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Good day,
I made an order for two Holly Bar stools 50*75*36 . On the 28th of July 2018 along with a Lamercy glass coffee table .

I received the coffee table, however when I was at the warehouse to pick up the order there was only one holly bar stool and they said they couldn't find the other one . I left the warehouse with just the table and was promised it would be sorted out which was on Friday 3rd August . On the very day I took initiative and called the store to notify them of the incident at the warehouse and they said they would get back to me . Of which they did not .
So on Monday the 6th of August I went to the store to complain that no one had bothered to call me or let me know what the problem with the stools was .
I was then told that they would sort it out and that I would be called by Friday the 10th of August 2018.

It's the 17th of August, no one has bothered to call me, to atleast explain what the hold up is, I find this sort of service unacceptable and iv always only received the best service from the staff at your store, Which is why I'm very upset at this recent lack of proper customer service .
Iv since emailed the Botswana manager on the who responded and said they would get back to me . It's now Friday 24th August and no form of communication has been made .

Mrs Reba Ramaretlwa
+267 [protected]


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    Jayne minne Nov 01, 2018

    To whom it may comcern
    I'm reaching the end of my tither trying desperately to place an order, open account and start payment process. I've been juggling with this for 3 weeks now and I've had no luck. I have now dealt with three ladies from your Hillcrest branch as I am moving from Zambia to kloof on the 10th of December and would like to take the lovely then. I've been sent a quote changed my order and then nothing. I then resubmit my query my order and get a reply from another individual asking when I'm moving. I reply once again with my query my order and my request to open account and start paying and get nothing back. please all I want to do is place my order have it delivered on the 10th December and start paying. It is becoming increasingly difficult and frustrating at the same. Please could you reply to my email today and find the way forward in order for this to happen. Your urgent response will be greatly appreciated.

    Jayne Minne
    00260 974970454 Zambia

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