "but I used three different cards you're system is down" after my response, I hear everyone else around having the same issue. No one could use their debit or credit card. Jose and the cashier had finally realized what I have been telling them. I ended up waiting for a bit but during that time I didn't receieve any apology for their reactions/actions. Another associate had to help me since Jose didn't even try to make any eye contact or try to assist me again. I really felt disrespected last night. If he was a manager he should've handled the situation more professionally.

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