Costcodelivery on washer and dryer purchase on 12/6/19

D Dec 23, 2019

I purchase a Washer and Dryer through Costco/La Habra on December 6, 2019. I never received a email regarding my purchase or delivery date. I had to make a call on December 7 I called the Costco store and they stated it would take the whole weekend to get a email regarding the purchase and delivery date. December 8th the insurance amount was deducted out of my account and thats where I got the phone number for Costco Service. Costco Service did give me my order number but thats where it showed my email was incorrect, they corrected my email. On December 12th, still no emails! I called Customer Service and they still have the wrong email, change email again. I with no appliance delivery yet I am being charged for insurance on items I don't have yet. December 13th no email still, I was told to wait until next week. Called on December 13th to the insurance company and they were suppose to reverse the insurance until the delivery was completed. Still nothing. December 14th, no email. I called Costco they gave me the Track no for XPO delivery. Again requested my email to be fix, since I still haven't received any emails from Costco. On December 15th, I finally got a schedule date for my appliance. But we were never able to get on XPO to get the scheduling date. After finally getting through to XPO, they gave us a delivery date for 12/21/19 between 4-8pm. After 814pm, no call and no show. Look on line about 9 pm it showed Delay on delivery. As of December 23rd, we still have not heard anything from Costco or XPO. We have made over 15 calls to Costco and XPO about this situation and have not yet gotten a final answer.
It is very disappointing that with Costco having such great products and deals that they don't have any assistance on what happens to there deliveries for their customers. This should not be out of there hands, this should be on them since they hire these delivery companies. A promise of 2 weeks for these products by Costco is false information!!!
Never will I order or recommend Costco for big items like this!

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