Coricraft Wndhoek/Namibiacustomer service


This is a complaint about the Coricraft branch in Windhoek:

I had asked friends and family to give me gift vouchers from Coricraft for my birthday in July because I wanted to buy a new couch. At that time they didn't have gift vouchers, so they opened an account on my name. When the next person came to buy a gift voucher they opened a second account on my name!

In September I went to the shop to order the couch, but they told me they could use only one account for the sales order. So the money had to be transferred from the second account to the first which was a big problem! I went to the shop every day for a whole week (!) to check if they had transferred the money, and finally they told me they had sorted the problem. They ordered the couch on one of the accounts, and I had to pay the remaining amount there and then.

Two months later I was getting a bit worried because I didn't hear from Coricraft, so I went to the shop to check when I would receive my couch. I was informed that it was in the warehouse for a while already, but they couldn't deliver it because it was not paid!

Now it turns out they were lying to me when I ordered it, and nothing was done! If I understood correctly the money that was supposed to be transferred from the second account has disappeared! This week I went to the shop twice already, and I spend my time writing emails to Coricraft. As if I don't have anything else to do... Nothing has happened so far. They keep mailing me promises that they are "looking into the matter".

I am very unhappy with the service that I received from Coricraft so far, and I want to share my experience with other possible clients. I suggest you think twice before you buy from Coricraft.

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