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Bensons for Beds reviews & complaints

Bensons for Beds complaints 81

Bensons for Beds - Bed Headboard

1 Nov 2021 - the headboard of the bedframe of the Bensons for Beds I purchased under Sales Order: 5359684 broke and the entire bed collapsed.

I was hurt by the collapse.
I could not use the bed and was without a bed.
I called the Bensons for Beds phone line and was asked to email.
1 Nov 2021 -I received an email reply from Joseph Simm, Bensons for Beds Customer Services
1 Nov 2021 - I emailed photos of the damaged headboard.
8 Dec 2021 - an inspector visited to view the damaged headboard
9 Dec 2021 - received an email from Arianne Piper, Bensons for Beds Customer Services confirming a new headboard had been ordered and would arrive within 10 days
18 Dec 2021 - sent follow up - the headboard has not arrived- no reply
20 Dec 2021 - sent follow up - the headboard has not arrived- no reply

Desired outcome: Replace headboard and offer compensation for the 2 months without bed and for the injury caused by the collapsed bed

Bensons for Beds - Delivery / customer service / non assembly of bed / non responsive

This letter was sent to Bensons on Friday 19th November 2021 with out acknowledgement or response : To whom this may concern, This is a letter of complaint. I already have spoken to a member of...

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Bensons for Beds - Faulty double bed and bent "technicians review as normal".

This happened a couple of years ago. I noticed this website and sadly this stupid company is still getting away with almost theft, or " pecuniary disadvantage. "
They are swindling millions of pounds by selling crap, and having dishonest appraisals done by bent "technicians", that always find in favor for the company meaning loss virtually total of ammount spent.
I could go on and on, but would instead to urge anyone ... run as fast away from these con artists, spread the word.


Bensons for Beds - New bed

I ordered a new bed and mattress from Bensons beds I had to wait several weeks to arrive and when it did, I open the packaging to reveal the bed frame was caved in and not fit for purpose. I took pictures and telephoned Bensons for beds and I was number 21 in the que. I used the facility for a call back and three hours later I received a telephone call form a customer service lady who told me she was unable to help me with this and she would get someone else to call me back. So far this has not happened.

Desired outcome: A refund or bed replaced

Bensons for Beds - Delivery, construction, quality, customer service

Your Reference
Order number B0726462

Formal Complaint

I have raised the following complaints with the manager of the Darlington store on several occasions, as it is almost impossible to connect with the online customer complaints, on each occasion the manager has assured me that the complaint will be dealt with. This has not been dealt with, nor has there been any communication from Bensons.


A Bed was ordered from the Darlington store on the 22/05/21 with a delivery date of the 06/06/21, after visiting the store and speaking with the manager post 06/06/21 and raising a complaint, no guarantee of delivery could be given, being told we would have to wait for a text re delivery time. The bed was delivered eventually on the 17/07/21. Having arranged for the removal of our existing bed, sleeping on the floor for over a month was not ideal.

The second complaint is regarding the bi fold wardrobe, stock code [protected]. This was delivered minus the drawers, which arrived two weeks later. When constructed the fitter noted an oil stain on the inner board, that he photographed and presumably sent to Bensons, which we have not received any communication, apology or offer of a replacement.
The fitting of the doors is out of alignment by almost a centimetre which is noticeable, this was mentioned to the fitter, when they returned with the drawers, we were informed that it was as good as it could be.

To say that we are disappointed with the customer service is an understatement, it is appalling, with no feedback from the manager as promised. The quality of the wardrobes is detracted by the poor fitment and the oil stain.

I am seeking financial compensation for the delay in delivery of both the bed and drawers, the oil stain and poor fitting of the doors, which I would also like a re visit by a cabinet fitter. If a re visit by a cabinet fitter is not possible, I will happily arrange one myself and deduct from the payments due to Bensons.

Desired outcome: compensation

Bensons for Beds - Purchase of a bed

My son made a purchase of a bed with TV and some pillows on the 27/05/21, purchase price £2794.46. we were told that they did not have stock and would inform us when they did. We were also told to collect the pillows in 7 days as they did not have any in the store. We phoned several times and eventually got the pillows 3 weeks later. Several weeks later we received a message saying the bed will be another 4 months as it is in Malaysia and they are in lockdown. Last week my son received a message saying he needs to pay the full balance as the bed will be delivered on the 18/08/21. My son then went into the Croydon shop and paid the balance and said he would like to change the delivery address, he was told that he could not change the address and would be charged storage if he did not take delivery on the 18/08. He then asked if the manager could call him the next day, he has not received any call from the manager. My son had to then take a day off work on the 18/08 and go to his flat that he is buying and not yet exchanged on, so he could meet with the delivery and take it to another address himself. The bed was delivered, but no TV. The driver said that it will be on another delivery, we were not told that when we purchased the bed. When we contacted the shop, we were told that the TV will be delivered on Monday next week, another inconvenient day. We have had no customer service after the day we purchased the bed.

Desired outcome: Compensation

Bensons for Beds - IGEL Mattress

I have had the mattress for just under 4 months and been complaining for the last 2. The mattress is described as having "5cm of iGel™ Advance beaded gel for pressure relief, helping relieve aches and pains", this is false advertisement! I have sufferred with my joints for years and this mattress declares to relieve pressure, well how come I sufferred my first pressure sore ever since sleeping on this mattress? This mattress has caused me a physical injury and Benson for Beds should be ashamed as they will not address the problem! The mattress also claims to "iGel™ Graphene technology provides 7 times better heat transfer" another lie, I am either freezing or too hot, I have never had my covers on and off so much in all my life, I am just not sleeping. The mattress also claims "Surrounding this is the AdvantEdge™ foam which works with the 2500 pocket springs to offer edge to edge support stopping you and your partner rolling together and disturbing one another." This one is a total joke, I have to sleep with a body pillow as I have spinal condition, this was a feature I needed to help support my spine when sleeping next to my husband. My husband now has to sleep right on the edge of the bed to help me stop us rolling together. When we complained about this, Bensons sent out Homeserve to test the mattress, this is laughable, really...the gentleman who came to test the anti roll etc., lay on his own on one side for a set amount of time and then changed sides and did the same again and reported that the bed was supportive? How do you check on your own for partner roll together? This company falsley advertises what their mattresses do and then won't listen to your complaints but says they replied to you, but all they do is send an automated survey reply! and then tell you when you get back to them that you are outside of your comfort guarantee, they prey on the vulnerable. I have a life threatening limiting illness, they have no morals, money drives them. I would advise everyone to use your local independant stores where the customer counts.

Desired outcome: A replacement mattress at no extra cost to myself

Not surprised we have the same Igels they are terrible. No support and ended up with painful hip & backache

Having the same problem. Utter junk. They also sent out a homeserve rep his test was 30 seconds on his back and claimed that there was no problem.

May 19, 2021

Bensons for Beds - mattress

I am writing to complain about an issue regarding In-store shopping with Bensons for Beds. I have already raised the issue with this organisation and it has not been resolved to my satisfaction in the several months since I first contacted them. I have now exhausted their complaints procedure.

This is what I asked Bensons for Beds to do to resolve my issue: I would like a full refund of the deposit and the finance paid so far

This is how they responded: They want me to appoint an independent technician to complete an inspection at my own cost of £100. To me it is visually obvious that there is an issue. I have attached two photographs showing the sunken mattress that does not spring back at all, so when you sleep on it the next night you are forced into the same uncomfortable position putting strain on my already damaged back. This mattress was supposed to offer back support it does the opposite. I have been missold the mattress, I suspect so the sales person's commission was doubled by doubling the costs of the mattress I originally went in to buy.

I have decided to escalate my case to you because: The company hasn't addressed my issue

This was the original e.mail I sent to the company, it was ignored for several months. Dear Sir / Madam, I am writing to you to raise an issue about: In-store shopping The issue that I have experienced was: I choose a hard mattress that I liked after some research. When we went to the store to make the purchase the sales person said that a hard mattress was not the best for a bad back, the mattress should have some give. We were persuaded to buy a slightly softer mattress at more than twice the price. That wasn't an issue as my back is important. The mattress seemed really good initially but after a few weeks it started to sag quite considerably and then did not spring back into the original position. I had specifically said I did not like memory foam mattresses and this was just what I got, in fact it is slightly worse in that it does not recover it's position during the day. I complained to Bensons within the 40 day window, but received a number of 'in box is full' type messages, so it took some time to get a response. As the mattress is so obviously bad I agreed to a technician coming out who found there wasn't a fault. I understand this is always what is found as Bensons pay their salaries. Many e.mails later (it takes up to 2 months per email to get a response), I am getting nowhere. My doctor is concerned my back is getting worse and I have been assessed recently with chronic pain It occurred around: 26/07/2019 This meant that My back is getting worse and we are struggling to sleep I would like a full refund of the deposit and the finance paid so far I look forward to your prompt response on this matter. As recommended by Trading Standards, I would like to keep a complete record of my case, so please reply to this email address.

As I am sure you understand, my overall experience has been extremely frustrating, and I am after a reasonable and fair response from Bensons for Beds.

I confirm that all the information I've given is true and accurate to the best of my knowledge and I want to make a formal complaint. .

Desired outcome: Full refund of the deposit and credit agreement refund

Bensons for Beds - Mattress

Problem with mattress... We purchased the mattress 6/07/2020 and delivered 17 Separate 2020 so it's only 8 months... Product Description:
180CM Matt tranquil choice 2000 CR4 white
Our Order Number is B3212339
Customer Reference Number SOR5630669
Price was £999.99
We were following all instructions (rotating and swapping) but even after this we started to see different on the side where we sleep and is started making a dip that you can see and even feel when you lie down on the bed (definitely manufacture problem)
We would like to refund or replace for new or another different one as there should be 10 years guarantee
Already contact customer service they didn't accept our complaint and advise continuing with swapping and rotating the mattress but this not gonna helps the dip are going to be even bigger.
Thank you


Bensons for Beds - Missing and Damaged order

To whom it may concern,

I have tried on so many occasions to resolve my numerous problems with Bensons, for lack of products, refunds and damage products that were delivered. Having tried to speak to the store Manager at Barrow, I have not had my problem resolved and am seriously annoyed as my monies were taken in October 2020 and I still have not had a complete order.

One bed arrived and still is awaiting the head board, with no communication being had regarding the lack of product. That particular bed has a damaged draw and nothing has been done by Bensons to collect or replace it.

The second bed had last week the delivery of its head board but was extensively damaged on delivery and was collected on Friday by Bensons, no mention of what will happen next.

We have been told by the Barrow Manager that we have to request refunds but this is not our place to resolve and wish to know where is the first headboard and replaced draw and also what is happening to the second bed which now does not have a head board either.

The service has been absolutely appalling and we will be taking legal advice if this is not resolved within the next 7 days.

The initial products were delivered the week of the 10th February and we cannot believe this problem is still continuing.

Desired outcome: Refund for missing head boards and a replaced draw needs to be delivered.

Bensons for Beds - Igel celestial matress

Purchased the mattress August 2018. We've had it less than 3 years and myself and my partner are really suffering physically and my partner mentally. He is currently going through issues with his mental health and part of his recovery is to be having decent sleep patterns. This isn't happening, we're sleeping on our sofas, which disconnects us emotionally too. I have recently had an mri on my back for the pain, not helped by the mattress. There is a dip in the middle of the mattress, almost like it's fallen in, making my partner and i roll into eachother alot We work long hours and it's affecting us. I have contacted bensons, sent pictures per their request, only to receive a phone call to say as we have a slight stain on our mattress (nothing to do with the dip) it voids our guarantee. So we're left with a mattress which causes us such pain and discomfort. It's a mattress which we sleep on, with a mattress protector, but of course it will encur some day to day discolouring. I find it extremely distressing to think we're stuck with this mattress because of something their pointing out has nothing to do with the fault! We have cared for the mattress the way we were told. I asked to speak to a manager, which of course couldn't happen. I was told to use a spirit level to display the dip, which I have sent off pictures today. I was also told I can call home serve who will charge me £48 to come and see the mattress. My partner has been out of work due to coronavirus so this isn't really an acceptable sum of money to depart with, thinking it'll be a waste of time, also to be told we "might be" reimbursed 'if' they find a fault, something I have read so many reviews on surrounding similar situations and it seems bensons take no care for their customers or take their problems or faults in a serious manner. I feel like I've been pushed to the side and to get on with it really, not the customer service I expected having paid over £1000 for the mattress. We're still between the sofas and bed, not sure what the resolution is.

Desired outcome: Change of mattress

Having the same problem only two years old.

Bensons for Beds - Bed


The Bed I purchased from you broke in November last year. You sent an engineer out to inspect it (I've attached photos of the Engineers report)
Every time I speak to someone from your department I get told a different story! I have been sleeping on a mattress on the floor since the bed broke!
The final straw was when my wife was told yesterday that the replacement bed wont be coming in until Mid May? To be honest the aftersales service and the way we have been spoken to by your staff every time we have enquired about this is shocking! Having spent over £2000 on this bed and accessories I am very disappointed with the service you have provided!
I have been very patient up to now with you! Can you please advise?

Natasha Rees
45 Tanerdy

Desired outcome: Bed Replacement

Bensons for Beds - Product / service /warranty

Good Afternoon. Our Names are Mr & Mrs Arleen Thomas McDonald 34 Morven Place Torry Aberdeen Scotland AB11 8EU The reason that I am emailing you today is to let you know that your benson bed...

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Nov 29, 2020

Bensons for Beds - Purchase of a bed, order not fulfilled, no refund.

Order No: [protected] - Order placed on 28.7.20 - Advised del date of 29.9.20 - Due to COVID revised del date of 29.10.20 -Waited in all day took day of work on the given date, no delivery, rang...

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Bensons for Beds - Bed

My order number [protected]
In brief
Order placed 4 September 2020
Delivery advised for 4th November 2020.
Delay advised to February 2020.
Sent several e mails in the last 10 days requesting my money back.
No acknowledgement or reply.
Tried calling several times and can wait up to an hour or get cut off.
I just want a refund of £149.99 so that I can purchase elsewhere.

Can you please help. The only number I have is [protected]
I have e mailed enquires and internet sales but no reply

Thank you

Richard Young

Oct 15, 2020

Bensons for Beds - Delivery service

I was due to receive my delivery on the 16/10/2020. I contacted them the day before as they did not contact me 24 hrs before the delivery as stated on invoice. after 30 mins waiting for an answer I got through to a customer service representative who told me that the delivery had been changed to the 27/10/2020. They had not informed me of this change of date so I would had waited all day for the delivery that wouldn't of turned up - I told them the 27th would have to be a pm delivery because again I would have to take time off work, they said they would make a request but could not guarantee it. they are really not helpful, I spent a lot of money with them and they just don't care. I would not buy from them again.

Oct 15, 2020

Bensons for Beds - Customer service

My parents brought a bed from the lakeside store back in July and spent over £1, 000 they was offered insurance which they was not keen on but the sales advisor told them that if they took it out they would get a free mattress protecter. After paying the bill they was told that they have run out of the protectors but one would be sent out in two weeks times. Three months later and still waiting for it. Emailed customer service twice and no answer, now is time to contact consumer direct.

Oct 14, 2020

Bensons for Beds - Ottoman bed

I originally purchased the electric ottoman bed at the end of June delivery due August
First delivery I took a day of work was so excited for the delivery to then be told by the delivery driver the headboard was missing so the bed could not be put together - gutted
I had previously been advised that the bedside cabinets wouldn't be delivered until November
After speaking to various people in customer care I was then going to cancel my order
Decided then to re order the bed to be told delivery would be 14th October
Delivery has come today and the bed is still incomplete we now have a bed without any electrics
Disappointed is an understatement as to how I feel about this
I wouldn't buy from this company again and would certainly discourage any of my friends to buy from them

Bensons for Beds - Provided a mattress of inferior quality

Bensons for Beds supplied a £800 mattress that after 4 months was so inferior that I could not sleep on it.
Eventually they sent out an inspector who checked it and agreed it was of inferior quality.
Again after a month bensons for beds said they would send a replacement for the inferior mattress they supplied.
When the eventually contacted to agree a date for delivery I needed to call them back to confirm the day for delivery and now again they keep ignoring me and wont respond using both phone calls and multiple emails.

Avoid bensons for Beds as the products are of poor quality and even worse is the customer care as they just want your money and then provide inferior products and then dont address the problems.


Bensons for Beds - Supply and delivery

Ordered bed13/07/2020 told delivery date after several weeks paid in full 1 week before delivery. Given delivery date and time slot. As monday 7/09/ between 12md and 6pm. Shop rang sunday pm said no...

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