Coricraft Groupwarehouse | terrible customer service

M Aug 09, 2018

My husband and I went to Coricraft in Eastgate Shopping Centre on 13 July to buy some couches and other furniture. We saw couches that we like, and confirmed with Gary Wilson that they are indeed in stock before we paid for the couches. Gary assured us that they have the couches in stock and we proceeded to pay for them. We also advised Gary on the same day that we will be moving to our new house on 01 August 2018 and would like for our couches to only be delivered then. He agreed and advised that it is in order.

On 01 August, the day we moved to our new house, we received a call from the warehouse advising that they cannot find our couches. We phoned Gary and he advised he will check and phone us back. minutes later we get a call from Gary confirming that the couches are indeed missing. He also advised that he cannot understand how as they had the couches in stock.

We then decided to head to the shopping centre and see what else you have, we were willing to compromise on our own happiness just to have couches that were available immediately, once again, you had no couches available immediately, and it would take 6 weeks to get new couches, after which, we requested a refund, but was advised that the refund will take 10 - 12 working days and left. Once again, a huge inconvenience. We phoned Gary to let him know and he was very happy about it, and advised that he will tell the warehouse that we are unhappy about the fact that our couches went missing and push for it to be available within 2 weeks. Now we keep getting calls from Gary advising that they need to close and reopen our account and a whole lot of nonsense.

Your service is disgusting and unprofessional. How can you loose couches that have been paid for 3 weeks before date of delivery?

I phoned head office to complain, but the person I was supposed to speak to was not available and I was told that he would phone me back!!! I am still waiting for a call??

I am honestly disgusted in the service we have received from yourselves and we will definitely warn other people about this. This is extremely unprofessional and the whole experience has been very unpleasant. We will definitely think twice before purchasing furniture from yourselves again.

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