Coricraftproduct not performing as indicated


My wife and I purchased a Chobe Corner unit in the exotic Zambezi Brown specification delivered at the end of 2008. Since this time the cushions have been back to Coricraft numerous times for stitching issues, which are covered by guarantee and service here has been adequate. However, our primary issue is that the couch has completely lost all appearance of being an exotic zambezi brown specification that we originally purchased. We can understand that there may be some variation between what is on the showroom floor and what you finally receive due to leather characteristics, but the couch we have looks no different to the standard leather specification for the chobe couch. Having this effect means we paid R2, 000 more for a specification that we are not enjoying. We have indicated this to Coricraft Fourways numerous times and each time they have promised to send an assessor to examine the couch. We have seen nothing of any assessor coming through to fulfil on this. We do feel done in that we are not getting the visual effect we were looking for and Coricraft is not looking to assess and explain what has gone wrong between our expectations and the resultant couch.

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