Coricraft Groupawful service

I am writing to you in contempt and with utter dissatisfaction in Coricraft as a brand, and I find myself in a state of complete frustration with the level and quality of customer service with which I have been provided.
This email is in direct reference to the product transaction that has, up until now, remained incomplete.
I purchased a three-seater and a two-seater Terry couch on July 15th, 2018. Almost a whole year has passed, and I have yet to receive what I have paid for. Over 6 deliveries, we have had to return your products that were delivered in an unacceptable state. The service delivery in replacing these damaged products was so poor that we opted to keep one of the damaged couches at a discounted price.
The level of communication that I have received from Coricraft has been, in a word, Dismal. Even though there has been seasonal contact in the form of irregular phone calls, and correspondence through email, neither of which have done either of us any good, the crux of my irritation is that a YEAR has passed, and I still do not have MY couch. I believe that our communication from this point forward will have a far greater yield in productivity and I will be expecting a certain level of feedback and progress.
There has been absolutely no urgency in the demeanour Coricrafts treatment of me as a paying customer. This is most certainly not the way you present yourself as a corporate entity. If Coricraft wishes to keep me as a paying customer I suggest that someone within your ranks finds the energy to deliver the product for which I have paid. I suggest that that someone within your ranks finds the urgency to provide me with appropriate compensation for a, quite frankly, disgusting experience with your business. For the following reasons I will be expecting compensation, bearing in mind the fact that it has taken Coricraft more than 350 days to make and deliver two basic pieces of furniture.
I will either have my "property" delivered in acceptable condition, within a reasonable time frame from your reception of this email, or I will be in contact with the demand of a full refund and my money will be invested elsewhere.
Please ensure this email is sent through to your management team and their management team as I expect an answer within 24hrs from them
I hope that my sentiments have now been fully explained and ENTIRELY understood.

Jul 24, 2019

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